Saturday, September 24, 2016


A couple weeks ago we took a trip down to Tombstone and Bisbee. I have been wanting to go to Bisbee since we took our last trip to Tombstone so I took a four day weekend and we spent two days on this trip. 

Our first night there we went to eat at The Longhorn in Tombstone. While waiting for our food I sat there with Zach playing with the place mat they gave him to color. Zach is talking a lot more nowadays but still not even close to as much as his sister was. Some times Zach will talk up a storm and other times he'll just whine or hum and point. Well this night he was being a little talker and showing me all the stuff he knows. From the outline of the saguaro on the menu he could tell it was a cactus and was telling me we don't touch the cactus because we get owies. Then he puts his hand up in the stop position when he tells me this. Then on the menu they had roads but no cars but he was still able to tell they were roads and told me don't walk in the street or we get owies. Again, another stop gesture with the hand. I was impressed with Zachy showing me all he knows. He's quiet but the kid is smart. After dinner we walked around Tombstone and I gave the kids the haunted tour. We watched the bats fly around the streetlights and I tried to scare the kids showing them the skeletons hanging in the streets. 

The next day we went to Bisbee. It was cool but not what I expected. It's not really the most kid friendly place. I read we could hike around the lavender pits but they were fenced off so hiking was off our list. We did get to take an unexpected trip to Lowell, an old Cooper Mining town next to Bisbee where we got to see a bunch of old stuff. After that we went on the Cooper Mine tour but it's hard to follow along with the kids. Zach did OK during most of the tour but by the end it was tantrum time. After this we just walked around downtown. Downtown is cool but there's not a whole lot to do. It's mostly art shops and crap I don't give two Obama's (craps) about. We ate some Mexican food, went to a museum, went to a mediocre brewery, then went back to Tombstone. Even without the kids I don't know that there is enough there to keep me busy for an entire day. The city was that small. 

Tombstone hasn't changed in the last three years since we were there last. So we walked around for a couple hours on Sunday and then took off. I did take the kids to a haunted house. Adri made it through the first room and then screamed bloody murder when the gunshot and compressed air went off. Natalie had to take her out. Zach was scared the entire time and hanging onto me but he was a trooper and made it through the entire haunted house without crying. 

The Lavender Pit

The city of Lowell from across the Lavender pit. 
Walking the street of Lowell. Notice I said street not streets.

Zachy telling me to stop so we don't get boo boo.

Hard to see because of the glare but an old Zenith console tv with attached record player. Apparently only three stores are opened but the mine is keeping up the buildings and storing old stuff in them.

An old Westinghouse oven on display in a restaurant.

$6 bottle of rootbeer.

These are the crushers.
Getting ready for our mine tour.

I think this was one of the first air compressed drills they started using 100 years ago. A single hole before the drill would take days, I think. This drill could do a hole in a couple hours and the newer drill can do it in 15 minutes.
A for effort?
One of the newer drills.
A day's worth of work. All to get a few feet of rock off the wall.
For the people that really can't hold it. The guy was telling us a story about people kicking off the chocks when their friends are taking a dump and they get to poo on the roll.

The elevator.



After the Mexican food I think she should have sat on the car next to the one she is on.
Making electricity at the museum.
Adri said the museum was boring but I disagree. Lots of cool rocks there. Arizona is a geologist's wet dream. Kinda made me wish I became a geologist so I can dig up all those cool rocks all day.

After having good beer in the Midwest I have to say this brewery was very mediocre.
Every afternoon this car is parked at family dollar. It wasn't hard to find the owner. He was inside dressed like Elvis. Apparently he just moved into town a couple years ago and hasn't left. He doesn't do any shows or anything, he just likes to dress like Elvis.

Zachy getting his run out after breakfast. They had a big circle cut into pieces by the grass and he was telling me it looks like a wheel, then a pizza.
In Tombstone.