Sunday, November 30, 2014


So yesterday was our sixth wedding anniversary. Since this is only the 3rd of six anniversaries where Natalie has not been pregnant I decided we needed to do something adventurous. So left the kids with my twin sister and we rented a quad from Sedona ATV and Buggy rental and went for a ride through the town and to some spots where cars cannot go. If anyone goes to Sedona I would recommend doing this. The place we rented from provided us with a cooler full of water strapped on the quad, a couple maps, and a picture book map showing us every turn to get to the ruins. The only thing I think they could have done better would be to provide us with normal expected times to certain locations since we thought we were making better time then we actually were and had to stop short on Schnebly Hill Road at the end. We could have taken Schnebly 2000 feet above Sedona but we didn't have enough time to make it that far up.
The first two hours we went riding towards the Honaki ruins. These are some Native American ruins that are built into the mountain. At first I was freezing my butt off on the ride. Natalie was wearing 3 layers. I had a long sleeve and a sweater and thought that would be more than enough. I actually told her to leave her jacket in the car. Good thing she didn't listen to me. Even though it wasn't horribly cold outside once the quad got moving it was freezing. I had to stop every ten minutes for the first hour just to warm up. We rode about 20 minutes on the pavement before getting to dirt. From there it was a mix of smooth riding and rough terrain.
About 3 hours into the ride we were back to highway 89. At this point we should have already been going up Schnebly Hill Road but instead we had a ten minute ride to get there. This is the road that leads to the trail we wanted to hike a couple years ago. However when we got to the road we realized we aren't getting a Camry to the trailhead so we took the Huckaby trail instead. Well the quad had no problem with this road. We were driving up rocks, some a foot or more high, the entire way up. I was surprised by people's stupidity ( I shouldn't be anymore) when I saw people taking their barely SUVs down the road inching their way along because they aren't high enough to clear the rocks. We took probably 20 minutes to get up to the first parking lot. I wanted to make it another 10 minutes up but we had to get the quad back. As it was we had 20 minutes to get back and Natalie didn't think we would make it. However I managed to get us down Schnebly Hill Road in 10 minutes and we made it back right in time.
Afterwards we went to one of our favorite restaurants for a late lunch then went to  Diablo Resort and "hung out" for the rest of the night/morning. Being how it was 2 days before thanksgiving the place was nearly empty, the host and waitress were bored and kept talking and topping off our water every 5 minutes. The next morning when we woke up the sprinklers were running on the golf course. An hour later we went outside and everything had frozen over. Pretty cool for someone who has always lived in places that either don't or hardly ever freeze over.
And that is all I'm going to share from our trip. The rest is classified.
About an hour into our ride

This was the first rocky part of the ride. You can only see where the rocks start from here but up above it was a lot rockier and I was riding the brakes going down.

We ran into a middle aged Canadian couple and got them to take a picture of us.

Lincoln Canyon. The rockiest part of the first part of the ride. Only Schnebly Hill Road was worse than this.

There was some soft dirt at the bottom so Natalie got off while I had a little fun kicking up dust.
Honanki Ruins

From Schnebly Hill Road.
Schnebly Hill Road. If you aren't on a quad you should be on one of these. A Honda SUV is not meant for this road! This is one of the smooth parts.

Pico Diablo Resort

Swinging the frozen willows.

The Kids

Well the kids are growing and I thought I'd write a couple things down since I know I'll forget later. Zach is now crawling. He's got a very good army crawl and he can run pretty fast in his walker. It's now to the point where he can only be in the walker supervised because otherwise he breaks stuff. He's not talking yet but he is trying. He makes a lot of noise. He likes opening doors for some reason has an obsession with toilets. Adri is at the "never shuts up" stage. I know one day when she doesn't want to talk to me anymore I'll miss it but right now she is a handful. She's trying to test the boundaries and likes to give me the stare down and do something when I tell her not to.
So here are some pictures of the kids from the month.
A couple weeks ago it got cold enough to put on sweaters during the day. Yeah life must be hard for those who actually live in the real cold.

Adri made herself a mustache and a beard with scraps for her art project.
Hiking behind the house. We were collecting golf balls.
At the Anthem Outlets. |Natalie asked if this tree is real and I laughed at her. I mean look at it. Doesn't that seem to ridiculous to be real. Well a couple days later when we were there for the amazingly boring lighting ceremony (I will never do that again) there was a sign saying the tree is real and they got it from the CA/Oregon border. I can see this tree from the first summit on Daisy Mountain, about 400-500 vertical feet from the top.
At a trading post next to the Rock Springs Café. This is a saguaro skeleton that they cleaned up and put a light in. I think it's way cool and one of these days I'm going to find a good skeleton to make my own lamp. Last time I was peeling away bark on one we had the bee incident though so that's gonna be a fun task.
We took a walk behind the Rock Springs Café and found this. No longer a mystery why they call it Rock Springs.

The waitress was flirting with this lil stud through our entire dinner.
And there is trouble. He has learned how to pull himself up.