Sunday, January 19, 2014

Just To Clarify....

I'm going to try to keep this one short. I said I don't want to go back and forth with people and I mean it. But some people have taken my comments the wrong way and I want to clarify things and then I'm done. I feel since my last post was seen by 140 people, this one should be as well.

First off I have been told that it is disrespectful to comment on things in the temple on this post. I was told that I did this to make myself look smarter than others and make Mormons look foolish. Incorrect. If the church had treated me like an adult and told me upfront this is what we believe and this is what we used to believe it would be harder to have such a  problem. But instead we are all treated like children. The secret oaths of the past are hidden from us. The church can expect this kind of outrage when we have to learn the truth online instead of from them. They can expect this kind of outrage when they sell the lies that their Book Of Mormon, D&C, and Pearl Of Great Price are all revelations, have never been edited, and are the most correct books on earth and then we discover it's all a lie.

As far as embarrassing members of the church that is not my intention. I have no problem with the members of the church as many of them are still my friends. I've had problems with the church for years and even so when two unruly coworkers were making fun of Mormons at work I went to HR about it. Mormons are for the most part good people and I don't think people need to make fun of each other because they believe differently. I was going to go deeper into some of that in my last blog but didn't find it necessary. Point is the blog wasn't to humiliate anyone. If you're humiliated by the church beliefs, well, that says enough for itself. I used church resources to prove my point. I had a meeting with the bishop this morning and told him my problem is not with him or any members of the ward. My problem is with the church history the contradictions in the church. I'll leave it at that, the rest of what we talked about doesn't need to go public. But to the point I have no hard feelings towards anyone I personally know in the church. If anyone got the feeling that I have problems with my bishop that is not the case either. I already said he's a great guy, he's genuine, I think he really cares about us. I just don't believe he receives revelation. I had a great talk with him this morning but it was just two men talking. Not one man talking to another man talking to God.

Which goes into my next point. Members of the church like to help each other. Yes I went on a rant about the stuff that happened after Wyatt passed and I didn't talk about the help from people in the church. I thought about writing that and didn't. When Wyatt passed all expenses were taken care of. Not just by our ward here in Chandler, but people in my parents ward and our last ward in Florida. I don't want people to think I'm ungrateful, it's appreciated more than anyone could know. With so much on our plate at the time it was more of a relief than anyone could ever know. But this just means that Mormons are good people, it doesn't make the church true. 

So I was asked about the timing of all this. Why now? I mean when we moved to Arizona six people from the ward that I don't know showed up to help us unpack the truck. When Wyatt died everyone came together to help. When I was let go from my job right before Thanksgiving a random person who didn't want to be identified in the ward gave us money to teach their grandkids a lesson for Christmas, which we never asked for and really didn't feel like we deserved, but they did it. So I was told maybe I should pay everyone back. 

Ok, first issue about the timing. The timing wasn't planned. But like I told my bishop this morning, when people want to try to change my opinion and smoother me with false prophecy I fight back. And then I learned more than I ever wanted to about the prophets. The timing wasn't planned. So what should I have stayed quiet until we move, since I doubt we'll be in Chandler past this summer? Then if I would have left after moving then I would have been accused of sticking around to get people to help me move. I told my bishop about that comment this morning and told him I want to make it very clear that I have not been hanging around the church to use people. I can't stand seeing people join the church for welfare or other reasons other than they believe in it and I would never stick around even to have the service of others helping me unload a truck. My bishop obviously understood and the thought of me using people never crossed his mind. Which brings me to my next point. My wife has watched people's kids for free, cooked them meals, etc and has been offered money but never accepted it. So does she need to go ask for the money now? There's no contacts in service. I don't know why people think that actions of kindness somehow relate to the church being true and a contract to stay in it.

My last issue.  If the Mormon didn't believe in divine revelation  it wouldn't really matter to me what the past leaders have said. If they said something I didn't agree with I could let it slide. But that is not the case. The prophets and apostles are men with huge egos. Four quotes below, I couldn't find the one where Brigham Young compared himself to a God. These people teach that they talk to God and right or wrong you do what they say. I have a problem with that when revelation changes or proves to be wrong. I always thought I could stick around in the church even if it's not true. What does it matter if it's true? But with all the lies it makes it that much harder to stick around. People stay in the church because they think it's going to keep their kids out of trouble. Maybe you should just raise your kids to do what is right because it's the right thing to do! If you raise your kids to do these things because the church says to and then they find out the church isn't true they might go off the deep end. I've seen it many times with people who fall away from the church. 

My dad always tells me "Man will always fail you". He is 100% correct. But everyone one of those in the quorum of the 12 pretend to be more than a man. Man might fail, but God cannot. God would not make a religion that is so hard to believe in. One where you have to disregard facts, logic, and even history just to keep believing. God would not put in leaders that do more damage to the church in five minutes than I could in five minutes with their words of ignorance. My dad was right, man will fail, and they have.

"God is in the still small voice. In all these affidavits, indictments, it is all of the devil--all corruption. Come on! ye prosecutors! ye false swearers! All hell, boil over! Ye burning mountains, roll down your lava! for I will come out on the top at last. I have more to boast of than ever any man had. I am the only man that has ever been able to keep a whole church together since the days of Adam. A large majority of the whole have stood by me. Neither Paul, John, Peter, nor Jesus ever did it. I boast that no man ever did such a work as I. The followers of Jesus ran away from Him; but the Latter-day Saints never ran away from me yet." - Joseph Smith

There would never be another President of the United States elected; soon all temporal and spiritual power would be given over to the prophet Joseph Smith and the Latter Day Saints.
Martin Harris, via Albert Chandler, worker who helped bind 1830 Book of Mormon, see Dan Vogel, Early Mormon Documents, v. 3, pp. 222‑223

"Criticism is particularly objectionable when it is directed toward Church authorities, general or local. Jude condemns those who 'speak evil of dignities.'" (Jude 1:8.) Evil speaking of the Lord's anointed is in a class by itself. It is one thing to depreciate a person who exercises corporate power or even government power. It is quite another thing to criticize or depreciate a person for the performance of an office to which he or she has been called of God. It does not matter that the criticism is true.
Dallin H. Oaks'Criticism,' Latter‑day Saint Student Association fireside in the Salt Lake Tabernacle

Kings would tremble upon their thrones at my word.... I should become a Counsellor & multitudes should seek counsel at my mouth & I should have great wisdom & power to fly through the midst under heaven... I should have power over my enemies & have long life & bring many into the kingdom of God Also that I should have the riches of the earth.
Wilford Woodruff, Diary of Wilford Woodruff, April 11, 1837, reprinted in Dean Jessee, "The Kirtland Diary of Wilford Woodruff," BYU Studies

I really try to avoid personal issues on facebook and blogging. I love to complain about politics but nothing in my personal life. However this is something that has really been bugging me for the better part of a decade now and I felt like I should just write it all out and be done with it. This way I don't have to keep explaining myself over and over. It's all here. Want to know why I don't believe, here you go. Now we don't have to talk about it and you don't have to get mad at me. This is a conversation in the future I'd rather avoid.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Coming Out Of The Mormon Church

Well put a fork in me, I’m done. Strap on your seat belts folks, this is going to be my longest post ever. Some might wonder why I am blogging about this. I’m getting really sick of the conversations about my issues with the church so I thought I would put it all in writing and back up my sources. So the first part in this blog is going to be my journey learning about the lies and deceit, realizing on my own that the church is full of contradictions and holes. The second part will be sources I found backing it all up, exposing the leaders as the frauds they are. 

So let me back this up for anyone that doesn't know my history. I was born and raised in the Mormon church. My mom’s family were pioneers that settled Salt Lake City. I went to church my whole life, went to seminary, and when it came time for the mission I decided not to go. This action caused me to see many in the church for what they truly are. The leaders of the church push really hard for every young man to go on a mission. They think that by telling all the young women to seek a return missionary for a husband that it is going to make all the guys want to go on a mission. Well that is a plan that is back firing on them because now when men choose not to go they end up falling away. Why do you think the church lowered the age of missionaries to 18 this last year? You really think it was revelation? It was to hook them in before it’s too late! 

When I didn't go on a mission I was pretty much shunned from the Mormon dating world.  Girls liked me, the flirted with me, but they kept trying to push me into a mission that I didn't want to go on so I could be good enough for them to date (or good enough to bring home to mommy and daddy). I think I was a pretty good catch for any nice Mormon girl. Good looking, 19 year old virgin, but I didn't go on a mission. It didn't matter what’s inside, all that matters is that you go on a mission. Girls at church would all chase after the guy that had been getting around since middle school and probably had a daily routine of antibiotics but I was toxic because I didn't go on a mission. According to the lies of the church if you marry a return missionary you’re marriage is more likely to last. Don’t get me started on that one! For a couple years this pushed me into dating non members and being half way active in the church. 

