Sunday, August 14, 2016

Winter Is Coming

These kids have had a busy summer. A little over a month ago my dad went on a cruise with his sister and cousin to the Caribbean. I went out to Commiefornia for a couple weeks and worked from my dad's house while we kept an eye on my mom. With my 4/10 work week it's really flexible so I got to go out there for 10 days and not use any time off. My mom's health has declined quite a bit in the last couple months since I was out there last but we got lucky and didn't have any major incidents during that week.

When we left the commie state my sister came back to Arizona for a week. 

We have had a lot of things going on and instead of jumping all over different topics I'll just explain in the pictures below. 

Zachy at the splash pad in Jurupa Valley. 
Zachy at San Clemente Beach. We took the Metro Link down to the beach. I think it's the best way to go since after being out in the sun I usually want to just fall asleep and not fight the ridiculous traffic out there. Zachy Zach and I did fall asleep on the way home. 
 The smallest things entertain the little man. He was getting a kick out of jumping in the sand.

Getting ready to crash out on the Metro Link. 
Zach loves to follow my mom around and do whatever she is doing, usually looking out the window or the front door. My mom likes to pound on the security door. Whenever Zach hears it he yells "Grandma no" and goes running over to her. I watch the kids closely around her because I'm afraid one day they'll just get run over. The odd thing is that as unaware as she is about everything going on around her she manages to walk around the midget and hasn't stepped on him or knocked him over.

Coming back to Arizona I saw this. A DYI RV. Yes that is an outlet by the front door.
 Someone needs to tell them that cousins don't marry.

At Lake Pleasant. It was actually my first time swimming there. It was 107 at sunset so getting in the water was a bit of a shocker but it's really nice once you dunk the head. 

Natalie loves to annoy the hell out of me telling me that the burros don't exist even though there are signs everywhere and I have pictures of them from my hunting trips. Even when I don't see them on my trips I hear them around me. Natalie calls them the elusive burro and I keep telling her if you want to see wildlife you have to actually get out of the car and walk. And then she tries her best to annoy me even more about how these things don't exist. We have something like 20,000 of these burros in the area and they are federally protected. Don't even get me started on protecting an invasive species that screws up the ecosystem. Anyways I keep saying I see burros and pointing at the signs. So after playing in the lake we were driving near Burro trail and I told every to open their eyes and look for a burro. Of course Natalie started mocking me again. Then I hit the brakes and yelled "Burro, a real fricken burro." Well there wasn't one, there were four and the one with the baby looked like she was pregnant again.
At Slide Rock. Not anything I'd like to do again. I like the park. It's got nice scenery and hiking and stuff. But going down a rock water slide is not my idea of fun. I'll stick to Wet N Wild where I don't leave with a stiff neck. I'm getting too old for this crap. Two rides down the slide and my neck was killing me. To make things even better Zach got sick the next day. My coworker used to live really close to Slide Rock and said it gets shut down a lot for bacteria in the water. Look around at all the people. Big surprise.

 One of the nights when my sister was over here I went on a night hunt. I wanted to take my nephew but apparently I scare him. So I went by myself and stayed out until 2 AM. Although I could hear coyotes I couldn't see any but I did find a Javalina skull and the jaw 10 feet away from it. I also almost stepped on a rattlesnake in a wash and found a big tarantula. Summer nights in the desert are a little creepy.
My sister's last day here she almost stepped on a snake taking out the trash. She claims it struck at her and she couldn't identify what kind of snake it was. I couldn't find it but two days later I found this little guy before leaving for work. I have no problem identifying a full grown rattlesnake, I've almost stepped on several but I thought maybe this was a baby. If it was just me living here I'd leave it alone but I didn't want to take the chance with the kids so I killed it. Then ten minutes later I find out baby rattlesnakes do have rattles and look just like the adults and I killed a garter snake. I felt like a jerk for killing it afterwards. All the rattlesnakes I leave alone and then I kill a harmless garter snake.

The Javalina Skull I found. This is after a week in peroxide.
 This is after a coat of lacquer.

A couple weeks ago I bought a new Tikka T3 .223 rifle. So I took the kids out with me to get it and do some other shopping. We made a stop for some churros and soda and Zach decided to let me know he has a new word, "Delicious".
 After giving me hell at the Calvin Klein store Zach fell asleep in the shopping cart at Walmart.
Adri started first grade last week. 
 Breakfast of champs.
The new Tikka, before putting sights on it.
A couple days ago I did a morning hunt. I got home around 8:30 that morning and Zach got the happy but shy and trying to hide his smile face. Natalie had some things to do so I took the kid to Bass Pro with me. I was going to put a new scope on the .223 but decided instead to put it on my 30 06 and put my 30 06 scope on the .223. The new scope is just too much scope for a .223 that I'll probably never use past 200 yards. After doing the scopes I took Zach to play on the ATVs and boats and bought him a cap gun. After a day hanging out with me Natalie got rejected when trying to pick him up. 
 Zach and his new cap gun.
 The new .223
Zach trying hard to hide his smile.
Teaching the kids how to make fire with a magnifying glass. 
 Geez, I wish I could sleep like that.
This poor kid. 

So other random stuff going on here.
  • Monsoon has finally kicked in. Loving the lower temperatures and higher humidity.
  • I got a new HK VP9. HK = Heckler & Koch, VP9 is Volkspistole (the people's pistol) 9mm. I decided I need something more accurate, that's faster to fire than a big ol Glock .45, cheaper to shoot, etc. I'm still carrying my Glock on the trails as I don't trust a 9mm to take down some bigger wildlife but a 9mm is more than enough to stop a person.
  • I shot a coyote last week. How I didn't kill it is a mystery. I downloaded some new calls and went hunting in the rain. After nearly an hour of nothing coming in I switched over to my secret weapon and a coyote came running in within 15 seconds. He ran right up to my call and at that point I couldn't see him because he was on the other side of the tree I put my call in. I turned off the call and he started to move towards my Mojo Critter decoy. At that point I took a couple shots and watched the coyote go down. A couple seconds later he took off. All I can figure is I need to get closer to the shoulder. Probably went through a part of the abdomen with no organs. I was using my AK that morning because I haven't got my scope adjusted on my Tikka rifles yet.
  • We are closing on the house in Florida tomorrow. We have been looking at some luxury models around here and are planning on building our own house. I want a minimum of an acre and I want a basement and a well and the crap they are building is way over priced.  
  • Looks like if everything works out I'll be going back to school in January. My company is going to pay for my BS so as long as all the paperwork goes through I'll be a student again. I don't have an immediate need for a BS, I make over double what the average person makes with one, but I'm planning ahead due to an ever changing industry. GCU offers a BS in computer science with cyber security so looks like it will be fun. Get to learn some ethical hacking and stuff. 
  • We just finished 4 seasons of Vikings in 2 weeks. Well up to the first part of season 4, the second half isn't out yet. It's one of the best shows every, like Game of Thrones without the porn and dragons. Of course Natalie wasn't into it at first. I told her she would like it more if she put her phone down. She said no it's boring. I reminded her that she didn't like the first episodes of Breaking Bad or Game Of Thrones either. She insisted this is different. Well 6 episodes in she got hooked. I think by far the best episode was the season 2 finale.