Sunday, June 26, 2016

SL,UT, Beaver, and Vegas Trip

Last week a friend I've had since high school got married in Utah so we took a 1600 mile trip to go to his weeding. With all the craziness we have going with selling the house and all I wasn't sure I'd be able to make it but I managed to pull off an almost week long trip and only use one day time off from work. 

So Wednesday we left the valley of hell and drove all the way up to SL,UT (Salt Lake, Utah). We made a couple stops on the way. First we stopped at the Glen Canyon Dam in Page, AZ. We were supposed to do this on last year's vacation but after three weeks of vacation we checked out and went home. Then after a couple food and pee breaks we made it up to SL,UT in a record 14 hours.

The next morning we went looking for some SL, UT souvenirs. I got a shirt, some shot glasses, magnets, and a license plate. After we got all my SL,UT gear we headed over to Cottonwood Canyon. The plan was to go up the ski lift or tram but I found out when we got there that the season didn't open until Saturday. So we just walked a couple miles of trails with the kids. 

I forgot my hiking boots in the car and was too lazy to go back and get them so I was hiking in my Sketchers. Going down the hill I was one step away from being back on the trail when I slipped and fell to my left side. My hand was under Zach's head so he came out unscathed. However I couldn't move for a minute and my arms were numb from shoulder down to my wrist for a good two minutes. That's the last time I hike in Sketchers. Zach has been going through these stages where for a couple days he wants one parent then the other. On this entire trip he was being my cling-on so I had to try to carry him back in pain so he wouldn't throw a tantrum.

That night we made it over to Brent's wedding reception for a couple hours and I got to see a bunch of people I haven's seen since we were all living in Riverside a decade ago. The kids had their fun dancing and I had my fun robbing the punch bowl. They had the best cactus pear punch. Between that and all cake that was made out of crack it's now back on a diet time.

The next morning we had a nice short 7 hour drive to Vegas. We stopped in Beaver Utah to eat at Beaver Tacos. No joke, I have a shirt and a mug to prove I was there. The tacos were pretty good but way too much meat. After lunch we headed over to Dairi Farmers of America and I was hoping to get the kids a tour of the cheese factory. Thanks to OSHA there are no more tours. Merica! So we had to settle with eating some ice cream and mooing at cows. 

Vegas was just alright. I worked two days while I was there so we only got one day to do things. We went to the strip for the buffet and it was disappointing. I remember back in the day buffets were cheap. A couple years ago my sister in law took us to an expensive buffet at the M off the strip and we thought it was priced high. Well now we know why. Eating on the strip sucks. We would have been better off eating Panda Express or PopEyes at the food court. We didn't get very far with the kids. We made it over to the Coke store, didn't get to do any gambling, didn't have time to take the kids to the arcade. It was just a rush in and out. We stopped by my sister in laws work after and I got a crappy Mai Tai. Thanks Westgate for reminding me why I drink at home. Using Bacardi is a sin. If I wanted to taste fumes I'd drink gas. 

No excitement on the way home. We did stop at Panda Express in Kingman. It cost 1/4 what we paid for that buffet and was 100 times better. We forgot the Nikon at home so all our pictures were taken with our phones. 

At the Glen Canyon Dam

 This is for Natalie. Haha.

I scared him with a fake dinosaur. He almost cried.
That's a big generator.

This was at a Mexican restaurant with horrible service in Kanab. Zach had been making these faces at the dam and he had a group of 10 Chinese tourist following him taking pictures. He got shy and was placing the back of his arm across his face.

I stopped here to take a pee. True story.
At the Alta Ski lifts up Cottonwood Canyon.

Adri pretending to be a deer.

This has to be the coolest playground I have ever seen. It was hidden in the trees. 

Don't attempt a sobriety test after this ride.

Adri got a nice bruise from her airplane ride. It looks like I beat my kids. 

Beaver Tacos!!!!

 Found these cups at the ski lift in Alta. Decided to use them in Vegas since diet started when we returned.

Natalie made her sister a "Star Wars" cake.