A few years later I became more active in the church and finally went to the temple, right before getting myself into a disastrous marriage that lasted less than a year. I had really high expectations for the temple. I have heard all kinds of stories from crazies at church about seeing their dead relatives and receiving revelations in the temple.  I actually thought I was going to have a spiritual experience and questions would be answered. Instead all I got was more questions. In fact the first day I actually started having doubts about the church was the day I went to the temple. I found inconsistencies and actions of the lazy.  

The first problem I had was that everyone gets a new name when they go to the temple (your free mason code name). No one knows your name except you, and the men know their wife’s name(or in the past, wives’ names). So here was my first problem. Decades ago, before computers, people  all got unique names but they were losing their names and they would have to go to the temple workers  to find out what it is. It proved to be too hard of a task for them to find the name the person was given. So the church changed it’s policy on how they give out names to one I see as being lazy. Now everyone that goes on a certain day gets the same name.  It makes it easier to recover a name when someone loses it. “Ok, you came on October 9th, 2004, you’re name is -----“. Well here’s the problem. If I go for the first time on a certain date, and my friend goes for a first time on that date, I know their name as well. For such a secret and important ordinance shouldn't it be protected a little better? It gets even better. Men know their wife’s name as well. So if my wife goes through and her new given name is Martha, then I know that any other women, including her friends that might have gone on that date with her, have the same name Martha. I guess I can pull them through the veil as well!  So the next time I saw my bishop I brought this up. Why is this new name thing so important?  Why don’t they secure it better? I couldn't get any answers. I was just told that we’ll know in the next life, but trust me, it’s important.

Nine months after getting married in the temple my ex decided she was done with marriage. She was too immature, didn't want the responsibility and was done. Not that I have any regrets of the divorce but I think that the church let her get off way to easy. Our bishop had talked to her and told her she shouldn't be running out but she didn't listen. So she back home and went to her mom’s ward where her new bishop let her continue going to the temple. Call me crazy but don’t you think that a religion that puts so much value on marriage, chastity, etc should have some kind of consequences when someone runs away from a marriage? Like I said, not bitter about my divorce, actually feeling blessed that she left due to some really messed up family issues she had, but the way the church acts about it threw me off.

 This is when I started learning more about the changes in the church over time. I learned that back in the 1970s the church leaders issued a “New revelation”, straight from God himself, that oral sex is dirty, and married couples cannot engage in it. For the several years, at least until 1983, bishops would ask married couples if they engage in oral sex in their temple interviews  like it’s any of their damn business.  Well it didn't go over as well as the leaders of the church thought it would so all of a sudden this “Revelation from God” was quietly revoked. Seemed kinda weird to me that God would think something is so important that one minute he gives a revelation it needs to be in temple interviews and the next minute it’s not important again. Seems more like a prudish old man made the rules and changed it when it backfired on the church. Around the same time my sister was reading a book called “The Miracle Of Forgiveness” written by former prophet Spencer  W. Kimball. In this book Kimball makes the bold assumption that if a guy masturbates they are eventually going to turn gay. That is about the most asinine thing I have heard, and he claims this is revelation? Perhaps he should do a little research. If there was an ounce of truth to that the entire country would look like fantasy fest in Key West everyday. 

The letter declaring the lost war on oral sex.

When I was going to the singles ward around 2000-2002 there were rumors floating around about the bishop. Apparently when young women went to confess to him that they had sex before marriage it wasn't good enough for the pervert to just say ok and move on. He had to ask them if they had an orgasm. What does that matter? So if you didn't have an orgasm no sacrament for 3 months but if you had one no sacrament for 6? How does that matter one bit? He would also ask other irrelevant questions like where it happened, when, etc.  This guy always seemed a little creepy to me and when I heard the stories it seemed to me like he was getting off asking these questions.

After this I started thinking about other teachings of the church that seem extreme or false. For instance I was reading on the church website that the Word Of Wisdom has never changed. That is a lie. The Word Of Wisdom  states that members of the church should not drink hot drinks. That is how the “Revelation” was written. Well, hot drinks means hot drinks. But some how this has changed to mean coffee and tea. Yet church members can drink hot chocolate and hot herbal tea, but cannot drink cold coffee or cold green, black, or white teas. Of course members of the church always have an excuse for this. They say crap like, “Well that’s what hot drinks were in the day”. Really? You believe that crap? God knows all right? God knows that in 100 years people will drink cold coffee and hot chocolate. So if this was really a revelation why didn't God just say it right the first time?

But after a little research I learned that the lie goes even deeper.
If anyone thinks they are actually honest and the word of Wisdom has never changed read this. Yes soup and hot chocolate used to be banned under the Word Of Wisdom.
We must also cultivate fruit more extensively than we now do; and we must multiply every variety of diet, and if it is possible discover new varieties. It is only a few hundred years since the potato was discovered, and what a blessings it has proven to man. There are other vegetables, probably, as good and as healthful as it is if we could only bring them into use. But vegetables are not grown among us as they should be; there is not that attention paid to them that, it seems to me, they should receive. My theory is, that if we wish to raise a healthy, noble looking, intellectual and perfect race of men and women we must feed our children properly. We must prevent the use by them of every article that is hurtful or noxious in its nature. We must not permit them to drink liquor or hot drinks, or hot soups or to use tobacco or other articles that are injurious. I do not believe that you could ever make as great and noble race of men, if you feed them on one article of food alone, as if you gave them a variety of diet. We have illustrations of this in India, where the chief diet is rice—of itself a very good article of food. We have other illustrations in the case of other races. A people who, for instance, are fed on potatoes alone do not have the stamina that they would have if they had a greater variety of food. Such a people could, I believe, be kept subjected more easily to thralldom than a nation which is better fed. The millions of India are kept in subjection by as many thousands of Europeans. There are doubtless many causes for this, among the chief of which is their diet. -Apostle George C. Cannon Journal Of Discourses Volume 12 Page 221.
I would also like to know why Gordon B Hinkley refused to answer Larry King in an interview in the 1990s when he was asked if church members can drink caffeine. I watched the interview myself. Gordy said something along the lines of “I wish members of the church wouldn't drink soda at all”. That’s great Gordy but you didn't answer the question? Can members of the church drink caffeine? Church members thought Gordy was a hero for dodging that question but I see it as no different than when a dirty politician won’t stand up and answer a question. The church took 182 years to answer that question. Finally in 2012 the church said that members of the church can drink caffeinated soda. So why wouldn't Gordy just do that in the 90’s? Was he waiting for new discoveries on the effects of caffeine? This isn't the only time Gordy wouldn't answer a question on CNN. He lied and denied the fact that Mormons  believe they can become Gods on Larry King.

Shortly after reading this I learned that Joseph Smith used to smoke cigars and drink beer and wine. Now this wouldn't be as much of a big deal if they didn't start brainwashing kids in primary with the Joseph Smith surgery story. The story goes that at 7 years old Joseph Smith needed surgery on his leg. The doctors wanted to give him liquor so he wouldn't feel the pain as much and he refused. Joseph’s dad held him and he was completely sober during the entire surgery. They sell this story with the point that Joseph Smith was being prepared from the time he was a boy to be this great prophet. That Joseph Smith’s lips were too pure to ever touch alcohol. Well that contradicts Joseph Smith’s own writings which I’ll dig into deeper later where he admits to drinking beer, liquor, and smoking cigars. The Word Of Wisdom was actually brought about when Emma Smith complained about all of Joseph’s company spitting their tobacco on the floor. Why did the revelation come after Emma complained? Why did God wait for Emma? Answer in the picture below.


Joseph Smith also bought a house with a full bar in it.
A bar was set up in Joseph's hotel, the Mansion house. Joseph Smith III tells of Emma's return from a journey to find the bar in place. As her biographers tell the story: 

...Emma entered the main room of the Mansion House on April 24 [, 1843]. A bar, complete with counter, shelves, and glasses for serving liquor stood in the room. [Orin] Porter Rockwell reigned supreme over it. Emma sent her eleven-year-old son into a meeting to tell Joseph she wished to speak with him; she waited in the hall.

"Joseph, what is the meaning of that bar in this house?" Emma asked with restraint obvious to her young son, who later recorded the confrontation. Joseph explained that a new building across the street was planned for Porter Rockwell's bar and barbershop, but until it could be completed Rockwell had set up the bar in the Mansion. "How does it look for the spiritual head of a religious body to be keeping a hotel in which a room is fitted out as a liquor-selling establishment?" she asked earnestly. Joseph countered that all hotels had their bars, the arrangement was only temporary, and he wanted to make up for Rockwell's months in prison. 

Rockwell had been jailed for months, and reached Nauvoo in financially desperate straits. Joseph hoped to find a trade for his old friend and bodyguard.

