Saturday, April 8, 2017

Wild Daisies

So a week after my last post the desert really exploded. I could see the blooms from several miles away. All of Daisy Mountain turned yellow from the daisies. I finally see how the mountain got its name. 

Of course with the mountain bloom the way it was I had to take a hike and get some pictures from up top. Apparently everyone got the same idea as me and the trail was really busy that morning. As I got back to the car I noticed a green Camry that looked like Natalie's. I got closer and sure enough there were Florida plates. She had just pulled up to take the kids to see the flowers so I went back to take the kids to pick the daisies. I'm lucky they only picked the daisies and not the purple flowers!

After the hike from my previous post I got a mild rash that looked like poison oak. This was the third time I had this rash since moving here. I kept wondering where I came in contact with poison oak. So after this last hike I got a fourth rash. This was the worst rash I have had in my life and I finally figured out what it came from. No there is not poison oak here, it came from those purple flowers I had been taking pictures of. They are called scorpion weed and they have the same oil as poison oak. So two days after this hike I had to go to the doctor and get a shot in the butt then do five days on Medrol. The shot helped a lot but the rash was still keeping me up at night for a couple nights. If I hadn't got to urgent care and got a shot I probably would have ended up in the ER. Stay away from the purple flowers! I also learned no hiking in shorts during the wildflower blooms. The rash was mostly on my legs.

The most evil flowers on the planet.

I think this was the day I got my shot.