Thursday, February 9, 2017

Stink Pigs

In late November or early December I was hiking behind the house and came up on a herd of 15 Javelinas (stink pigs).Within a month I had almost all my cactus on the front porch destroyed by Javelinas. One morning I went in to say goodbye to Adri and I heard the hooves on the porch. I woke up Adri but I saw the stink pig run away before she got up.

So I decided it's time to take some action. In my area stink pig tags are over the counter but it's archery only Dec15th-Jan31st. So I went out and bought myself a compound bow and got about an hour of coaching on how to use the thing. 

I have been busy lately with work, more work, school, and looking for a house so I only had a couple hours each weekend to go behind the house and look for stink piggies. I thought for sure I would find them but nothing. At the end of January a friend came up here and helped me scout. We found stink pig beds and we could still smell them but no stink pigs. I even went out after work the last day of the season.

So as luck would have it, Feb 1st, the day stink pig season ended I was out hiking without my bow. I was heading back home and was coming up on a wash when I saw something jump into it. What I saw was big so I was thinking coyote and thought it would run away. To my surprise when I walked up on the wash a stink pig came charging out at me. This is the first time I have seen only two of them together. Normally it's a whole herd so I am wondering if someone had been shooting them and that is why I couldn't find them before the season ended. This time it wasn't a herd, just two stink piggies. One of them stayed back but the other was trying to hold its ground and even peed in front of me. It had to have been within 6-8 feet of me so close I had to pick up a rock and hit it to make it go away. I joke that they have a hunting season calendar but in reality it was probably the end of the cold that brought them out. 

Next year I am not going to wait until mid January to get my tags. When Dec 15th rolls around I am getting a tag and getting me a Javelina. If any stink pig ever needed to big killed it's the aggressive one that charged at me unprovoked. 
Stink pig territory.

Found this tortoise shell while hiking. With all the hiking I do I still haven't seen a live tortoise in the desert.
Found a bunch of old mines south of Lake Pleasant while out hunting with my friend Nick. This one was fenced off and probably about 50 feet deep judging by the rock I tossed in there.
Right before getting charged by stink pig.

Stink pig is on the right side of the tree.The blend is so well with their surroundings.

Videos of stink pig

The desert is so green right now.

I put out my game camera to try and spot stink pigs in one of their known locations. They were out of town and all I got on camera were a couple hikers and this coyote.