Emma was not persuaded by this argument: 
Unconvinced, Emma told Joseph he could hire someone to run the Mansion for him. "As for me," she continued, "I will take my children and go across to the old house and stay there, for I will not have them raised up under such conditions as this arrangement imposes upon us, nor have them mingle with the kind of men who frequent such a place. You are at liberty to make your choice; either that bar goes out of the house, or we will!"... 
Joseph answered, "Very well, Emma; I will have it removed at once." Soon a frame structure, designed to house the bar and barbershop, began to rise across the street.


Speaking of Emma… When Joseph died Emma left the church and started the LDS church. Now Joseph Smith is supposed to be the greatest man to walk the planet since Jesus yet his wife and kids ALL fell away from the church? I’m not buying it. But half his apostles also got excommunicated too, I’ll dig in more on that later.

My next issue was with the church’s racist past not allowing blacks to have the priesthood until 1978. But it gets worse than that. The church tries to avoid the issue. It wasn't until a month ago that they finally tried to explain the answer, and made fools of themselves.  The church didn't prevent blacks from having the priesthood from day one. Joseph Smith  was against slavery and gave at least 22 black men the priesthood. However after his death someone complained to Brigham Young, a venomous racist, about a black man who married a white woman and church policy changed overnight. Blacks could no longer have the priesthood and interracial marriage was discouraged for more than a century. Now I could find dozens of quotes but I am going to stick to four of them. The first is by Brigham Young, the second by modern day apostle Bruce R McConkie. The main point is that if this was of God blacks would not have started getting the priesthood in the first place. Also Brigham Young said blacks can have the priesthood after all the sons of Adam. Well that prophesy didn't come true when the church finally caved in 1978. Keep in mind the US government which allowed slavery passed civil rights laws before the church fully accept blacks. Also keep in mind the contradictions of their treatment of blacks with the second article of faith. The second article of faith makes a curse impossible!

I think it would be funny if one of these guys were like this guy and found out there were 14% African American. Anyone that thinks they are pure anything is a fool. I want to know how they tested people for African blood because I'm sure even my blue eyed blonde hair daughter has some. Of course being a woman the priesthood wouldn't matter but you get the point.

“We believe that men will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam’s transgression.” –Second Article Of Faith

“Shall I tell you the law of God in regard to the African race? If the white man who belongs to the chosen seed mixes his blood with the seed of Cain, the penalty, under the law of God, is death on the spot. This will always be so. The nations of the earth have transgressed every law that God has given, they have changed the ordinances and broken every covenant made with the fathers, and they are like a hungry man that dreameth that he eateth, and he awaketh and behold he is empty.” - Prophet Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, v. 10, p. 110

“However, in a broad general sense, caste systems have their root and origin in the gospel itself, and when they operate according to the divine decree, the resultant restrictions and segregation are right and proper and have the approval of the Lord. To illustrate: Cain, Ham, and the whole negro race have been cursed with a black skin, the mark of Cain, so they can be identified as a caste apart, a people with whom the other descendants of Adam should not intermarry.”- Apostle Bruce R. McConkie, Mormon Doctrine, p. 114

This one is the funniest of all. A “Revelation” given during General Conference by the man who said masturbating will turn you gay. From this day on I now call my daughter the white and delightful child. According to Brigham Young I shall be cast to death since I have no doubt my Dominican wife has at least one drop of “Negro” blood in her. After all Columbus killed all the Tainos and the new Tainos are known really Mulattos, aka the reincarnated Tainos. And you know the one drop rule. But at least my daughter is more white and delightsome. I just want to know what crack Joseph Smith was smoking when he said that God made the Laminates’ dark so they would be undesirable. Really? Not for me. This cracker likes dark meat not a pasty whitey that is going to blind me in the bedroom. I have enough white for both of us.

"I think I have read enough to give you an idea of what the Negro is after. He is not just seeking the opportunity of sitting down in a cafe where white people eat. He isn't just trying to ride on the same streetcar or the same Pullman car with white people. It isn't that he just desires to go to the same theater as the white people. From this, and other interviews I have read, it appears that the Negro seeks absorption with the white race. He will not be satisfied until he achieves it by intermarriage. That is his objective and we must face it. We must not allow our feelings to carry us away, nor must we feel so sorry for Negroes that we will open our arms and embrace them with everything we have. Remember the little statement that we used to say about sin, 'First we pity, then endure, then embrace'". Mark E. Petersen, Race Problems   As They Affect The Church, Convention of Teachers of Religion on the College Level, Brigham Young University, August 27, 1954

Recently the church published this article pretty much just putting all the blame on Brigham Young, the man who was full of himself and said he is even better than Joseph. Finally a half assed attempt at addressing the issue. I couldn't believe members of the church fall for this crap and think this explains it. This just makes them look foolish. Hey everyone, it’s ok to be racist. It was the thinking of the time.  It’s ok that our founding fathers had slaves, it was the normal in the time. They were still called of God thought, they even thought they took away basic freedoms from anyone of color.

About five years ago I was catching a flight back from California and I had to take off my shoes at the airport. I wasn't happy about it since a couple years prior I got dermatitis from taking off my shoes at the Miami Airport. I went on a rant about it, how I can’t stand the way we have to do this because of Muslim terrorist, and I upset my uncle. He sent me a link from where leaders of the church did a lot of Muslim butt kissing. This article tried to compare Joseph Smith to Mohammed. Mohammed the drug crazed, pedophile, warmonger. Mohammed  the guy who was married to a nine year old girl which is a known fact and the reason Muslim countries have no age limit on marriage. The whole article left a bad taste in my mouth. Don’t try to change my opinion on history by using an article written by ignorant church leaders who don’t know history. I’m not so weak minded that my opinion of history will change because of the writings of an ignorant fool. All it did is make the church look crazy to me.

Around this time I started critiquing other church ideas. A big one for me is the Plan Of Salvation, the very core of the church. It just doesn't make sense. First let’s look at why we are here. We are here to be tested and then receive a degree of glory when we die. Ok that is easy. If we are here to be tested why was the church removed from the Earth when Jesus died? Mormon answer;  because after the apostasy people were not ready for the church. Ok this is getting weird now. So we are here to be tested but the church was removed because those about to be tested are not ready to be tested? And then there is the idea that anyone who dies before the age of accountability gets a free ride to the celestial kingdom. So if you’re on this earth for five minutes and die you’re set. According to Mormon doctrine if you die as a child it’s because God knows you are worthy of your glory and you don’t need to be tested. Wait a second here. So if God knows what path you would take and you don’t need to be tested then why does that only apply to some?  Why do some people have to be given the chance to prove themselves unfit but others don’t? The whole plan is full of holes! 

And then there are the nuts in the church that get up at the pulpit and say they believe we picked our families before we came to this earth. Really? So in order for families where there are kids from other marriages God would have had to do a lot of playing master of puppets making one person get divorced so they can have their preplanned family with another.

And then there is the sealing. So you have to be sealed to your family to live with them in the Celestial Kingdom. Ok, why? If everyone got sealed to one person the whole world would be sealed. On top of the three kingdoms concept there are more tiers of degrees of glory within and the church teaches only the top tier of the celestial kingdom gets to be married and become Gods. Now local leaders teach things like only 5-10% of people will make it to the top tier. So what is the point? You have 15 kids you and one member of your family are together?  And better yet is the church loves to talk about how time in this life is like a blink of an eye. Really? So your actions in a blink of an eye can lead to eternal damnation. Not for  1,000 years, not for 10,000 years, but For-Ev-Er (Sandlot voice). Once you die you can never progress. That’s it. You’re either a God or a slave.
I also recently learned that the church has agreed not to baptisms for the dead for holocaust victims, which they aren't completely honest about. But wait, I thought everyone has to be baptized? Now there are exceptions?

Then there’s the issue with crazy bishops. Mormons actually believe that bishops are called of God. No joke. Approval has to go to Salt Lake to become a bishop. My friend was stuck being a bishop longer than expected because Salt Lake denied his replacement. So how do you explain the bishop we had in my stake growing up who allegedly molested his daughter? Or the man in my uncle’s stake that got called to the high council and then admitted that he had molested his kid and had oral sex with women other than his wife? When asked why they could have called him and been wrong about it they said they must have had the urge to call him so he could have a chance to repent. Really? Or one of my favorites. My friend Tony had a bishop come over and tell him that he has an evil tree in his yard. He offered up church funds to have it removed. The tree has evil spirits in. Good one. I would have kicked him out of my house. This being the same guy who gave his kid’s baby blessing, blessing him with personalities traits of certain people in the family. 

