Monday, June 30, 2014

Well it's been a really busy month. After getting back from California we had to pack up to move out of the valley of hell. Moving became a lot more fun when I ended up on call the week before the move and we had the biggest SNAFU of all time at work which is still an on going issue.
On Friday June 20th my dad, my twin, and her family came out to help us move. I thought for sure we were going to be unloading the truck until 5 the next morning. But we started up at 3 and had the apartment all packed up by 8:30. Did a quick shampoo of the carpet and out the door by nine. This is when the fun part started. I had the worst rental truck in my history of moving. The U-haul I drove from Florida had some messed up steering but it was nothing like this one. I had picked it up earlier that afternoon in Anthem and drove it down to Chandler. I've still been having problems with my neck and this truck really set it off. I couldn't move the seat up, the door frame was busted so air was getting in, and the truck was drifting. So I was sitting far back with my arms stretched out at 10 and 2 holding on for dear life. 10 minutes into the nearly hour long drive and my hands started tingling. By the time I got to the apartment my neck was on fire and both hands were numb. About half way into the move I couldn't take it anymore so I laid down and had my dad pop my back. Immediately all the pain was gone. So now for the drive back. I didn't have my arms go numb on the way back up but the truck kept drifting. I was only driving about 60 most of the way because the truck would drift to the left, I would try to correct it, it would drift right, and I would go through trying to correct it at least five times each time slowing down into the 40s while trying to do so. It was a little nerve racking. I think it's time for them to retire that truck.
Anyways we got up to Anthem at around ten that night and unpacked in just 90 minutes. Of course half the stuff just went in the garage so it was all the much easier. About 15 minutes after we got there Jeff found a dead scorpion on our front porch. I guess it was there to welcome us, I haven't seen one since. I had the truck back before midnight and was in bed before 2 Saturday morning. I thought I was gonna get to sleep in but I got work calls starting at 8 even though I was no longer on call. Us guys went back to Chandler and got the apartment cleaned up and turned in the keys. Then we came back to the house and put in a misting system on the back patio. The most redneck part of the day was when we went to the grocery store in my Honda and bought a kiddie pool. We considered buying the bigger one and my dad and Jeff would hold it above the roof of the car when I drive. Instead we got the smaller one and crammed it in the back seat with my dad.
The plan was to go shooting Sunday morning but Jeff didn't want to get up at 4 to go shooting. Just as well. I spent a couple more hours on the phone with work that morning using my hotspot as a phone.
I think it was that Sunday that I took Adri on our first hike. We live right up in the hills so we only need to walk a block to be out in the desert. Adri and I have taken quite a few hikes already looking for rocks, bunnies, and coyotes. So far, no coyotes.
So now we're mostly moved in. We finally got internet yesterday. That was a hell of a task. I ordered it a few days before we moved in hoping it would be hooked up the day we got there. Didn't happen. Century Link blows. SNAFU after SNAFU after SNAFU and we finally got internet yesterday.

She loves holding baby brother.

First lychees of the season. So far the best lychees I've had. A hint of raspberry flavor.
I think this was her second to last night being 3 years old.

Adri came in one night wearing my punisher t-shirt. She comes up with the craziest things. This time she came in the room and told me "Look at me. I'm a Mexican Scott Bone".
Zach being funny. I really should have got video. He was dipping forward moving left to right then back up looking all around.

The grumpy face is because Natalie wouldn't make her oatmeal.
"I came out of where?"
Adri and I taking our last hike in the valley of hell.


The new neighborhood. I finally made it to the top of that hill tonight. It's harder than it looks. Especially when it's over 100 outside.

Our first hike. Of course she had to take pony with her.

A cool quartz rock we found.

We found a blue crystal on our first hike. So far I haven't found anymore.

I thought this was cool.  A battle between a fish hook barrel cactus and a cholla cactus. Looks like the barrel cactus is winning.

Natalie and Zach have made it on one hike so far.
Our neighborhood.

Another rock I found.

Zach's first time eating cereal.

Adri took these pictures of me.

A big dead Saguaro cactus. We found a tortoise shell right next to it.

And that's all for this post. I'll post pictures from my hike to the top of Anthem on the next one.