Friday, September 11, 2015

Coyote Hunting, And Stuff

Between work and being a parent I don't get much time to myself. I have been wanting to go coyote hunting for a long time but haven't been able to find the time to do it. I went once last year but haven't been since then.
This month was another busy month for us. Natalie had to take a couple trips out of town and I got the kids while she was gone. She left on a Monday night so Tuesday I had to work from home, take Adri to school, pick her up, and take care of  both these kids all day. Lucky for me I got an awesome job that is flexible so I was able to get in five hours on and off throughout the day instead of taking a full day off. Natalie was back late that night and took off again Wednesday night til Saturday. So I had my hands full all week. I tried to take the kids to the Minions movie but had to walk out. At 19 months we took Adri to see Chipwrecked and she sat quiet through the whole movie. Well Zach is not the same as his sister and has earned himself a year long ban (from me) from the movie theatres. After the popcorn ran out he wouldn't sit still. He was standing in front of me for a while and kept putting his head between the seats. I checked the space and didn't think he could get stuck, until he did. I couldn't pull him out by pulling him back so I had to reach around his face and pull him the other way. After that he was screaming bloody murder for ten minutes. I finally got him to quiet down and then he wanted to walk. Sitting down was making him fussy. I know I wasn't well liked in there so I walked out and luckily they gave passes to come back. I took Adri a week later and we got to see the whole movie.
So the day after our second trip to Minions my hunting began. I first took out my Christmas present from 2014, a compound crossbow, behind my house last Friday morning. I bought an electric call online and went out in full camo but was unable to call anything in. I don't know if it's the area or the time of day but no luck. I rarely hear coyotes around here though. That night my sister and her family came into town so the next day my brother in a law and I went hunting. We first went down to Tatum in Scottsdale where there is state trust land. However since my last hunt they have put up no hunting signs so we had to leave. We headed up to Daisy Mountain where we found a creek and tried to call in a coyote for the next hour and a half, until it got dark. I know coyotes are around there, I see their scat, but no luck this time. This time I was out with my AK-47. Jeff thought it was funny how nice people are when you're walking on a trail with an AK-47. Haha.
So the next day was Sunday, my work from home day. I get off work at 4 so we decided to try our luck again this time at Black Canyon. There is a spot where there are rocks that overlook Slate Creek and I thought it might be a good idea to setup the call by the creek, cross the creek, and get up in the rocks. It's a 3 mile hike in, it was hot, and we only had about an hour to call in coyotes once we setup. Again no luck. I don't know if the problem was the way we were setup or if there weren't coyotes in the area. At first it seemed like a good idea but then once we were setup I was thinking those coyotes could be hiding in the brush all around us and we wouldn't even know it. Unless they run out by the call we likely wouldn't see them. So this time before leaving we decided we were at least going to get a little shooting in. We carried in some bottles that got blasted but the funniest thing to shoot was a log I threw in the creek. When I hit the log with the 30 06 it blew up into at least 4 big pieces that went 80 feet up in the air along with a 35-40 foot high splash.
We hiked back in the dark. It was still nearly 100 degrees, there was a lot of uphill hiking, and carrying guns and ammo just made it suck that much more. I can say that I saw the coolest things on the trail the last two nights hunting. At Daisy we found a toad and two camel spiders (wind scorpions) with one of them looking like it was eating the other's butt. At Black Canyon right before setting up the call there were frogs hoping all over the place and I almost stepped on a garter snake that was feasting on them. On the way back a giant tarantula was walking on the trail right in front of me.
Tomorrow starts another round of hunting. I have tried late morning and evening hunting and no luck. So tomorrow I'll be up at 4am getting setup on Daisy Mountain for a sunrise hunt. Hopefully my luck improves. All I need is one shot.
When Natalie was gone in Miami. This kid goes from terror to this in just a couple minutes.
Zach has learned how to put olives on his fingers and he thinks it's hilarious.
Adri drew this picture of us on Natalie's ipad. I don't think any of us have looked like that in a really long time.
About a week and a half ago I finally got out and back into hiking. This was the extinct volcano behind my house. It's not a long hike but it's a hard one since there is no trail. Takes me an hour and 10 minutes to do 1.3 miles.

When I got back down the hill I turned south towards my house and saw this cloud.

September 1st I was working from home and during breakfast Adri got up and said that the balloons were getting close. I didn't think much of it but when I looked outside I could see it looked like this one was going to crash in our neighborhood. It was coming down right around where I was crossbow coyote hunting. They kept giving it shots of fire but it kept coming down and I thought for sure it was going to crash. Then all of a sudden it finally shot up really quick and took off the other direction.

My compound crossbow. It's a Fang and it can take down any large game in North America. I have 100 grain razor blade hunting tips for it.

After my first hunt. Sitting on the couch with Zachy Zach.
Hunting at Daisy Mountain.
I was expecting a coyote to come trotting down that wash but nothing.
The toad we found hiking back.
Camel Spider eating another one's butt.
Our spot at Black Canyon.
The tarantula we found hiking back.
The video doesn't show how impressive the power really is from my 30 06 but this is blasting a log in the creek.