Which brings me to my next topic, baby blessings. What is the point? They contradict the plan of salvation. Everyone has free agency yet we bless these babies that they’ll go on missions, or marry in the temple, or listen to their parents. It’s stupid.  If life is a test and everyone can make their choice what difference does a baby blessing make? According to the plan of salvation God can’t force you to do anything. But he can if your parent blesses it into you? He can if you get enough votes (prayers) from people asking you to change the way they are. If God could change you why doesn't he just make perfect people from the start?

My next issue is patriarchal blessings. They are baloney. So they are suppose to be revelation and they are suppose to tell you which of the twelve tribes you come from. Well when I got mine the Patriarch forgot to say my lineage. So he had to do a quick second blessing and add it on at the end. Well how did he miss that if it was revelation and “The Spirit” was telling him what to say? I know, I know, because he’s a man. But if you want to use that excuse I can just as easily say that I don’t want to obey other parts of it because that might not be revelation. After all he’s just a man and you can’t have it both ways. You can’t pick and choose what parts are and are not revelation. The fact that he screwed up a revelation proves he is a phony. 

If that doesn't prove my case consider this one. Joseph Smith gave patriarchal blessings telling people they would be missionaries on the moon and other planets. Joseph Smith gave Lyman Wight a blessing saying he would live til the second coming and gave a sermon telling the congregation that a lot of them would live to see the second coming. That was 180 years ago! How about all those blessing that tell people about the families they will have and then the woman ends up being infertile. Oh, but now there’s an excuse for that. Now the church teaches that if your blessing says that you will raise a family but you can’t in this life it means you will in the next. What a crock! That blessing is supposed to be about how to live this life!

“In my Patriarchal blessing, given by the father of Joseph the Prophet, in Kirtland, 1837, I was told that I should preach the gospel before I was 21 years of age; that I should preach the gospel to the inhabitants upon the islands of the sea, and – to the inhabitants of the moon, even the planet you can now behold with your eyes.”- O.B. Huntington, The Young Women’s Journal, v. 3, pp. 263-264 (1892)

“So it is with regard to the inhabitants of the sun. Do you think it is inhabited? I rather think it is. Do you think there is any life there? No question of it; it was not made in vain.” Brigham Young “ Journal Of Discourses

“ ‘Inhabitants of the Moon are more of a uniform size than the inhabitants of the Earth, being about 6 feet in height. They dress very much like the Quaker Style and are quite general in Style, or the one fashion of dress. They live to be very old; comeing [sic] generally, near a thousand years.’ This is the description of them as given by Joseph the Seer, and he could ‘See’ whatever he asked the Father in the name of Jesus to see.”
- Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr., in Journal of O.B. Huntington, Book 14, p. 166

Next subject, the claims that there used to be blood oaths and oaths of vengeance in the temple. According to the claims until the 1920s members of the church would pray for vengeance on those involved in killing Joseph Smith during the temple ceremonies. Another claim is that until 1990 they did blood oaths in which they would do say something about spilling their blood if they told the secrets of the temple and they would follow with gestures pretending to cut their throats. I asked one of my uncles about it and he refused to answer. It’s something you can’t get an answer to from the church. I know they like to say that what happens in the temple is sacred, not secret, but that is baloney. Anyone that has a temple recommend should be able to know what went on in the temple in the past. When they hide it from those who attend the temple it’s not sacred, it’s now secret, it’s now a coverup.

I decided to ask my other uncle about this and he confirmed they did do the blood oath in the temple until 1990. In the 1980s temple attendance was down due to the fact that people felt uncomfortable. A survey went out to a few thousand members of the church in 1988 about what they liked and didn't like in the temple. (Why didn't they prophet just ask God)? Two years later the ceremony was changed and the blood oath was removed. Everyone knows that the blood oath was stolen from the masons so I decided to see how much more of the temple ceremony was stolen. I saw a comparison of the two side by side and they are nearly identical! Mormons love to point out irrelevant things. They think that Mitt Romney running for president was good for the church because it brought attention to the church. Well it also brought a lot of attention to the blood oaths and the fact that Mitt was involved in them. Keep trying to sell that lie that all publicity is good publicity though.

Well after a while a lot of these inconsistencies caught my attention and kept me thinking. One day my good friend and bishop in Florida decided to ask me when I am going back to the temple. I told him the truth. I have a lot of problems with the church and it wouldn't be honest for me to go to the temple, to lie and say that I support our church leaders and that I believe Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. I don’t want to sound bitter, this was and is to this day a very good friend of mine, but his answers were non answers. Something like, How do you think blacks feel when they learn of the past? I then brought up the fact that I keep looking for an answer but I never get one. I then brought up a story from the Book Of Mormon. There’s a character in the Book Of Mormon named Alma The Younger. Alma is the Anti-Christ. He goes around the town mocking God and telling people to live for the day. God smacks him down, puts him a sleep for 3 days, he has visions, and wakes up a changed man. So I asked my bishop, “Why do some people ask for answers, honestly want them, get nothing, and this guy gets one thrown on him when he didn't even want it”. My bishop’s answer was the typical Mormon answer. “Don’t tempt God, you don’t want that”. 

This seems to be the best way to suppress thought. Scare people by telling them “Don’t tempt God”.  Really? Because three days in a coma getting spiritual enlightenment is worse than a life full of wondering what your purpose is? I wasn't asking for riches or fame, I was just asking for an answer. I don’t think that is too much to ask. "You can find all you need, the message is in the silence" -In Flames. Of course I get asked the basic Mormon questions. Do you read your scriptures and pray daily (because everyone seems to think that is the only reason you stop believing the lie). Reading more lies from the church isn't going to make me believe it. I was reading from the church website when I saw the problems about race and the Word Of Wisdom. How was reading more of this garbage going to make me feel better?

For the next couple years the issues kept bugging me but I didn't really do anything about it. I kept going to church every week thinking if God wants to give me an answer eventually he’ll do it. The only real new issue that came in this time was the church’s unwise decision to back prop 8. I think it was beyond foolish to waste millions of dollars of church money backing a political agenda that failed. Not only was it unwise but it proves the church leaders are backing politics by their own will, not revelation. Why would God waste people’s tithes on backing a bill that would just fail and give the church a black eye? Their actions a year later gave them an even bigger black eye. This is when the church decided to launch the Mormon and Gay website to kiss up to all those they offended. If backing prop 8 was a true revelation the church would have made the website first, then backed prop 8, then won. It didn't quite work that way and it left them looking bad. 

Then earlier this year my son was stillborn and I had the most uninspired meeting with my bishop. A bishop is supposed to get revelation for everyone in his ward. Our bishop called us in and wanted to talk to us to see how we were doing. Our bishop is a nice guy and I have no doubt that he was genuinely concerned and cares about us. But he was nervous, he didn't know what to say, he read a short verse and had no answers. If ever a bishop needed revelation for a member of their ward this was the time. Where was the revelation? Where were the words my wife needed? 

At Wyatt’s funeral my former stake president and sister’s current bishop pulled me aside and told me now is the time to think about taking my wife to the temple and getting sealed. I thought about what he said. I thought that I need to search for answers but I’m not going to jump both feet into something to make myself feel better regardless of truth. I have known people that do this in the past. They leave the church and the minute life gets hard or tragedy strikes they come running back because the lies of the church make them feel good. The lies are easier to deal with than reality. Well I gave it some real honest thought and didn't feel compelled that I need to go to the temple. Besides what is the point when the Mormon church doesn't allow parents to be sealed to their stillborn child? And how does their policy regarding still born babies fit in with their strong stance on Pro-Life? Why is it that the church leaders have no revelation on stillborn babies but they get stupid revelations on earrings? This is when things really took a turn for me.

October 14th, 2013…. Columbus Day. I posted happy Conquistor Day on my facebook and mentioned that Columbus didn't find America but did own slaves and killed off all the Tainos. This is when two members of the church attacked my position by posting the ignorance of Gordon B Hinkley, former “Prophet” of the Mormon church. Apparently Gordon B Hinkley’s ignorant view on history is supposed to be more important to me than the truth.  This is a man who was the church historian and doesn't even know his own church’s history but I am supposed to believe that he knows more about the history of the world than the experts. I know some are thinking “What do you mean he doesn't know his own church’s history”? I’ll get into that in a second. First enjoy some screen shots of my discussion that got me thinking. I have edited them so no names or faces are showing. I know it looks cheesy but I didn't care to do a good job. Just a quick MS Paint fix.

Something I would like to point out here. The sarcastic comment, "How convenient". Yes, how convenient. The reason I didn't want to get into a religious argument is first of all I try to avoid them. People have their beliefs which can't be backed up except with their faith and I have mine. On top of that I am friends with this kid's parents. It's not my job to tell him what church to go to or what to believe and I don't think his parents would appreciate it if I started telling him certain things that they disagree with. So yes how convenient. And I'm not holding a grudge, I just wanted to point that out. This kid is actually a really good kid, and was my favorite scout, I just don't agree with his religious beliefs.

