Monday, March 26, 2012

Morikami Japanese Gardens

This Saturday we decided to get annual passes for the Morikami Gardens in Boca Raton. It's a nice quiet place to walk around and kill a couple hours. It's also a good place to get pictures of Lil Chub Butt.

The last time we went there taking pictures was a lot easier. We would stand Adri up and she would do all her poses. Pictures from that trip here Morikami 2011. This trip however it was not easy to get her to take pictures. She's now at the age where she wants to pull everything, touch everything, throw everything, etc. Trying to get a picture is quite a task these days as you can see in the videos below.

When we got over to the bamboo Adri kept trying to pull on it and was saying "it's heavy". Um, yeah, it's heavy. Then she kept picking up all the gravel from the trail because she wanted to throw it in the water or on top of Buddha. I kept telling her don't touch the rocks. She would look at the ground and say "don't touch" and point and then a minute later she's back to picking up gravel and looking for water to throw it in. She also wanted to lead the way and I told her "wrong way" so she kept telling us the whole time "right way" and "wrong way" and pointing to where we need to go. She impressed me when we got over to the fish and she could throw the food better than the 3-4 year old boy next to her. Then we took her over to the Museum and she started doing her crazy baby dance.
When we got over to Buddha she heard the other kids and she yelled out "Buddha". Then she said "he's crazy". She threw rocks on Buddha then told him she's sorry and gave him a hug followed by trying to tickle his belly and blow raspberries on it. She's just too much sometimes. I couldn't stop laughing. There's two kids in that video that she kept following around and giving hugs to. These kids were nice and gave her hugs back but at the end of our walk we found a group of four small kids that weren't so nice. She ran up to them and said "hugs" and they said "no, run away".

After walking a majority of the park herself she was a pretty tired baby when we got back to the car. She crashed out pretty quick and the spoiled kid woke up inside Cold Stone a half hour later. This kid is too spoiled. I only wish that I could wake up in Cold Stone with a big bowl of cake batter ice cream mixed with peanut butter cups in front of me. We have a video of Adri waking up and eating her ice cream but I didn't post it on here because Natalie ruined it with her boob.

Adri trying to pull on the bamboo. She keeps telling us "it's heavy".

Adri walking around.

Adri with the Buddha statue.

Adri doing her dance.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

More Of The Crazy Kid

This last weekend I finally decided to take the cover off the pool for summer. I wanted to let the pool get a little warmer first so we can do night swims but it's too hard to clean the pool with it on and I was getting some algae. I had two choices. Take it off, clean it and put it back, or just take it off and put it in the garage. I decided to put it in the garage.

So Saturday after doing my yard work Natalie wanted to hang out with Stephanie so I took Adri and Zoe for a swim. Adri had been a terror all morning. She was clingy and crying and even when it came to putting on the sun block she wasn't a happy baby. Normally she loves lotion but not Saturday. I put her in the pool and for 15 minutes she was having a fun time splashing Zoe, pushing my head under water and laughing, screaming her lungs out, telling me to skip and throw her, etc... Then all of a sudden her head went down on my shoulder and she because the sleepy clingy bug.

I had a hard time convincing Natalie to come in the pool but eventually she decided to join us. She thought she could slowly get in. Amateur. Do things the California way. Jump in, feel the shock, get over it. It's like a band aid. Just rip the stikin thing off! So I finally made her jump in and she finally learned, after 5 years,  that I'm right. It's not so bad if you jump it. Once the shock is gone it felt great. The water was 83 degrees, far from cold. So once Natalie got in I decided to record Adri being the clingy bug. Video below.

Saturday night we took Adri for Pizza and Cold Stone. I'm getting ready to drop another 15 pounds so I thought I would have a super fun binger night first. I have this kid trained. Her favorite ice cream just happens to be mine, cake batter with butterfinger. I was sitting there feeding her and Natalie would offer her the banana ice cream and she would say "no, cake batter butterfinger". Smart girl.

Sunday morning we were outside and Adri discovered a millepede. Yeah, time to spray around the house again. I got some video of her. She's always funnier before we start recording her though. Sunday afternoon after waking up from a late nap I took Adri swimming again. This time with Zoe and Amanda. It's always more fun with the other kids over because Adri laughs at them so much. I guess it's because they're so goofy.

Sunday night we were at the dinner table and Adri threw her food on the table and then started singing very clearly "clean up, cleanup, everybody do your share". She's only 21 months! If I could only tape her saying some of the things she says. The way she puts sentences together at her age is amazing. We tried to get her to do it again but it just wasn't the same. The video is still funny though. Her two favorite songs are Happy Birthday and Jingle Bells. In the video she starts singing to us and then goes to a whisper and eventually she's just mouthing the words. She's such a crazy kid.

Last night she pulled another funny one at dinner. Ten minutes into dinner she folders her arms and yells prayer. Then she says "thank for the day, bless the food, in the name Jesus Christ, AMEN!" She is just so random sometimes. After that she suddenly got tired. I busted out a slice of mango pie for her and couldn't get her to eat it. She had climbed up on Natalie and kept turning her head to the spoon even when I told her it's ice cream. Finally I put some on my finger and got her to try it but even after that she wouldn't take it on the spoon. So she climbs off Natalie and starts pointing at the plate and says mango pie. I grab the food and she says "no, mango pie finger". For some reason the kid would only eat the pie off my finger. Weirdo.

