Saturday, March 1, 2014

Adri's Craziness

So I haven't been as good as I want to at writing down the crazy things Adri does and says. But here are a couple things before I forget.

One day we were walking to the bridge that goes over the 101. I put her in a stroller, buckle her in, and race her down the ramp. Don't worry, I never get out of arms reach of that stroller. She loves it. So as we are walking across the bridge she randomly says to me.
"Daddy, smoke can make me dead."
"What Adri?"
"Smoke can make me dead. But I'm a good woman and I don't smoke so I'm ok."

A couple days before this I was talking about Adri having a baby sitter next month. Adri said she doesn't want a baby sitter. I told her it's going to be Tia Fior and asked her if she remembers Tia Fior. "Yes I remember Tia Fiorly, she's a good woman".

She also likes to sing to me when we go on our walks. My favorite is when she sings the snowman song from Frozen.

A few pictures of the crazy kid from the last month.

She wanted to go to the grocery store dressed like a super hero. Everyone was looking and telling me how cute she is. Just dressing up wasn't enough for Adri. She was running through the isles with her arms stretched in front of her pretending to fly.

Valentine's day pictures.

This one has me a little worried. I'm eyeing a new 1911.

This was today. Waiting for the rain to come. Adri ran outside and said she is going to cast a spell to keep the storm away. Natalie got this picture of her sorcery.


Well Zach has arrived. He's big and strong and tomorrow he will be two weeks old.

So we had planned to induce on Saturday February 15th. My dad, twin sister, her son and daughter came into town on the 14th ready for an early morning trip to the hospital. The next morning Natalie called the hospital ahead of time to make sure everything was ready. Instead of being told to come in she was told that they didn't have enough rooms and we were on a waiting list. They told her it could be a few hours, it could be a day or two. Of course the family was disappointed. After driving out here for the weekend we thought this wasn't going to happen.

All we could do was keep the phone nearby and try to stay busy. So that afternoon, with the exception of Natalie, we all took a walk to the bridge that crosses the 101. Afterwards we sat around at the park and watched the model airplanes fly over Thude park. We went out for dinner and called the hospital and got some not so promising news. They said due to our history we were elevated on the list but not quiet at the top. So at this point we thought for sure it wasn't going to happen today. We put on the movie The Hot Chick, I feel asleep on the living room floor, and an hour later we received a phone call from the hospital. They said that all the people higher on the list than us didn't want to go in that night. I found that odd. They were supposedly higher priority and higher risk but when they got the call they didn't feel like going in? Maybe they need to rethink how they evaluate people and priorities.

So we went into the hospital around 11 PM. They gave Natalie some gels and told her it would be several hours until labor starts so she can go to sleep and they'll check on her in the morning. Somehow I got coerced into spending the night there sleeping on the couch in the delivery room. Early that morning my dad and sister showed up just as they were checking Natalie. The nurse said the gels were working good and it would probably only be a few more hours. So at this point I decided to get out for a bit and grab a breakfast burrito.

This delivery was a lot different than with Adri. Natalie had an epidural this time and my sister was there so I mostly just sat on the sidelines reading "Helmet For My Pillow" and talking to my dad. My dad wanted to pull this kid out but he got denied. Natalie decided to let him stay in the room though so he sat with his back turned to her looking out the window the entire time. I think I saw him trying to take a couple pictures behind his back though, and he might have been wearing those sunglasses with mirrors on the sides. Around noon we knew it was getting close. I finally decided to go stand by Natalie when the pushing started. On Sunday February 16th at 1:08 Zach entered the world. Yes, all three of my kids have been born on a Sunday afternoon. Something I noticed this time that I didn't when Adri was born was that Zach wasn't breathing when he first came out. I guess with Adri I didn't even think about it. But due to last year's events I was. Natalie is an emotional person, I'm more of a logic and facts type of person. So all year I've had to keep reminding her about the odds of something bad happening again. Statistics were in our favor and she was under really close supervision from her doctor having appointments twice a week. So anyways for some reason for a split second when Zach came out I looked at him and thought why isn't he breathing. And I was thinking really fast too. I had a lot of thoughts enter my head in just a second. I'm looking at this kid and he's not breathing, not moving, just laying in the doctor's hands. At the same time that I'm thinking about why he isn't breathing I know that he's got to be fine because she's all hooked up and they've been monitoring everything up to the second the kid came out. And then within a couple of seconds I saw Zach take his first breath.

