Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Breaking The Prospector

Today after work we decided to do another rocket launch with my rocket "The Prospector". This one was quite a bitter different than any I have done in the past. On our first launch the top part of the engine didn't ignite so the parachute didn't open. The rocket went straight down into the ground at 200+ mph. I guess the name really fits the rocket because this thing dug itself in.  I thought for sure the rocket would be completely destroyed but it was actually intact. However the top portion of the fusalage had pushed into the bottom half and I couldn't separate them so there was no chances of the parachute ever ejecting again. I had two engines left so I decided to give it a couple more shots.

The second time I took video of it going up and right back down into the ground. Still in one piece so I decided to use up my last engine. This was the final blow for "The Prospector". After this one dug in it split it half. It had finally had enough.

Natalie got to play around with the new camera and it's really fast. So as you can see, she got some pretty decent shots of this thing going up. There even better on my computer, in higher definition, because the flame is very visible even in the shots where the rocket is a few hundred feet up in the air.

Finally done. Right in the middle of the picture. The rocket is nose in the ground, split in half.


Monday, October 21, 2013

Phoenix Zoo And Another Lost Rocket

Thursday when I got home from work we finally shot off another rocket I had been working on for a while. This one was a small one, named "The Wizard". This rocket didn't have a parachute like most others. Instead it had a big orange streamer so you can see it fall. I'm not sure if it was suppose to slow it down too or just let you know where to catch it.
So we put in a B-engine (big mistake) and shot it off. This is by far the fastest rocket I have ever launched. It probably went twice as fast as all the others, due to it's small size. I was looking at the rocket when it launched and looked up immediately when it took off. By the time I looked up it was gone. Suppose to only go 570 feet, yeah right. Not my first rocket launch, this thing easily went over 1000 feet where I could no longer see it. All we saw was the wadding shoot out and that was the last of it. I don't know if the rocket blew up or if it descended too far away but that was the last we ever saw of it. The first time we have lost a rocket before the descend.
Here is a picture of our rocket.
 And Adri playing with weeds after. Easily amused.
This Saturday we decided we needed to go out and play with the camera a little more. I've been wanting to go to the zoo for quite a while but we've never made the time so we finally decided to do it. Natalie can't handle all the walking right now so I told her she can get a wheel chair. I warned her ahead of time I will be taking pictures.
It was an mediocre zoo. I've seen better. San Diego is the best (also the most expensive but worth it) and Miami comes in second for me but also happens to be the cheapest. They have really good deals online. Phoenix zoo is just too expensive for what you get, a lot of the animals are far away, some of the trails are dusty, and did I mention it's expensive? We didn't even eat a real lunch. Two personal pizzas, a pretzel, and one soda to share. 24 bucks. If I had got real a real meal it would have cost as much as an expensive steak house. And to top it off they filled my whole soda with ice. I told Natalie to get Dominican on them and she got us a whole extra free cup of soda, no ice.
We were there from 10-4 and managed to see the whole zoo. San Diego was an all day event and we didn't even get to finish Miami, well not together at least, and that was without Adri. I had to ditch Natalie at Miami to see the last few exhibits. The whole time we were there I kept doing my zebra impression. I have perfected sounding like a zebra. After years and years of hearing my impression Natalie still ask if that is what they sound like. Maybe one of these days she'll go online and see how talented I am. They had a couple poison dart frogs and a red-eyed tree frog. I have yet to see a zoo with a really impressive frog collection. I would love to see a zoo that has a bigger collection than a pet store.
That's all I have about the zoo. A quick note about last night. Last night I told Adri to go wash her hands. She tried to lie to me and tell me that she already had, this is becoming a common thing with her. However I told her to come over to me to pass the smell test. She failed. I told her to stop lying to me and wash her hands. Afterwards she grabbed her pink blanket and put it on top of me. Then she started patting me and told me I need to take a nap so I won't be cranky.
Here are some pictures from the zoo.


Glad she enjoyed it. Cost enough.

We took some of the best pictures here. The little strip mall was designed to look like South America. Adri really liked the immigration booth. She went inside and was trying to sell me stuff. To get her out the first time I had to tell her there was a fire and pull her out the window. She went back in and I had to point out the spiders to finally get her out.

One of my favorite pics. Showing off that personality.

Playing in the bamboo.

In the parking lot. With the Papago Buttes in the background.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Camera

This year for Natalie's birthday I decided to get her a new camera. About a week ago I was looking online and tried to decide which one to get her. I thought I had made a decision with the Nikon D3200 but my uncle e-mailed me and told me to get the D5100 instead. I followed his advice and got the camera in the mail Monday afternoon.
Natalie's birthday is still five weeks away. I was going to hide the camera in the safe but the box was big and I would have had to move a lot of things around. So I told Adri to ask Natalie if she wants to wait until her birthday. Natalie walked in the room and without it being wrapped, "surprise".
The next day I decided we should all go up South Mountain to try this thing out. So yesterday after work we made the drive up the mountain and took some pictures. I have to say, this camera was quite the upgrade from my Canon S3IS. It's fast, the pictures are really sharp, and it was a really good investment. But don't take my word for it, look at the pictures below.

Decided it was time to teach Adri how to play football. She loves to try to play with my football all the time but there is a no ball rule in the house. She had a really fun time playing football with me yesterday.

Downtown Phoenix.
Of course, shaking her booty.
I tried to capture a classic Sonoran Desert scene. I think this turned out decent but I was about 2 minutes too late from having a great picture.