Monday, February 3, 2014

Date weekends with my lil one

Well it's been an exceptionally warm January in Arizona. Most of January was close to 20 degrees warmer than it was last January. Pretty soon we'll be confined to the apartment so we took advantage of the good weather and  went to South Mountain. The first time we went I took a bunch of pictures of Adri only to find out when we got home they weren't really any good. Natalie had been playing with the settings in California for night shots and didn't set them back. I couldn't tell on the camera LCD that they were off. So I didn't put those pictures on this post. I was pretty disappointed about the pictures but oh well, another weekend, another opportunity.

The next weekend we decided to go back for more pictures. This time I screwed up. I checked the battery, made sure I had everything in the bag, except one thing. I went to take pictures and there was no memory card. Luckily I had a spare one in the bag which saved what would have been second botched trip for pictures. I posted a couple of my favorites of Adri below. She brought her scooter along and she was afraid to ride it. Then we came up on a crowd and all of a sudden she wanted to show off and show everyone how to ride it. This kid is too funny. Both weekends when we went to South Mountain Adri kept telling us she wanted to go to Papago Mountains, really Papago Buttes. For some reason she loves the hole in the rock. so I decided I needed to take a couple weekends with just me and Adri before Zach was born. 

On a quick side note, before our trips we decided to do something special for Adri one night. Adri's favorite movie right now is Frozen. So one night after work we took her for a surprise. The only problem was the timing. Frozen started at 7:30. Adri was sleeping in the car on the way there. When we got to the theatre she kept asking if we are going to see Frozen. I didn't want to tell her. We wanted to see her reaction. Of course when the movie started she started screaming, singing, and being Adri Of course people around, like always, were talking about how cute she is. She sat on my lap the whole movie, excited as expected to see her favorite movie. And then we went home. She refused to take a bath, wouldn't brush her teeth, and threw a tantrum over what pajamas she had to wear. Night movies will not happen again for a long long time.

A couple pictures from South Mountain.

Adri copying Natalie. She wanted to take belly pictures.
The Saturday before last I decided to take Adri to the Desert Botanical Gardens. Anyone that knows me knows I love nature, gardens, and gardening. I don't get to spend much time working on my yard these days (only on vacation) so for me a trip to the gardens is a perfect day. The Desert Botanical Garden probably has thousands of varieties of cactus, more than you can even imagine. It's like Disneyland for me. I ended up in the wrong parking lot when I got there. More specifically I ended up in the Zoo parking lot. Of course then Adri started crying that she wanted to go to the zoo. And of course she could see Papago Buttes from there so she was also crying that she wanted to go to Papago. Of all things though she didn't want to go to the botanical gardens. She eventually got over it but every time she got a view of Papago she told me she wanted to go there. 

This is the first time I have ever had to take Adri into a public bathroom. Normally I have Natalie with me or we're outdoors. So this was a funny experience. Of course taking her into the men's bathroom I didn't want her to sit on the seat. So I figured I would hold her a foot above the toilet in a sitting position. I got the wrong angle. A couple drops on my shoes and a lot on the floor before I changed her angle. Just a funny dad moment.

Adri in front of Papago Buttes, right at the edge of the gardens.

Leading the way. I kept asking Adri which way to go so we did a lot of walking in circles.

I took this picture of Adri and me. Not bad.
I decided to teach Adri about bees. Natalie is terrified of bees for some reason. Me, not so much. My grandpa was an orange farmer and had bee hives with millions of bees. I would have to walk through swarms of them to get to the canyon and there was always a lot of bees at the reservoir when we were fishing. I only got stung up there once, I put mud on it, I got over it. So since Natalie wasn't near to scold me or swat at the bees I decided to show Adri the bees and teach her that if you leave them alone they leave you alone. The next weekend at Papago one actually landed on her at lunch. I told her to leave it alone and just watch it. At first she panics then relaxed and saw that it wasn't out to harm her.
Probably Adri's favorite part of the gardens. It looks like Frozen.
Adri was showing me where we are on the map. She was very interested about where we are and kept asking what is in South America.

I just thought this cactus was really cool.

Adri likes to pretend sleep. We saw this hut and she wanted to pretend sleep in it. It was hard to get her out of there.
Adri showing her kitty the view. She asked Kitty how the view is and if she can see home from up there.

Since Adri was such a good sport and went to the botanical gardens with me I decided the next weekend I would take her to Papago for a picnic. That Saturday I had a dentist appointment that went longer than expected due to a cracked root from an idiot dentist in Florida that put pins in my root canal seven years ago. It finally cracked my root around Christmas. Anyways Natalie texted me to let me know that Adri was really excited sitting on the couch with her blanket and backpack talking about our picnic. When I got home Adri was so excited to go she didn't even want me to stop by Fry's to get some food for my lunch. She had her lunch in her backpack, that's all that mattered to her. I probably heard the word picnic 100 times that day from an excited little girl.

After grabbing lunch we went to the hole in the rock. I actually went the entire trip without carrying Adri, a first. We sat up in the hole in the rock for an hour eating lunch and watching the jets land. Afterwards Adri wanted to find the bat that we found there a few months back and she wanted to find green scorpions ( they light up with a blacklight). This kid remembers everything. Of course she also remembered that botanical gardens were nearby so she decided to tell me that she wants to go there and she had fun the last weekend. Kid cracks me up.

After hole in the rock we went down to the lake. Adri wanted to throw rocks. She got an even better surprise when we got down there. Cattails! I cut off several of them and let her have some fun making a mess of the place. Below is a video of her singing the song from frozen while she tears apart a cattail.  

Adri enjoying her picnic. Natalie made her a sandwich and packed some oranges and she had some of my chicken and animal crackers.

Adri trying to wake up the bats by whistling.
Natalie packed her a lollipop. Adri had to show off her lollipop. She kept trying to get me to try it. No way, she dropped that thing twice.
Natalie noticed that I took this picture from far away. It's ok, she was at least 3 feet from the cliff.
Her Rammstein face.
Looking out at Phonix. Airport tower to the left, downtown center.
At the lake. Of course she remembered this is where we find scorpions and wanted to find some. Not gonna happen in the day.

And the fun begins. Listen to her sing.

There's a little house by the lake that Adri likes to play in. She wanted to pretend to have dinner. I'm not very fond of this house due to the fact that I'm pretty sure some DBs have been peeing in it.

Adri collecting rocks. I used to have a rock collection when I was a kid. Adri has the same interest. That ngiht before bed I noticed she had put all her rocks in her window ceil.