Now, let me bring up the fact that a couple decades back Gordy was asked about revelation and this was him comment. This is the man that I am supposed to believe has all kinds of revelations and I’m supposed to take him for his word on Columbus? So Gordy doesn't get revelation when it comes to church historical documents but he does on trivial matters like Christopher Columbus, the Founding Fathers (slave owners who Mormon prophets think were called of God) and how many earrings a woman should have? Yes a little over a decade ago he said that a woman should have no more than one earring per ear. I find it odd that God would be so bored as to give such a stupid revelation but ignore church leaders on their church history.

“Q: And this belief in contemporary revelation and prophecy? As the prophet, tell us how that works. How do you receive divine revelation? What does it feel like?
A: [Gordon B. Hinckley] Let me say first that we have a great body of revelation, the vast majority of which came from the prophet Joseph Smith. We don’t need much revelation. We need to pay more attention to the revelation we've already received. Now, if a problem should arise on which we don’t have an answer, we pray about it, we may fast about it, and it comes. Quietly. Usually no voice of any kind, but just a perception in the mind. I liken it to Elijah’s experience. When he sought the Lord, there was a great wind, and the Lord was not in the wind. And there was an earthquake, and the Lord was not in the earthquake. And a fire, and the Lord was not in the fire. But in a still, small voice. Now that’s the way it works.”- Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley, San Francisco Chronicle, Sunday Interview, April 13, 1997, by Don Lattin

Years ago, when I was working at Stater Bros I was flipping through the channels and saw a document on the salamander letters. I caught most of it and didn't think much of it. I read later that it was all a fraud and I let it go. Well in searching a little more on Gordy on this subject let me point out what he doesn't know about the salamander letters.  First off Mormons believe that everything the prophet says in conference comes from revelation. How this talk on the Salamander Letters from General Conference?

“I am glad we have them. They are interesting documents of whose authenticity we are not certain and may never be. However, assuming that they are authentic, they are valuable writings of the period out of which they have come. But they have no real relevancy to the question of the authenticity of the Church or of the divine origin of the Book of Mormon.” 

Or this one?

"I accepted him to come into my office on a basis of trust .... I frankly admit that Hofmann tricked us. He also tricked experts from New York to Utah, however .... I am not ashamed to admit that we were victimized. It is not the first time the Church has found itself in such a position. Joseph Smith was victimized again and again. The Savior was victimized. I am sorry to say that sometimes it happens.”

Oh the poor Mormon church, always playing the victim. Maybe Joseph was victimized because he couldn't keep his pants up and his apostles were looting peoples homes. But this is a common reoccurring thing, playing the victim.

How is it that the historian, prophet, seer, and revelator for the Mormon church, the man who knows better than the experts on history, how is it that he was fooled? How is it that the “Learned man” (aka the FBI and the Tanners) knew these letters were a fraud but Gordy didn't. The church hundreds of thousands of dollars of people tithing offerings buying fraudulent documents from this guy and they were all fake. Furthermore I learned while reading this that former Mormon, Mormon critic Sandra Tanner and her husband were offered the letters as well but they turned them down knowing they were fake. In her book she says that these letters would have proved her belief that Joseph Smith believed in magic. It would have proved her case yet instead of taking them like a fool she turned them down. Sandra warned the Mormon church about these letters in 1982! The church didn't figure out it was all a fraud until 1985!

This had me intrigued. Sandra and Jerald Tanner knew they were fake but Gordy didn't? Who is this Sandra Tanner? How did she know this? Well I looked deeper into it. Sandra Tanner is the great great granddaughter of Brigham Young. She is against the church and has written several books about it. I started reading more stuff online and it all pointed back to Sandra Tanner.  So let me wrap up my last topic first. Going back to the Columbus issue. I tried to avoid the religious talk on the post. I said I do not want to talk religion and two people kept pushing. Finally I stated my point at which time I was told I am attacking. Funny I wasn't attacking anyone. It was my post that got hijacked by religious non-sense and I was standing my ground, trying to avoid the religious topic at the same time. But that is always the church’s mentality, play the victim.

This post is also when I started talking to my Uncle again. I know my family is going to say that he led me down this path. If you think that wake up! I have a brain. False prophets led me down this path. My Uncle Jeff was always my favorite uncle. He was the funny guy that always went on vacation with us. When I took my first IT job in San Diego I lived with him for 6 weeks during the week while looking for an apartment. However, when I started having problems with the church I didn't want to talk to him about it. It eventually led to us only talking occasionally, mostly at family functions.  Well on this post my Uncle made mention that Brigham Young and Joseph Smith believed man lived on the moon. He then e-mailed me to make sure I wasn't offended at which time I told him I no longer believe in the church. So about the man on the moon. I don’t take anyone for their word so I looked further into it and found out that their speeches are actually in The Journal Of Discourses.  I started sending me uncle personal emails about it asking more questions and we started talking again. I told him how long I had be having doubts and he questioned why I got so mad about it. The answer is simple. I wasn't ready for the truth then, I am now.

So after learning that Young and Smith believed in man living on the moon and sun I decided I needed to do more research. But where. I really don’t like reading from the opposition. You can find anything on the internet. Who can be trusted? Well years ago when my uncle was telling me stuff I told him those words. He told me that his information is correct, it’s not lies, it’s not made up. It comes from the horse’s mouth. He told me that the church had enough information to burn itself. Without asking for sources we ended the talks. Well now I was about to learn just how right he was. I was about to learn why the church likes to control the talking points, why the church discourages talking to people against the church.

So before going further into my reading let me define a couple of my resources. A lot of Ex-Mormons, including Sandra Tanner like to cite The Journal Of Discourses. What is The Journal Of Discourses? According to the Mormon leadership the Journal Of Discourses are sermons written in the early days of the church, often far away from the leadership of the church in Europe. The church hosts the Journal Of Discourses on their own BYU archive website. By their dishonest description of the Journal Of Discourses they try to write off the gravity of the statements. Anti-LDS love to quote the Journal Of Discourses and cross link to it. The reality is that the Journal Of Discourses has a lot of Sermons from Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, given by revelation, over the pulpit. The Journal Of Discourses is where I found the first quotes of Young saying that he believed man lives on the sun and moon and blacks are cursed. The other references often cited were the church’s newspaper, The Times And Seasons which Joseph Smith was the editor of so it has to be correct.

So I kept reading more and more information that seemed really shady. For instance Joseph Smith married his apostle, Heber C ’s 14 year old daughter Helen Mar Kimball. Now the church is always trying to say that polygamy was necessary because there were too many single women and they needed support (census records show there were actually much more men than women in the church in the early days so that is a lie). How do they explain this one? This was not a widow, nor was it when they traveled the plains. This was his buddy’s 14 year old daughter who was living at home with daddy. Please someone explain how there is any explanation to justify this marriage other than the fact that Joseph Smith was a pedophile. Heber C Kimball went along with it because he wanted to be linked to Joseph in the afterlife and he believed he could through his daughter. Joseph and Kimball were secretly married for 2 years, I think, before getting divorced. Her diary about the marriage is available online from church archives. This isn't something that is made up. Kimball was a lifelong member of the church that stayed sealed to Joseph til the death and married to her second husband for life. Here is a clipping of her diary from another source. Members of the church try to excuse the marriage saying "You don't know if Joseph slept with her". Really? In the Book Of Jacob (in the Book Of Mormon) it says the only reason to have more than one wife is to spread your seed. So if he wasn't having sex with her then it was going against church doctrine. If he was having sex with her he is nothing but a sick pedophile.

The implied assumption in this theory, that there have been more female than male members in the Church is not supported by existing evidence. On the contrary, there seems always to have been more males than females in the Church...The United States census records from 1850 to 1940, and all available Church records, uniformly show a preponderance of males in Utah...This theory is not defensible since there was no surplus of women."
- LDS Apostle John A. Widstoe, Evidences and Reconciliations, 1960, pages 390-392

My reading got even more enlightening. Not only was Joseph Smith a polygamist but he married women who were still married to other men. Seems like the accusation he came up with this church doctrine when Emma caught him cheating was more plausible. On top of that Joseph Smith also married women who were still married to other men. How is this not adultery for one or the other? One of his wives got pregnant and didn't know if Joseph or her first husband was the daddy. It ended up being her first husband as to date they haven’t linked him having kids with any other women.
A little more further reading and I learned that several of the prophets were keeping multiple wives after the church ended polygamy and Joseph F Smith continued having kids with more than one wife after the church put an end to polygamy. He had kids with four of his wives after the manifesto to end polygamy. This isn't hearsay, this is fact. This all came up in the Reed Smoot hearings. Also in the hearing Joseph F Smith, not to be confused with Joseph Smith and Joseph Fielding Smith, denied receiving revelation. This is funny considering just a month ago in elder’s quorum they quote one of the modern day prophets saying that he receives revelation every Thursday! 

