Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Girls Of La Migra

When I worked at immigration a bunch of us had babies born at the same time. Not only did we all have babies at the same time but they were all girls. So 4 out of 5 of us have been talking for a long time about getting all the girls together and two weeks ago we finally did it. We all met up at the lighthouse on Key Biscayne and let the girls play together and took pictures.

It was good seeing some of my immigration people. I like working at FPL and I get along with people there but I don't have any friends there like I did at La Migra.

Sofia (Joglys' daughter), Adri, and Carolina (Kiko's daughter)

Kiko, the biggest kid I know, and Carolina. Kiko and I used to go to lunch together all the time and he lived close to work so he used to bring Carolina every once in a while too.

All the girls. Carolina and Pillar (Kiko's youngest), Sofia, Adri (in the back right) and Annabelle (Hilda's daughter).