Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th Of July Weekend

Well for some reason in Anthem they planned fireworks for Thursday July 3rd. I have no idea why. I don't know if they do it on the third every year or just this year but there were a handful of other cities in the valley that did the same thing. So after work on Thursday we went over to the Anthem Community Park, paid for overpriced food, bought Adri a wrist band for the rides, and enjoyed about a hour in the nice cool 102 degree heat.
Shortly after we got there we could see a storm building up. I looked on my phone and the radar wasn't too impressive so we stayed. Then out of no where the wind hit. Now I have already made the poor decision to walk through a dust storm before (last summer) and I paid for it with a fever, chills, and burning eyes and throat all night. I wasn't going to make the same mistake again. So we ran off to the car to wait for fireworks. An hour later we saw everyone leaving so I decided to ask a cop what happened. Fireworks were cancelled. Not delayed until the fourth, but cancelled. Unbelievable. We didn't get a whole lot of rain where we were at but at 12:30 I woke up to what sounded like a bomb going off. It scared me real good. After that I heard probably a full two minutes of constant rumbling from the thunder.
So originally we had planned to go to Sedona on the fourth. However I didn't feel like dealing with the craziness on the holiday so we stayed home instead. Actually I worked on the fourth and Saturday I worked from home and took a break to take Adri to the park. Sunday we left for Sedona.
One of the many reasons we chose to move to Anthem is that it is close to Sedona. Only an hour and a half away. Before we would have to make a two day trip out of it, get a hotel, etc... Now it's 110 miles closer and we can actually drive the whole stretch with two kids without a break. So we had a late start and it still didn't ruin our day. We didn't get out of the house until ten, getting up to Oak Creek around noon. Our plans were once again ruined. We planned to hang out at Slide Rock. It's a natural water slide in the creek. Well all creek access is closed until September. So we turned around and drove 15 miles back in the direction we had just come from to have lunch at a vista close to Bell Rock.
As we were eating lunch we could see a lot of lightning all around us, including the Slide Rock area. There was a lot of thunder and occasionally a sprinkle or two but we stayed dry all day. After lunch we walked around downtown, which wasn't that impressive to me. I go to Sedona for the nature, not the art shops. Plus dragging kids through these stores is a pain in the butt. After that we parked by the airport buttes and took some pictures. The best part about Sedona is that even with small kids you can take in all the views. You can park your car and only have to walk a couple hundred feet to get a view of all the red rock formations. It's like driving inside the Grand Canyon. We took a couple short hikes and Zach loved it. His head was panning all over the place taking in the views. He's a very curious little guy.
On our way home Natalie wanted to stop at a little village down HWY179. Earlier I noticed that they had a Mexican restaurant there, El Rincon. So we ate dinner there. They had the best salsa and chimichanga I have had in a very long time. We'll definitely be going back again. After dinner we were on the road by 8:00 and home by 9:30. Yes we definitely like being closer to Sedona. Another month until our next trip.

Who knew what was going to follow?

And this is why Sky Harbor was closed and fireworks were cancelled.

Saturday morning. Adri grabbed the camera and demanded I take a picture. She then pulled her brother in for the shot. Of course Pony had to be in the picture too.
At Anthem Park. Moonsoon season is starting.
Driving up HWY179. Just as we got into Sedona.
Lunch time at Bell Rock.
 Adri and I went on our own hike after lunch.


Downtown Sedona 
He's trying
Airport Buttes.

After driving about 1/4 way up to the airport there are these small buttes. You wouldn't think you have that much view up there but it's a pretty good view of the north side of Sedona and an amazing view of the south side. From the airport lookout you cannot see the south side.
Looking south

Adri and I are on the trail across the way.

North side of Sedona
Adri found a heart shaped rock.

Looking east of the buttes.

Zach playing with the Juniper. He got really excited when he pulled a little off the tree.

Ok you have to use your imagination with this picture. I told Natalie to make like a China woman and get ten feet behind and three feet to the left when taking this picture. She was three feet behind. It was supposed to be a Lion King picture with the valley in the background. Just imagine.

Zach's first photobomb.

After dinner. He had a rough day. 

This is what I came home to Monday after work. Monsoon season is here. And now that we are out of the valley of hell we can actually get some storms. There was a lot of lightning driving home, all to the north of Anthem. I sure have missed thunderstorms.