Zach went straight onto Natalie without getting a bath and he hung out there for a while. I left before getting to hold him to pick up Adri. Adri wanted to be there when Zach was born. A couple weeks prior she had been asking Natalie how baby brother is going to get out of her belly. After that she kept making up stories about how she is going to help pull out baby brother. Then she would sing her song about working together. Well Adri got to miss this one but she did get to show up an hour after he was born.

Adri liked her baby brother from the start. No jealousy at all. The only problem was that Adri  had a cough that week so she wasn't allowed to touch him for almost a week. We spent the afternoon at the hospital, picked up my niece and babysitter Maurina to see Zazh,  and then went to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner, "Phoenix Palace". After dinner we went back to the hospital for a bit. When everyone left I ran home to take a quick shower, tuck Adri into bed, and go back for the night, something I refused to do when Adri was born. That night I could already see that this kid was going to be different than his sister. Adri wouldn't ever let us put her down without crying. Even an hour after going to sleep if we put her down she would wake up and cry. Zach did not have this problem. If he wasn't hungry, he wasn't crying. He did pretty good sleeping on his own that night. I think he slept a lot better than me. I kept waking up to check on him and make sure Natalie didn't fall asleep holding him.

The next morning the family came by to say their goodbyes. After they left Zach left us to have his manhood altered. Natalie had asked me a couple weeks prior if I was going to go with Zach. I asked her if she was crazy. I told her no man should ever watch that happen. Just watching it would be like taking a kick into my own manhood. No thanks. When they brought him back he actually wasn't upset. They said he actually didn't really cry and the crying he did do was probably because he didn't like being undressed. A couple more checks and we were almost ready to go.

This is when I started to get annoyed. I had been there over 30 hours, had a crazy 3 year old with me, and just wanted to go home. They were taking there sweet time about it. They actually even offered to let us stay another night even though there was no need. I already had to call in one day from work and couldn't afford to do it again. I just wanted to go home and get to sleep. After being there so long, not having a good nights sleep in a couple days, having Adri driving me crazy, and dealing with a slow nurse, I was final at my breaking point. I had moved my car to the yellow zone, nurses instructions, and it took another hour to get out of there. Meanwhile I'm just worried about getting towed. Finally around 7 we were out of there and on our way home. That night I got a text from my twin. My mom had decided not to come out to Arizona with them last minute. The dementia is getting bad. So when they got home they showed my mom pictures and kept trying to tell her that the baby's name is Zach. She said something to the effect of "No, that's not a real name. They should have name him Joseph".

That night was the worst night we had with Zach. He wasn't getting enough milk so he was up a lot crying. We thought we had spoken too soon and this kid was going to be like his sister. Well the next day I worked from home and we took Zach to his doctor appointment to find out he was losing more weight than they like to see. So we had to add some formula into his diet as well, something we weren't crazy about doing since once Adri got formula she rejected the boob. Well we gave in and listened to the doctor and that was the last bad night we had.  Since then Zach has been a happy baby, only crying if he is hungry. He also hasn't rejected the boob, he's split between boob and formula.

That week I got lucky with my work schedule. I was supposed to be in Monday but had to call in since we wouldn't be getting home until Monday night. Tuesday I worked from home but had to go in at night for a switch update which took 7 hours. So I ended up getting 14 hours that day. The next day my boss let me work from home again so I could take Zach to another doctor appointment to check his weight again. Thursday we had patching night so I worked 13:00 until 4 the next morning. Then Friday afternoon I only had to go in for 3.5 hours and I made my 40 hours. Score. Three and a half days off of work and I still got my 40 hour week.

Saturday afternoon. Our walk to the bridge. 

It took a while to get him to sit down for a picture. I think he was afraid of falling into traffic.

Ryder trying to seduce someone....

When we brought Adri to the hospital she insisted I get a picture of her making this face. 
And finally, here is the man. The first thing I noticed is that this kid has some big balls. They look a lot more normal now.

Both of us struggling to do what a nurse did single-handedly in half the time.

Happy grandpa.

Maurina finally made it. She got to stay home watching Adri and Ryder.

At home, 3 days old.

5 days old
Adri couldn't be left out of the pictures.