Parley P Pratt was murdered after stealing a man’s wife. She joined the church and he wouldn't so she left him and ran off with Pratt with her kids. Back in the day there were no kidnapping laws so he couldn't do anything when the kids were taken from Arkansas to San Francisco. Pratt was hunted down and murdered. I have to be honest, I would have done the same thing. Pratt was no man of God, no hero, he was a home wrecker who stole a man’s wife and kids and got a cold damp grave in return.
Not only that but all the prophets and apostles had quite the divorce record in that day. Don’t believe me, see for yourself. How can the church discourage divorce when all their leaders starting with Joseph Smith were getting them? Apparently the church hasn't always been as conservative as they are now.
After hearing all this I wanted to know what else the church had been hiding from me. But again, where can I get a reliable source? Around this time my bishop asked to meet with me again. He called me in and asked when I plan on taking my family to the temple. I told him honest I don’t believe in the church anymore. I told him I don’t have anything against it, I had a good upbringing and the church was a big part, but I don’t believe it’s true anymore. I told him I come for my family, it’s good for them. This was another experience of an uninspired man. Again, nothing against my bishop. He’s a great guy, but he had a deer in the headlights look. He didn't know what to say. It was awkward. Revelation out the door! The only think he could do is tell me to read a talk by one of the apostles titled "Everyone has doubts". Maybe everyone has doubts because it's all baloney. Sorry, I'll pass.

At this time I started opening up to my wife a little more about my issues. She knew I had problems but we didn't talk about it. My wife has only been in the church for a couple years and I didn't want to drag her down with my issues. But now I’m at the point where I’m miserable at church hearing the ramblings about nothing. We had three weeks at church, THREE WEEKS, where all they talked about was archiving. For those who don’t know what that is it’s a way to distract people. The church is supposed to be all about the family but it’s so demanding it leaves you with no time for your family. On top of that they want you to spend hours each week archiving data in the church archives so they can do temple work for the dead. It’s all about numbers. We want 300,000 archives done in our ward this week. Stand up brothers ******, *****, and ******. You are the top three archivers in the ward. Everyone try to be like them. Then they wonder why their kids are running off getting into trouble because they are distracted with mindless BS that doesn't bring them any closer to their family. It doesn't matter if it takes from your family. It seems to me like they are just trying to keep people busy and involved so they can’t see through all the BS and see how empty the leaders of the church are!

So back to my point. It was time to start looking for other sources. But I wanted a reliable one. So I looked into Sandra Tanners works. From everything I've read about her works she photocopies church archives so there is no disputing the facts. She always has a reference. It’s not her opinion, it’s the facts. The photos of archives and the links to church hosted sites cannot be disputed. In fact the church sued her and her husband for cross linking. They would write about church doctrine and then provide a link to an article on the Mormon church’s website ( backing up her statement so the church sued her. That lawsuit right there shows the desperation of the church. If the church was true let her crosslink it and they would see past the lies. I mean if someone wants to quote me they are more than free to crosslink to my sites so everyone can see what I really said. I have nothing to hide, I want people to see the real me. But the church doesn't feel this way. The lawsuit is just dirty. So now I decided to read the works of Sandra Tanner, but which ones and what would my wife think about it? 

I read an article about a standing Mormon bishop who took his five kids and left the church once he learned about all the lies and deceptions. I read about the problems he had, temporarily, in his marriage, until his wife came around and left the church with him. What would my wife think? She hadn't been in the church long, and couldn't dispute any of my findings, but she feared leaving the church because of her imagination of what could happen. She points out others who don’t go to church that have messed up lives, but you can’t even compare their lives to mine. Just because I leave the church doesn't mean I am going to become an adulterous alcoholic with no standards.  This reinforced my new belief that religion was created in the first place for control. It was to make people fear acting up because with the fear of God. I had always thought that I should keep going to church for my family, for my daughter, until I read the writing of the bishop that left. It left me thinking. Do I really need to take my daughter to a church based off a lie to make her grow up right? Do I really need to distract from family time having other people teach her lies, lies, and more lies in hopes she will fear acting up? I finally decided no. I don’t need the lie. It’s time to stop being afraid of what I might learn and get the book and see the church for what it is.

The first thing I did was put it on the floor in my car, away from sight of my wife, with no intention of talking about it for a while. My plan was to read it during lunch break at work. However I didn't get far before I started sending screen shots of the crazy things the prophets have said. By the weekend I had to bring it into the house. Reading at work just wasn't enough. I wanted more and I wanted it faster. It’s funny how leaders try to get you to read the Book Of Mormon and it’s so damn hard. I would get bored and go off into lala land right away. But this book, I couldn't put it down. I read it most of the day Saturday, getting over 100 pages into it and can’t stop. Halfway through the day I decided that I needed to write this blog after I’m done. But then I kept thinking at this rate it’s going to take me a full month to read it. It’s a rather large book, it’s as big as the Bible. Nearly 600 really large pages. I kept thinking I’m not going to learn that much more that I already didn't know. How much more can there be that I don’t know about the history of the church I have belonged to my entire life? And then my mind would get blown again. Finally I decided if I wait until I am done reading the book my blog post would become a novel. 

I’m not 20% into the book. I don’t yet have all the information but I have enough to say I am 100% sure the church is not true, Joseph Smith is a fraud, and the prophets and apostles living today are frauds and they know it and suppress information that contradicts their current teachings or exposes their lies.  So now is the fun part. The highlights of my reading. Again these points are all backed up with either photos of documents or they tell you where you can find it in church writings. It’s not hearsay. I can’t put all the sources in my blog, you’ll have to look them up yourself.

In 1981 the preface of The Book Of Mormon was changed. Gentics proved that Native Americans did not come from Israel but rather Northeast Asia and the church was embarrassed.  Instead of saying: “After thousands of years, all were destroyed except the Lamanites, and they are the principal ancestors of the American Indians,” it now says: “After thousands of years, all were destroyed except the Lamanites, and they are among the ancestors of the American Indians.” There’s their way out. Now they can claim the swamp gene theory is the reason the DNA doesn't match up.

The fourth article of faith also changed after Joseph Smith died. The church felt it was important to add the line about the first ordinances of the gospel because they thought the temple was so important it needed to be included as well. Funny how “Revelation” can change. Well actually the fourth article of faith was stolen from another religion, then modified after Joseph's death. I'll get into that later. I believe the fourth article of faith was in the first Pearl Of Great Price BEFORE they revised it. Again, approved revelation that changed.

Joseph Smith smoked cigars and drank beer and alcohol. There was one instance where Joseph Smith gave a fiery sermon on the word of wisdom then was seen after church riding in town in a stage coach smoking a cigar. His excuse was that he wanted to make sure people believe in the church more than they believe in him. There are also journals of Joseph in the Journal Of Discourses where he talked of drinking beer and “the fruit of the vine” (wine). The church removed key words when putting these journals in history of the church.

Joseph Smith was a money digger, arrested and tried in court in 1826 for disorderly conduct. This was long before he had enemies for his new religion. He has admitted to it and it’s in Journal Of Discourses. His family stayed in the Presbyterian church until 1928, 8 years after his so called vision (which he made up several years after the church was formed). In 1928 he tried to join a Methodist church. Kinda odd since he was told in 1820 the Methodist church isn't true. There are official records of it. 

Joseph Smith and the apostles cannot be trusted. The church says that all the apostles honest and of good character. They also try to say that none of the apostles ever denied the church even after leaving. This is a lie. First off there are written records of Joseph Smith tearing apart the character of his apostles, vice versa. Joseph Smith called Oliver Cowdry and liar and adulterer. In 1838 Oliver accused Joseph Smith of adultery, lying, cheating, drinking, swindling, and swearing. He said that Joseph Smith was intoxicated from liquor while translating the plates! None of this is hearsay, there are written accounts. So here is the dilemma. Either these things are true and Joseph Smith is all of the above or his apostles/witnesses of the golden plates are liars that cannot be trusted. We know that Oliver was arrested in Far West for kicking people out of their homes and stealing all their possessions. Joseph Smith, in writing, called Oliver Cowdry a “Dumb ass”. After leaving the church Oliver joined Methodist Protestant Church Of Tiffin. Martin Harris went on mission for Strangite church. He was baptized February 13th, 1847. Martin Harris was unstable and changed his religious views 13 times! Over half of Joseph Smith’s apostles were excommunicated! Do these sounds like men we can trust? Men of the highest moral code? Later in life a few of the apostles admitted they never actually saw the plates or dealt with them physically but they saw them with their “Spiritual eyes”.

