Friday, February 26, 2016

Zachy Zach Is 2

Last week was Zachy Zach's 2nd birthday. A week before his birthday we took him to McCormick Railroad Park in Scottsdale for pictures. Zach's absolute favorite thing right now is trains. His favorite show is probably Thomas The Train and he has several trains he likes to play with. The cutest thing he ever does is when he's sitting there saying "Choo Choo, Choo Choo". It almost makes up for all the terror and destruction caused by this little man.

Last week we took off for a short vacation to Riverside to be with family for Zach's birthday. After me taking over on the cake last year Natalie decided she wants it to be a tradition that I make his cake. We were originally going to go to Knott's so I was going to do a Snoopy cake but we changed our plans and I did a train wreck instead. The cake came out alright, but it kinda looks like a 5 year old made it. My frosting was alright this year but not as good as last year since this year I used shortening instead of bright white. Lesson learned, use the bright white.

After Zach's party we went out for dinner at a Hibachi grill. I had gone 3 weeks without a drink and was craving a Sapporo. There's been some crazy talk that I like to showboat while I'm having a drink which isn't the case. I hide my stuff in the room, mix up a rum n coke, and drink discretely. But I wanted a Sapporo and there's nothing discrete about a big bottle of beer in my hand so I told my sister to find a Japanese restaurant where I can drink openly and no one can say anything. It was probably the best hibachi grill I have been to. The meat was good, the rice was the best I've ever had, and food always goes down better with a Sapporo.

So now that Zach's two what's going on with Zach. 
  • He's finally talking. Still months behind his sister but a lot of improvement this month. He's even using 4-5 word sentences although half the time it's like trying to understand a cab driver. His newest word is batteries.
  • Zach is finally sleeping in his own room. He does wake up 3-5 times a night, screams bloody murder, and comes running to our room.
  • Zach's belly is a bottomless pit. It probably ends near China. Adri was tough to get to eat. Zach is like me. He inhales his food.
  • Zach knows most of his body parts now but for a week he kept pointing at his feet and laughing when I asked him where his lips were. I know he knew where they were but he thought it was hilarious to tell me they are his feet for some reason. 
  • Zach does the funniest duck lip face ever. Why? I have no idea. He just randomly does it.
  • Zach thinks he's too cool for school when he walks around with his hands in his pockets.
  • Zach locks himself in the pantry looking for food. He says "Nummies" in an extra high tone with a lot of excitement. 
  • Zach loves bath time, having his hair blow dried (what Dominican doesn't), and keys. Last night was his most epic tantrum ever. 45 minutes of him throwing himself around. Natalie gave him a bath and he wouldn't calm down. So I tried the blow dryer. That didn't work either. Then I tried a Shirley Temple and he pushed it away. Finally I showed him my car keys and he shut up. I never let him have my keys, he has his own, but he is always trying to get mine. Well last night they shut him up but he wouldn't take them. He just got quiet and stared at them.
  • Zach is a very clingy little man. Too the point where it can sometimes drive us insane. It's fine if he wants to cuddle on the couch but he loves to be walked around all the time. Pointing at things instead of telling us what he wants. Natalie went out of town this last weekend and for an hour before bed he kept saying "Mommies".
  • Zach loves to point at the garage door. When we don't take him out there the waterworks start. I have no idea what his fascination is with the garage. 
  • Zach loves watching the pictures on the digital frame and saying who is on them.
  • Last week Zach kept taking off his diaper. Natalie didn't get the clue until after Zach peed all over the floor.

 At McCormick

 He made it through one train ride before the grumpy kicked in.

In California. They should use this video as birth control.

While I was stuck with the kids Natalie was off with her bff.

The morning before Zach's party I hiked up Lakeside with my sister. I always tell people how hard some of the hikes I do are and they think I am exaggerating. Well my sister is down there where the road splits sucking on her inhaler. She did eventually make it to the top.

Zachy Zach and his cake.

We tried watching a movie and Zach was being a terror. My Dad took him for a walk and calmed him down then played blocks with him.

