Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Holidays

The holidays are finally over. It's been a busy six weeks and now I'm feeling so lazy I just sit around on the weekend playing video games with the kids. 

So around Thanksgiving time Nintendo announced the NES Classic. Basically it's a pre-loaded mini console with 30 games. Amazon was supposed to have it but it was impossible to buy. So while we were out for Thanksgiving I was considering getting all my old Nintendo games from my dad but the console is not working. I looked for consoles online and they are up to $1,000 so that wasn't a good option.  So I came up with a better idea. Build the kids a computer and put an emulator on it. There is a grey area on the legality of that but I own all the games I put on there so as long as I hold onto the originals I'm good.  So this became my Christmas project. So after building the kids a computer I got some emulators, dug up some old computer games, ripped all their DVD's and BluRays and put all their movies on it, and other stuff for the kids to do. I spent half the day Christmas Eve setting it up and got it working before Christmas. I even had original looking NES remotes that were USB however I found out they were cheap Chinese remotes so I have to return. The new remotes required me to update to Windows 10 for driver support so I spent a day rebuilding the PC. It's finally all working smooth now. 

So besides the media center I built for the kids I got them season passes for Knott's this year. They weren't too enthusiastic when they got them but once we got there they were happy kids. We decided to go on New Year's Day, spend the night a couple miles away, then meet up with my twin's family and my dad the next day. The first day there we mostly spent our time in Camp Snoopy. I went on one roller coaster, Jaguar, and that is because Adri wanted to go. When I'm there with the kids I really don't care about roller coaster. It's more fun for me taking the kids on their kids and seeing the excitement on their faces. The second day we had a bigger group so we did a little bit of roller coasters. Day 2 was about the same temperature as the first day but it felt so much colder. It was overcast even though it was only 55 degrees it felt much colder. I lost my beanie the first day and no one turned it in so I had to buy a new one the second day. I was covered head to toe to keep warm. I'd like to add I got carded twice in CA. The second time was at TGI Friday's at Knott's and she didn't just ask for ID she asked me if I'm over 21. I was laughing. I mean I have grey in my beard. 

At the Outlets. We have the tallest Christmas tree in the country.
I'll never take pictures with Santa at the Outlets again. Not only was it way over priced but people were bringing their dogs. When did this become a thing? If people want to bring their dogs they can at least have some manners. I had a dog behind me in line that kept pushing into my legs and the clueless owner did nothing. It was beyond annoying. 
 At Adobe Western Railroad Park. Natalie had nose surgery this month so she couldn't come with us. We did go a couple weeks later for the Desert Christmas Lights with some friends from Florida that moved nearby.

 Made a stop during lunch break one day and got to check out this S&W 500 Mag. The handgun for when you don't have a 30 06.
 Here I am playing around on the weekend. Been working on some side projects lately.
 Zach playing with my old Micro Machines. I found these in my dad's attic when we were out for Thanksgiving.

 Christmas morning

 Don't worry, he's a professional
 Zach managed to stay up for New Years. Adri did not. She was the only kid passed out.

 At Knott's Berry Farm.

 Huff And Puff

 The log ride

 Things started getting scary. By the end he was a happy kid. Every time after the drop he would keep saying "That was fun".


 On Jaguar
 On the swings

The first day we went on the mine ride and Zach got scared and wanted off. I though it was funny because we went on a real train in a real mine in Bisbee and he wasn't scared. I think it was the fake men on this ride that scared him. This picture was day two at Knott's. Sitting with his favorite cousin Zach wasn't scared this time.
 Those instructions don't sound too safe to me. I would never suggest putting a hand warmer there.
 Zachy Zach and Grandpa
 Zach's favorite ride. He calls it the train trucks. The first time he cried when the ride came to an end. I think he finally came to an understanding that we have to get back in line when our turn is up.
 On the swings.

Zach's first time on the log ride. He was scared on the drop until it was over. 
 Look at Adri's face.

 I was trying to hide so we could see Zach. Not really a success on that one.

 I found this frog cleaning up some tumble weeds behind my dad's house. Jeremy caught it and put it in an aquarium.
 Zachy Zach and his trains.
Got Lemmings working last night. Zachy loves the music for this game. He keeps saying "I like the sound" over and over. It's a bunch of 80's music and some of it is redone classical and oldies that they turned into 80s music. Adri was having a hard time with the mouse so I guess that means it's gonna be a while until I dig up my Warcraft cds and install Warcraft for her. Some day I'd like to get my multiplayer games installed and play with the kids.
 This morning I got the Sega working. Had to do some hacks to get it to work full screen but I got it done.
 The kids playing Sega.