There's a whole chapter exposing the fact that the apostles/witness are men of bad character. Here's the highlights.

After hearing all this I was left to wonder, where did the Book Of Mormon come from. How did Joseph Smith write this book. The LDS church says that computer analysis has proven the Book Of Mormon was written by at least 24 different people, not one. So how could Joseph Smith have done this? The answer is simple and it proves Joseph Smith a fraud not a prophet. Plagiarism. Here are my points. These are short points to summarize 50 pages of writings and photographic records proving their case.

  • The book of Mormon names are not from cities in Central America. There are names of towns around New York, common names of the time like Alma (a woman’s name) which can also be taken from Shalmaneser found in Kings. There are dozens of  other names distorted from the Bible. Omni is from omnipotent, Mosiah from Moriah, Mormon could be created by combining Moriah  and Solomon, Benoni became Moroni. I also couldn't help but notice that names in the book of Mormon like Lehi come are very similar to cities like Lehigh, PA yet none of the people in the Book Of Mormon have names like Chichen Itza! Here is a map of the area Joseph Smith grew up in. Now if the Book Of Mormon took place around Panama wouldn't you expect cities to still have those names? Cities haven’t changed their names since they were written in the Bible and the names were passed down? So why not in this case? Some might say because the Lamanites erased it all. Really? Well they forgot to erase the names around the great lakes and New England!

  • Joseph Smith stole the name Nephi and the stories about him from the Apocrypha Bible. See picture below. 

  • Joseph Smith stole the Campbellite’s five principles which were written BEFORE the Book Of Mormon, in 1825. The 4th article of faith is a stolen work. 
  • Joseph Smith stole exact verbiage from the Westminister Confession which was sold in Palmyra (just in case anyone is wondering how he got it).
  • The Book Of Mormon is talking about the issues of Joseph’s time not issues of the past. Baby baptisms, paid clergy, secret symbols, just to name a few were all issues of his time. Keep in mind a couple years before the Book Of Mormon was written a mason was murdered for revealing his signs. The stories aren't really about the Gidaiantian robbers and their secret combinations, they are about the masons! They even use words that were used at the time to describe masons. You’ll have to read the book to see the long list of comparisons.
  • The Book Of Mormon uses the same writing style as the King James Bible which was written in 1611.
Here are some, but not all of scriptures stolen by Joseph Smith from the KJV of the Bible and put in the Book Of Mormon. If he could steal from the Bible why not the other sources I list?

This link shows compares some books and shows that up to 94% of the chapter is copied verbatim!
  • In The Book Of Mormon Jesus told the Nephites he is Alpha and Omega. How would the Nephites understand Greek? These words are from the Greek alphabet.  Joseph Smith did not know this when he wrote The Book Of Mormon and when he was confronted about the possibility of the name Mormon being Greek he said there isn't a single Greek word in Book Of Mormon. Funny because Timothy is a Greek name as well as Jonas and Alpha and Omega are Greek as well. Guess he didn't think that one through to well.
  • Joseph Smith claims Mormon is “more” and Mon is Egyptian for good, so More-Good. English is middle age word so how would the Nephites have had the word more? For those who think Joseph Smith can’t make up a name consider the fact he was asked to name a baby during a blessing and he named the kid Mahonri Moriancumer. Also go back to my first point.
  • Joseph Smith also stole ideas from The View Of Hebrews written 7 years prior. There’s so much proof I can’t supply it here. Just read Sandra’s book. 
  • Why would the Book Of Mormon be written in Egyptian if they came from Jerusalem? Israelites hated Egyptians and would not have spoken their language. Joseph Smith was stuck on the idea of Egyptian because of other stories that came out 25 years prior.
  • Nephi quotes Moses but in error quotes Peter quoting Moses. When Joseph Smith wrote this he thought that Peter had quoted Moses word for word but he didn't. So this doesn't make sense because he is quoting someone that lived 400 years after his death.
  • Lucy smith said Joseph Smith made up stories about the Native Americans at dinner time when he was a kid. She said that he would talk about their dress, religion everything and it was with such ease that it was like he had lived among them. This came out in her book which the church said every devout Mormon must read. Two years later Brigham Young decided there were things in the book he didn’t like so he ordered them all burned. After heavy revisions the books were reprinted.
  • Dreams of Joseph Smith’s father were in Book Of Mormon. Lewis’ dream had 27 identical points in 1811 as Joseph Smith’s Iron Rod story. This was also in Lucy’s book which upset the tyrant Brigham Young.
  • In Joseph Smith’s writings he said he was “Born Of Goodly Parents”. Sound familiar?
  • In the  1830 edition of the Book Of Mormon it was King Benjamin (page 200). In the 1964 edition the church figured out too much time had passed so they changed him to King Mosiah (Mosiah 21:28).
  • In 1827 there was a man near Palmyra named Jesse Strange who suffered as it said in the Wayne Sentinel “an ignominious death”. The story is exactly the same as Nehor including the fact that the Book Of Mormon says Nehor suffered an ignominious death.
  • 1981 version of the Book Of Mormon changed white and delighting to pure and delightsome when talking about the Lamanites. How was it ever wrong if it was revelation?
  • Wonders of nature written in 1827 uses term narrow neck of the land. Joseph was familiar with this work.
  • After his death memoirs by church historian and apostle BH Roberts said were found showing he has lost the faith. The church has tired to write them off as him playing the devils in his writings.  His statement about the Book Of Mormon. "The narrative proceeds in characteristic disregard of conditions necessary to its reasonableness, as if it were told by child, with utter disregard for consistency. Cites wonders of nature as source.”
  • Several other church historians have lost their testimony while researching the Book Of Mormon. These are people who dedicate their lives to church history and have access to the archives. One example is the excommunication of Dr. Michael Quinn in 1993.
  • We can prove that a small group of Vikings made it to MN 500 years ago but we have no evidence of a large group of people that lived here for 1,000 years? All evidence of these people and the ways of life described in the Book Of Mormon have been proven false.
Here are some other facts I learned about the church.

  • Lectures of faith were removed from D&C in 1921 due to the fact that they taught of plural Gods.
  • Book of commandments changed a lot when they were put into the Book Of Mormon. Thousands of words added, deleted, or changed without explanation. These weren't just changes of punctuation and bad grammar, key words were removed that completely changes the meaning of the verse. I read the comparison. The history  was suppressed by Thomas Monson. The book I'm reading written by Sandra has side by side comparisons and there are way too many to get into here but here is one. In Book Of Commandments it says said Joseph Smith would have no more prophecy. That was changed in D&C since the books of Abraham were found. Look it up for yourself.

Here are two examples of the many changes.

  • Joseph Smith had a vision in which he saw all every one of his apostles with him in the celestial kingdom. Funny because half of them got excommunicated and four of them died outside of the church.
  • The preface to the Book Of Abraham was changed in 2013. This is an act of complete desperation being how any educated member of the church will see the changes. It appears now the church is reaching out to the ignorant and uneducated. The preface was changed removing the references to the Papyri and instead say that Joseph Smith wrote them by “Inspired revelation”.
  • In 1832 Joseph Smith made a revelation that man could not see God without the priesthood, he would be struck dead. This proves the church opposition that in the beginning Joseph never told of “The First Vision”. There is no written account of it until 20 years after it supposedly happened and it couldn't have happened because Joseph would have been struck dead since he did not have the priesthood.

  • Joseph Smith had a revelation that the Civil War would start in South Carolina 30 years before hand. Everyone thought this proved he was a prophet of God. There are two problems with this. The first is that his revelation was three days after a newspaper 15 miles away from him printed that story. The second is that he said all nations would be involved. Yeah, I don’t think it happened that way.
  • According to Joseph Smith you can tell a good spirit from an evil one because the evil one will not try to shake your hand, giving himself away since he has no flesh and bones. Well what if Satan just learned of this trick and didn't offer out his hand? And if a spirit cannot touch how did the apostles shake hands in the Garden Of Eden? D&C 129
  • Heber C Kimball thought he could shoot spirits. He said that any evil spirits entering his house would be met with 150 rounds of ammunition.
  • Brigham Young said all good men seek the church. Why are there so many bad people in the church than and so many good outside of it. Brigham Young was arrogant. Several of the prophets of the time also said that the country would lose its president and the church would rule the land
  • In first accounts of the first vision, published in Times & Seasons which Joseph Smith was the editor of, Joseph said that the angel that visited him was Nephi. This later got changed to Moroni in 1878.

