Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Well it's been a busy month. With Adri being older now, and with us living closer to my family, we had a really busy Halloween. First off on our list of activities was a church party at the bishop's house. Adri was very excited about that. She got to dress up and chase kids around his full acre lot for two and half hours. That same night before going to the party I bought a bunch of supplies and decided that we would make candy apples together. So the next day we made some really good candy apples and I tried to convince myself that they are healthy because it's more apple than candy.
The next week was Halloween. I put in for time off on Halloween and the plan was to drive out there that day and have a four day weekend. However at the beginning of the week my plans changed. My twin sent me a text the day of the Halloween party telling me that my great grandma was in the hospital. Grandma was a week away from 96 and has been saying for a couple years now that she is ready to go, grandpa has been gone nearly 9 years now. With no known cause of the symptoms she was having I knew that her body was just giving up and she would like be gone really soon, probably the week I was out there. I didn't quite expect her to go as fast as she did though. Tuesday afternoon Natalie got a call from my sister. My grandma was out of her bed not feeling good, told the nurse that she was ready to go, went to lie down in the bed, and died right as she was getting into the bed. Needless to say this would change my plans for the week. 
I packed up planning to stay anywhere between a week and ten days not knowing when the funeral would be and when I would be coming back. On Halloween morning we left for SoCal and made a stop I've been wanting to make for a long time. Since I had the day off and we had plenty of time for travel we stopped at the Patton Museum at Chiraco Summit. Anyone that knows me knows I really like two things; history (especially WWII history) and military weapons. Needless to say for two hours I was in paradise. While paying for our tickets I noticed toy rifles and helmets. I had the bright idea to buy some props for Adri's pictures.
After a couple hours at the museum we headed over to my twin's house for a Halloween party. Unfortunately my dad couldn't make it. My mom no longer understands what Halloween is and wouldn't know what to do when the door bell rings all night. My dad was trying to convince her to come with him but she had no interest. So Dad had to stay home. My sister went all out with her party blacking out the garage and decorating her food for the holiday. I don't know where she gets that from. I usually just put out a couple pumpkins and hand out candy to the kids. And for me putting on a gas mask is considered dressing up.
Friday we went to Knott's Berry Farm since most of us have season passes. My mom kept talking about Knott's, not by name, but by trying to describe her memories. We thought it would be a bad idea to take her since her trip to Disneyland only lasted a couple hours and she normally loses interest in something after a couple minutes. She was talking for months about visiting her uncle in Utah and after 15 minutes at his house she was ready to go. Well, Mom managed to last 10-5, not getting home until almost 8 that night. It was a shocker to us all. We managed to get her on the log ride, although that was quiet a task, and my sister got her to go on Ghostrider. She spent most of her time talking about old memories and trying to find rides that no longer exist.
After our day at Knott's we spent the next few days relaxing. I took Jeremy behind my Dad's house to launch his model rocket and even though it was windy we were able compensate almost with perfection and catch the rocket on all three launches. Unfortunately I forgot to put the memory stick back in the camera before we went. A couple days later I wanted to play with the new camera so I took Cassandra's kids for a walk on the golf course.
On Wednesday we finally had Grandma's funeral. A short funeral ended up turning into an all day event. Afterwards we all went out to the spaghetti factory where we hung out for a couple hours. Afterwards we all went to my dad's house and played cards until 11 that night. It was good to spend some time with family I don't get to see all that often.
Finally after a week with the family it was time to go home. I had wanted to stay until Sunday but Cassandra already had reservations with Natalie in Phoenix that Friday night. I had the drive from hell. Well it could have been worse. But just as the hill starts to go up to Chiraco Summit Adri woke up screaming that she needs to pee. I told her I'm pulling over but she decided to pee herself in the same carseat I had just cleaned  a couple days before due to another accident. By the time we got to the summit I had a killer headache from a combination of the cold I caught a few days prior and my neck hurting. Needless to say, not the best drive home we have ever had. The next day I took Adri's carseat apart and cleaned it up, again. Adri, when you read this in 15 years, remember that we always took care of you. I never let you sit in a dirty car seat!
The next day Natalie took off for a day with Cassandra and I stayed home with Adri. I walked Adri 3 miles roundtrip for tacos and ice cream since her carseat was still drying and couldn't be put back in the car. When we got back  had what Adri calls a "campout" in front of the tv. We put on our matching Bahamas shirts, put a blanket on the floor, and fell asleep watching Tangled and Chipwrecked with some popcorn. The next morning I took her to Desert Breeze park to ride the carousel and train, play on the playground, and take some pictures.
Adri all dressed up for the Halloween party.

Making candy apples.

At the Patton Museum. This has to be my favorite gun of all time. A BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle), a man's gun, or in the case of Bonnie......
They had these models of Southern California at the museum. I think they were made in the 30's.
Right in the middle is Palm Springs. Looking at it it's no wonder the imperial valley is one of the hottest places on earth.

Adri showing off a 30mm?

Adri was in a weird mood and kept running away, tell me she was scared of rattlesnakes.

Adriana marching.

A bloody Sherman. The only reason we were able to defeat the Germans with their superior tanks was due to the volume of tanks in our arsenal. There's were way better, we had more.

I think this fire engine was from the 40's. Funny because looking at it I would have thought 20's.
I know, it's a blurry picture. But I had to show how much she loves her little trouble maker cousin. 

My only picture from Knott's.  A fully loaded funnel cake.
Pictures from our walk at the golf course.

At our campout
This is what happens when the kid gets into the eye shadow.
 At Desert Breeze Park on the train.

 Lunch of champions.

 Making silly faces.

 Her Natalie face.
 I told her to give me a Rammstein face and look what she did. Notice the birds scattering in the background.