Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mormon Lies

Well when I wrote my blog post back in January saying that I was leaving the church I said that would be my only post about it. But this was too good to pass up.
On June 30th, 2014 I wrote the church an e-mail telling them to remove my name. I got the address for church membership records online and I read that they would try to fight it. So I tried my luck. Three days later I got a condescending letter in the mail full of lies along with a stupid pamphlet and an apology if I was offended. No where in the pamphlet did they acknowledge they have lied so how is that a real apology? I'm wondering what type of simple minded fool would fall for this ridiculousness. Please come back and partake in the ignorance you once knew.
I was pretty mad about this. They had one job, to remove my name, and instead they write me a stupid letter and try to use fear monger about made up eternal consequences to scare me. So I wrote them another letter on July 27th, 2014. This one was longer and not as nice.
Now maybe I should thank the Mormon church for their second response. For one they proved that their first letter lied. They said in the first letter they could not remove my because needs to be handled by local priesthood leaders first who would contact me before processing it. But somehow after my response they were able to do it without any local intervention and without contacting me. For anyone that thinks they actually contacted the local bishop take into consideration that I e-mailed them on Sunday, Monday is Family Home Evening, and Tuesday is usually "Mutual" (youth activities). No way they could have processed it that fast. The second reason I owe them thanks is because now I believe in miracles. I mean they said it couldn't be done but yet it was. It's an early Christmas miracle.
So for anyone that thinks the Mormon church is actually honest enjoy reading their lies and contradictions below.