  • Brigham Young said that you cannot reach the highest degree of glory without polygamy. This means two things. Everyone living in these times is screwed and he believes that there will be at least twice as many men in the celestial kingdom as men.
  • One of the most damning pieces of evidence against the church is the Kinderhook plates. These are plates that were given to Joseph before his death by his enemies to translate. Joseph Smith was working hard to translate them a month before his death and said that the part he translated was about the descendants of Ham. In the 1970s a group was allowed to do a non invasive test on the plates and they determined they were probably no older than the 1800’s but couldn't be sure. The leaders of the church fought back and insisted they were authentic but wouldn't allow further testing. Finally the church broke down and allowed the test to be done proving they were created in by a blacksmith around the 1830s and that the writing is inconsistent and means absolutely nothing. The church couldn't accept the fact that Joseph Smith lied about them so they instead said that “The History Of The Church”, which are books of Joseph Smith’s journals are wrong. The problem with this is that Brigham Young and  Albert Smith BOTH approved of all the books and said they were accurate.
  • Dancing was banned in the early days of the church. Joseph actually had something like 20 people “cutoff from the church”, I’m assuming this means excommunicated, because they danced and wouldn't repent for it. It wasn't until he had a New Years party in his mansion in Navoo that he decided he liked dancing and lifted the ban.
  • Joseph Smith had a Magic Tailsman. Dr. Durham, director of the LDS Institute of Religion at the University Of Utah and president of the Mormon History Associate discovered it in 1974. At the time he thought it was a Masonic jewel when in reality it was  Jupiter Tailsman which deals with astrology and magic. DOH, should have hid it when he had the chance.
  • The story about the last battle on the hill of Cumorah was absolutely ridiculous. What general in their right mind would first grant safe passage to their enemy and then agree to move an army 3,000 miles, over mountains peaks and through valleys, to fight an army on an insignificant tiny hill? That’s a big task in the modern age, imagine doing it 1600 years ago! The Mormons had trouble just getting through the plains, imagine doing it in reverse on a journey twice as long to reach New York.
  • Joseph Smith made up crazy cures like this one for Cholera: “Salt, vinegar, and pepper, given internally, and a plunging into the river when the paroxysms begin will cure the cholera.” These words of course were edited in The History Of The Church but this is how it was printed in the Millennial Star, Vol 20.
  • Joseph Smith’s first vision story changed 7 times. It would take me way to long to go into it here, do the research yourself. It’s all in church writings like the newspapers, journal of discourses, and yes, even the Pearl Of Great Price and D&C have been edited!
  • Adam-God doctrine. In the early days of the church it was taught that Adam was a god of another planet that brought one of his wives, Eve, to this planet. This brought about a lot of confusion in the early days of the church as the doctrine kept changing from plural Gods to one God. Joseph Smith himself said that Elohim is plural, History Of The Church Vol 6, page 475. This statement is utter stupidity and would make certain verses in the Bible make no sense at all. Mormons today would think this is all made up but the church has just hidden it like they do with a lot of other things. Investigate it!
  • The church claims that it is setup the same way Jesus’ church was setup. However this is false. Joseph Smith and Brigham Young both spoke of deacons being adults that would watch over the church. This is how it was in the Bible but it has changed since the early days of the church. In the early days Heber C Kimball ordained his son Joseph a high priest at age six (not even old enough to be baptized, found in Journal Of Discourses Vol 10 pp. 370-372) and Brigham Young ordained his son John an apostle at age 11, not even old enough to have the priesthood in modern times(Church Chronology compile by Andrew Jenson, Assistant Church Historian, Salt Lake City, 1899, page xxvii).
  • The First Presidency changed from 3 members to six under David O Mckay. So much for the theory it was set up just like Jesus' church. The excuse was that it was to deal with the growing church. Yet after his death it was put back to 3 members even though the church is bigger today. 
  • The church has modified all their records to their pleasing. Over 60,000 words changed in The History Of The Church. Thousands changed in D&C, words changed in the Book Of Mormon and even the King James Bible. I can’t go into all of them but I will put this one here. In this one in The Journal Of Discourses Joseph Smith said “Niggers”. When this was put into The History Of The Church it was changed to “Negros”.  This screen shot was taken by me from the church’s archives. For anyone that wants to verify any of the remarks of LDS critics this is the way to do it. It can be a little tricky locating the source because of the way it is indexed. You have to find the page by guessing and opening one section at a time. There is one more change that is very noteworthy. The church loves to sell the lie that Joseph was poor. He did in fact grow up poor but the church made him wealthy. In The Journal Of Discourses they changed one statement from saying that a visitor brought him a GOLD pen case to they brought him a GOOD pen case. In another they changed his words that he opened HIS mansion to people like a hotel to he opened THE mansion. Yes, Joseph lived in a mansion and threw big parties.

These are just a few of the things I have learned recently. I could go on and on, especially once I finish the book. However I feel that now I am done stating my position. I have no doubt the church is all a lie. A few months ago I thought I would keep going anyways. However now I feel differently. After learning of all the church’s lies why would I want my daughter to be taught the Mormon talking points? I want my daughter to do what is right when she grows up simply because it’s the right thing to do, not because some phony told her to.

To those in my family who are saddened by this you are no more saddened by it than I am that you chose to believe in lies and won’t even take investigate the truth. There’s a reason the church won’t allow you to go to the temple if you associate with those who are out to destroy the church. These were the laws of the free masons. They have to keep control with fear, ignorance, and by controlling what you know about their history. Ever wonder why you can commit adultery and they could let you off without excommunication but you don’t get off so easily if you talk badly about the church? Control! Jesus says to love everyone, but if they are against the church stop talking to them or get denied a temple recommend. If the church was true it wouldn't be so hard to believe and they wouldn't be so defensive of you associating with church critics. God wouldn't allow fools to screw up the church history, he wouldn't allow fools to prophets, seers, and revelators, and it wouldn't be so hard to keep the faith. God doesn't use trickery. In the words of Megaherz from their song Fauler Zauber, God is not a cheap trick. The song isn't Anti-God it’s about how religions have been used as an excuse to hate people, start wars, and push the agendas of their leaders and anyone that knows history knows the song is correct.
If anyone wants to talk about it that is fine. But if you want to talk about it learn the facts first, don’t just tell me it’s true because you know it is. Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Mormons, other Christians, they all know that their religions is true but they all conflict with one another. So obviously someone is wrong, why not you? What makes you so different and special? Don’t call me arrogant or prideful either. Leaving the church shows humbleness not pride. I have had to admit that everything I believed in is a lie. I've had to accept the fact I was wrong for a long time. The proud are those who try to convince me of lies with no proof. Those who try to tell me they are right but they won’t listen to both sides. Those are the actions of the proud. If you are so sure that your religion is true I guess it wouldn't hurt you to read the book I read correct? I mean if you are really intelligent and can’t be fooled easily what harm in reading them? The church doesn't want anyone to read them because they know anyone with half a brain can smell the BS. So if you want to discuss it fine, but let’s talk facts not about your feelings. For anyone interested here is the book I read. You can read it and have an intelligent discussion with me or bury your head in the sand like an ostrich and tell me about your feelings. 
If anyone thinks my life is going to spiral out of control because I’m done with the church you are wrong. Leaving the church won’t  won’t lead me to cheat on my wife, it won’t lead me to lie, to steal or to do any of the other things that Joseph Smith did while he was a “Prophet”, or the things that his apostles did and were excommunicated for. It won’t change my standards. My standards are mine and I don’t need a phony to tell me what to think and what and what not to believe. I can make those decisions for myself. All leaving the church will  do is give me an extra half day every week to spend with my family. If the church wants to excommunicate me for this post it would be a badge of honor. After all I believe it was Boyd K Packer who said there is no room for intellectuals in the church.

For anyone that actually thinks this blog is my act of damaging the church let me tell you this. I could never do as much damage to the church as the Mormon prophets, apostles, and historians have done. 

These words make more sense than any words of the prophets. I have found my failures and I'm satisfied with what I found.
How much can we take before we care to settle?
Thought we were set for a perfect scene
Everyone is waiting for a failure
Something I can't please and justify
The void within our hearts
Everyone is waiting for something they cannot have

As of right now I don’t know what I am going to do. I’m not going to go out looking for another church. In my opinion they’re all false. They were all started off lies and fairy tales to control the population with fear. I’m just gonna let it all sink in. For anyone that thinks it’s easy to leave the Mormon church and I’m taking the easy way out you are so wrong. I like the Mormon culture and it’s been a part of my entire life. I like the cheesy parties where everyone is sober, the tight community, the way everyone gets together and helps each other. There is a lot to like about the Mormon culture, I just can't get past all the lies. If this was a fraternity like the free masons it would be all that much easier to stay. But it’s not. They sell a lie and I can’t stand to hear lies from a slick politician pretending to be a man of God. I don't want anyone's judgments. I'm so sick of hearing people say things about people taking the easy way out by leaving. This is not the easy way out. I gave it a lot of thought and had to keep my daughter in mind while making this decision and I feel it would be in her best interest to get out sooner rather than later.