And here she is showing how crazy she is. Look at her go. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We Love Daylight Savings

So now with daylight savings it's still light outside at dinner time. I can actually play with Adri in the yard when she gets home and we have dinner on the back patio.

Last night Adri found a caterpillar on her inflatable pool toy making a cocoon. She's a very observant kid. She just happened to notice it while walking outside and started yelling "cocoon". I have probably hundreds of these cocoons all over my yard because I planted a lot of butterfly weed attracting all the monarch butterflies to my yard. So anyways I grabbed the camera and Adri started repeating my commands when I was taping her. "Don't touch".

After checking out her soon to be butterfly she went out to the yard and had to point out all the plants and trees for me. The only problem with her in the yard is she likes to throw dirt. I really don't like her doing it. Not because she gets dirty, but because it can get in her eye. I had an ER visit a few months ago because of dirt scratching my eye. There's one part in the third video where she reminds me of the scene in Happy Gilmore where he throws a rock in the lake. Adri picks up mulch and walks over and throws it in the canal.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Feb/March 2012

Well here is my monthly update Things are heating up here so we took Adri on a couple beach trips. The last one we had at Hollywood I decided I will never go there again during Canadian season again. It was way over crowded and took us an hour just to park. Once we got down to the water it was very windy and choppy. The water was warm so I took Adri swimming and she was enjoying the waves but I was having a hard time enjoying myself while having to jump every 5-10 seconds so she doesn't get hit in the head with a wave. Next time we are going to Boca Raton. Lucky for us the pool is now warm enough to really enjoy it so we are going to have some pool weekends for the next couple weeks.

Lately Adri and I have had a couple new games. Her favorite has to be the claw (video below). I have a toy claw that I chase her around the house with and she screams bloody murder. I'm waiting for the day the cops show up. She also likes it when I play bobo claw, and boppie claw. Bobo claw is when I pull out her bobo with the claw and boppie claw is when I push her boppie (corn popper) around with the claw. She also likes hiding in her Dora tent and having me pick up the tent and drop it on her using the claw. She's a crazy kid. Another game of her's is waterboarding me. She likes to push my head under the shower now and yell eyes. That means "close your eyes Daddy, you're gonna get waterboarded". She thinks this is hilarious.The more I act like I'm struggling to breathe, the more she laughs.

So the latest developments with Adri.

*She is still afraid of sitting on the toilet. I don't know why. She'll sit on it for fun but the minute we try to get her to pee on it she starts screaming.
*Adri's favorite movie, cartoons, and music are The Chipmunks. She ask for them all the time. First thing when she wakes up and sometimes even in her sleep. She also asked for the Lion King in her sleep. She loves to hum along to the Chipmunk songs in the car.
*Adri likes to sing Jingle Bells and Happy Birthday.
*Adri likes to laugh in her sleep. At first I didn't know if she was laughing or choking because she would wake me up and then she would stop. Well a couple weeks ago she woke me up with her laughing and then she started laughing even harder until Natalie woke up scared. I think this crazy kid was dreaming of The Claw.
*Adri is now using complete sentences. English, Spanish, and Spanglish.
*Adri is now learing about child labor. Yesterday I decided she needed to learn how to contribute around the house so I took her outside, gave her a sponge, and had her help Natalie wash the car. I don't want lazy kids that don't know how to do the simple things and help out. Teach them young while they still think it's fun.  She seemed to enjoy it. Her reward was some pool time where she practically fell asleep on my shoulder after her 30 minutes of fun time. Get her trained now. In ten years she is going to be working the banana/mango stand.
*Adri likes to tell us now, forcefully, when she is done. You can see in one of the videos below. Beans and rice, all done....
*Adri likes to play helicopter and airplane. I stop once I'm dizzy and can no longer stand up and she tries to walk away like a drunk. Once in a while she gets away from me and falls down.

Those are just a couple things that stick out in my mind right now. But being a busy parent my memory isn't as good as it used to be. This kid is keeping me busy. Below are my pictures and videos from the last month or so. My absolute favorite is the video at the very bottom. Adri was dancing and a little more than 2 minutes in she got really crazy. She was spinning to the beat and then did this eye rolling this. It was hilarious. I don't know where this kid learns this stuff.

Adri enjoying the waves at Hollywood. These aren't the ones I was jumping over. We did go in much deeper than this.

Adri after getting her haircut.

Her first carwash.

Some pictures we took on Miami Bay by Tio Jose's house.

Adri and I playing "The Claw". We play this game everynight. She'll start asking for the claw and she wants me to chase her. One night Natalie wasn't home and she brought me the claw and said "Claw, get Mommy". Her run is just too funny. We actually don't mind the screaming either. We think that's pretty funny as well, for now....

Adri in the morning. She's quite a character when she wakes up.

At Butterfly World. I was standing the bird aviary and this bird flew over onto my shoulder. I did not ask him to do it and it kinda creeped me out.

Adri found my fart application on my iPhone. She thinks it's the funniest thing in the whole world. Here's almost a solid four minutes of Adri making fart sounds and laughing.

Here Adri is at the beach. She has learned how to fill up her bucket, compact it, and flip it over. Of course once I turn on the camera she doesn't do it.

Trying to feed a toddler. Here she is hitting herself in the face and then crying boo boo to get attention. She also hits her head on the cabinets and yells boo boo, hits her legs, etc... Saving this video for the day CPS comes out to investigate the bruises.

Saturday naps

Adriana likes her tostones.

The Adri dance. How can you not laugh at this. Can I get 2 million youtube views?