Sunday, July 2, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

This year for Memorial Day my sister and her family decided to come out and roast in Arizona. The Saturday before Memorial Day we rented a boat and a tube and spent the day on Lake Pleasant. The real heat hadn't kicked in yet but it was around 100 degrees that weekend. 

When we got to the boat Zach started throwing one of his epic tantrums because he didn't want to wear his life jacket. He eventually cried himself to sleep. When he woke up, again a tantrum ensued when we tried to put on the life jacket. This time I wasn't giving in and I forced it on him and let him cry it out. I tried to distract the kid by letting him drive the boat but he didn't want any part of it.

We spent a few hours riding on a tube around the lake. The plan was to setup the bbq for lunch but they didn't allow us to take the rental with 300 feet of shore so lunch plans were ruined. The lake was really high, so high that there were a couple saguaros on an island that looked like they were on the water. Eventually Zach calmed down but neither Zach nor Natalie wanted to get off the boat and try out the tube. Zach was pretty good at following my instructions on turns and speed and driving the boat was no doubt his favorite part of the day.

The day before our lake day Natalie and Cass went to a concert and we got pizza. This is the best pizza I have ever bought, no exaggeration. 
We took the kids swimming the night before we went to the lake. Zach said he needed to poop. I told him not in the pool and pulled him out. I got him to the fake turf and told him no pooping and looked down and there was a turd.
Adri and Ryder were scared at first but eventually they let me get the boat up to full speed. There was one wipe out that made them cry because they thought we were going to leave them.

The twin and me, twinning.

Zach finally decided it was time to drive.

The day after our lake day we decided to check out this creek in New River. Natalie went there a few months ago and it looked really cool. Well this weekend the water was stagnant and gross so we made lunch then left after an hour. We found these gigantic frogs making baby frogs in the creek. They didn't want to leave.

Tried out my smoker that weekend. Made the best smoked beer but chicken.