Zach likes to hide when he poops. Adri tried to move the board and he got violent and moved it back.
Adri's new thing is listening to Muse. She came in and wanted to pretend to play Mercy. Zach started out with a marching snare drum but then switched to his drumset.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Redneck Times

Lately I have decided to embrace my redneckness a little more. I've been doing a lot of hiking and hunting in an effort to relieve stress and lose some weight. Plus it's just fun to shoot stuff.
About a month ago my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin came down for a couple days from Colorado. My cousin Cory and I took an night and went coyote hunting. We brought my 19 million candle power spotlight with us. So the first spot we setup we didn't call in anything. After a little over an hour we split and went to a spot where I have seen coyotes before. As I was putting down my backpack I could hear the coyotes yipping on the other side of the wash. So we quickly setup and started calling. It was a little over 50% moon that night and we didn't know if we were seeing the coyotes running up out of the wash or if it was our mind playing tricks on us. Eventually we decided to just turn on the light and we saw a pack of coyotes on the other side of the wash about 200 yards away. Cory unloaded first then we kept switching between who holds the light and who shoots.
After a couple minutes one of the coyotes was still there and limping so it was obvious he had been hit. There's big debate on who hit him but I'm convinced it was me since I'm the one that had a shotgun with 00 buck shot. Cory's 30 06 would have destroyed the coyote. We tried to track down the coyote but couldn't find the trail so its the coyote that got away. We didn't get to bring back a pelt and skull but it was still a lot of fun. We went again at another spot in Black Canyon and weren't able to call in coyotes but we did see a couple wild burros. I got to learn some tracking tips from my redneck cousin.
So after Cory left I decided to put coyote hunting on hold for a while and start shooting stuff I can eat. So one afternoon I decided to go rabbit hunting. I went around the same spot we shot that coyote a few days earlier. I got a rabbit after a few minutes and was heading back when a couple guys went flying by on dirt bikes. They had stirred up a flock of quail so I decided to take a shot at quail. I only had my .22 LR with me, no shotgun, so it had to be a headshot to not ruin the breast. So I start trying to get close enough to the quail to get a shot and they kept running away. I was about to give up after a couple minutes because I needed to get my rabbit home but then I thought I can't be beat by quail. So I went after one that I may or may not have hit, I forgot to check, and then another came running out. I shot that one right in the neck. I found it, smashed it's head, and went home. I put it in the frying pan and Natalie and Adri were skeptical it would taste good. Well turns out quail is better than chicken.
So the next day I went back with my 420 shotgun I inherited from my Grandpa a few years back. It's an old Stevens side by side. I made a bad decision to bring a backup shotgun and a heavy ice chest with me thinking I was going to bring home a dozen quail. So I came up on the same spot as the day before and there were the quail. I went to take off the backpack but one of the rings for the pins was stuck in my shirt. Once I got the pack off I chased down the quail and had three of them within a few inches of each other in my sights. I pulled the trigger and nothing. Tried again and nothing. Well turns out there is a safety with a big S on the gun but fire is when the button is pushed towards the S and safety is when it is pushed away. Seems backwards to me. So once I figured that out I got a quail. I put it in the ice chest and not even 2 minutes later got another. Then I went across the wash and learned the range on a 420 isn't as good as a 12 gauge. I think I clipped another because it jumped off the bush and ran off but I never did find it.
After that I hiked another 5 miles with a 50+ pound backpack on and got nothing. After 3 shots from a shotgun they were all gone. They had moved over by the houses where I couldn't shoot them. So I scored two quail that evening and a mystery swollen rib. Somehow a rib that has been sticking out a little on my left side for a decade swelled up to the size of a potato. Had an ultrasound and MRI and they have no clue what it is. But the quail were again, delicious. I'm probably gonna get in another hunt next week. This time I'll leave the ice chest in the car, go light, and try to just get in, get a few kills, and get out.
My 19 million candle power light. 
 The day before Cory came out I was hiking behind my house looking for a spot to setup my game camera and I found this interesting cactus.
 I also found this cave which I think Javelinas are living in. There is also a beehive in there though so I'm not going in.
 Adri showing off the big gun.
 I can't believe a-holes shoot up a Saguaro like this. It takes about 80 years for a Saguaro to grow it's first arm so do the math on how old this one is.
 One of the coolest Saguaro ribs I have found.

 My quail winnings.
Not a good picture but this is the first time I have seen Javelina here. I was hiking behind my house and came up on at least 7 of them. I chased them around for a while to get a picture. I want to go back with tags someday but I'll need someone else to go with me.
Random non redneck pictures. We were down in the hood, Central Phoenix a few weeks ago so we stopped at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. Natalie said it looks sketchy, I said you mean authentic.

Adri used to like Salsa at this age too. But a year or two later she decided she doesn't like spicy food.