Thursday, January 19, 2012

Interview With Adriana

Tuesday night I interviewed Adriana. I asked her a couple of the important questions and recorded her answers so I can show her in ten years. She is starting to say some funny/random things and I don't know where she is learning this stuff. One of the things she has been saying lately is "o ga-ga-ga-goodness".

The morning after this video I was giving her some Jackfruit and she said "O boy, Jackfruit, it's awesome".

Last night after eating her dinner she put all her fingers out and grabbed them one by one and said "exercise 1,2,4,9".

And this morning she was singing me the Chipmunk theme song. Not the words, just singing the dut dut, du du du dut.

Adri's other highlight of the week was this weekend when she schooled Natalie. For some reason Natalie couldn't remember what tree the starfruit was. She asked what the tree was and I told her to ask Adri. Adriana yelled starfruit to her. Kid makes me proud. She can tell anyone the names of all the fruit trees. Lately she especially likes asking to see the ginger and the berries (miracle fruit).

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A kinda cold/lazy weekend

So this weekend was a little on the chilly side, S. Florida standards. Our lows have been around 65 lately. Saturday that was our high.

Friday night I got home late because I was buying rain gutters. Needless to say I was in no mood to cook so we took Adri to Benihana. I was expecting a fire show like at the Peeking Tokyo just  down the street but no fire show. The food was still good though and we got a killer banana dessert. I had to buy it because it smelled like funnel cake all the way in the parking lot.

My dessert. It's a banana fried in a funnel cake type batter, covered in powered sugar with a cherry and ice cream on the side.

 On Saturday I put up the first section of my gutters. I went inside in the afternoon and was tired and freezing cold. So what better to do? Put on warm clothes and have ice cream. Adri loves Coldstone. And her favorite just happens to be my favorite, cake batter with Butterfinger. Once we were done with mine she wouldn't eat Natalie's ice cream but she kept saying she wanted more ice cream. Natalie still isn't convinced that cake batter is superior but Adri and I know better.

Monday we were both off work. We were considering going to Key Biscayne but the weather got a little cloudy and windy and Adri needed her nap. So once she woke up in the morning we decided to take her to see her first movie.

Adri is always talking about the Chipmunks lately. That and the grinch, reindeer, and Santa. Chipwrecked is out in theatres but we didn't know if she would be able to sit through it. We decided to go ahead and try it. Before the theatre we took her to El Mariachi and watched her eat a lemon and dip it in salsa (see video). This girl makes me proud.

Once we got to the movie theatre we went to buy popcorn but Adri had spotted the Chipmunk cut out so I had to take her over there to give all the Chipmunks a hug. When we got into the movie she was completely mesmerized. She sat there quite the entire moving starring at the screen. At home she usually gets bored during a movie and looks for toys but not at the movies. She did do her occasional laugh and every once in a while she wanted to switch who she sat with but I was really surprised how she was acting. Her favorite part of the movie was when Simon was hanging upside down. For some reason she was cracking up. At the end of the movie she started to cry. She didn't want to go. And on the way home she requested that we listen to Chipmunks.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Team Daddy

This weekend Natalie had to go to NYC for work. She picked the best time ever. I came down with the stomach flu Saturday night and she was out the door before 5am Sunday leaving me with the tiny terror for 3 days. So I was left with two choices. Sit around the living room all day with the kid driving me crazy and climbing all over me, or, take her outside and let her run it out. I decided to take her outside and let her run it out.

It actually worked out good with Natalie leaving on Sunday instead of Monday because it gave me more time to be with Adri instead of just driving her down to Miami and picking her up everyday after work like I normally do when Natalie is gone. I think it's important to spend time with my daughter. Girls who are close to their daddies are less likely to be sluts later on in life and I plan on raising my daughter right. So Sunday we created Team Daddy. I ask her who's team she is on and she puts out her arm with a clinched fist and shouts "Team Daddy". It makes her laugh every time. Natalie got jealous of Team Daddy when she got home and tried to create Team Mommy. I told her there is no such thing so stop with the insanity. There is only Team Daddy and you're either with us or against us. Shirts will be coming for all Team Daddy members in the future.

Back to Sunday. I remembered that I had bought Adri the shirt in the picture long before she was even born and she has never worn it. So I busted it out and we did a photo shoot. The neighbors came over and had to get in it too. Those girls are always running all over my yard and come over every time I'm out there. After taking pictures Adri and I were walking through the yard and she saw the chair by the canal. She remember that we had ice cream cones there the night before so she points and tells me "sit, ice cream". This kid is trouble.

So after giving her some ice cream by the canal I ended up a couple houses down the street with the neighbors. The girls convinced me to jump on the trampoline with them because I am a big person and it's more fun. So Adri and I went on the trampoline and Amanda recorded us jumping. Following my video with Adri I played crack the egg with the girls. It's not hard to crack the egg when I'm the fat guy and they girls weigh 45-50 pounds. Holding Adri did make it a little harder though.

On Monday after work I still wasn't feeling so great and I didn't feel like cooking dinner so I took Adri to Scrubys on the way home from work. She actually behaved herself pretty well too. Every time I take her out she brings all kinds of attention to us. All the customers and waitresses thought she was the cutest thing. Picture of us eating below.

I had a fun time with my Lil Chub Butt this weekend. She was so tired at the end of the day that she after bath time she asked for the pillow on the couch and was asleep in under two minutes.

Other new Adri developments:

  • I have become the guy she tattles to when Natalie tells her no. She runs at to me and yells "Daddy". My little tattler.  
  • Adri loves Dumbo and the Lion King. Wednesday I came home and she was sitting all alone on the couch and she didn't even say hi to me when I came in. She was too busy with The Lion King. This was a complete 180 from Monday when I picked her up from Tia Frijoles house. I came in the door and Adri ran up and gave me a hug. I had to go to the bathroom before driving back to Coral Springs and Adri was crying because I was leaving her for 2 a whole minute. So I gave her a hug first and then she ran off to Tia Frijole, turned, ran back, gave me a hug, ran away, back again, repeat, repeat, repeat. Tia Frijole thought it was the cutest thing ever but eventually that game had to stop and Adri was banging on the door the whole time I was in the bathroom.
  • Adri loves canned Jackfruit. Yeah in Florida you can buy canned Jackfruit (Reggae style). I can't wait until another year when I have hundreds of pounds a year coming off my tree but for now we must settle with buying it in the can in the winter and RobertIsHere in the summer. I'm just glad that she isn't like her mom and that someone else in the house besides me likes Jackfruit.
  • Adri likes to ask me for the Chipmunks music every time I drive. I think it's time for me to look for those cds. We got her the Chipmunks Christmas album on Natalie's iPhone a couple weeks ago. Natalie tried to tell me it's annoying but then over the next couple days I found her listening to the music all by herself. Yeah....

Adri standing by the canal. She's starting to look more like Natalie with her Asian cheeks and eyes.

Look at what I have to deal with.

Adri's ice cream chair.

And that would be a Natalie face.

Adri and I having dinner at Scrubys.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years

For New Years this year we decided to have it at our house. It's always a lot of work having the family over but I enjoy it. I would take slaving away all day at my house getting ready for guest any day over driving down to Miami and going to someone else's house.

New Years weekend was another busy one. I only got 3 days off not 4 so I had to prepare everything on New Years Eve, not the day before. After an entire day working on the house I finally started working on my dinner around 4 and didn't finish until 9. I made ambrosia, candied yams, and stuff shells. For some reason no one tried my ambrosia. Well only a couple people did. I guess they thought it looked funny. They missed out.

I setup 8 tiki torches in the backyard and made a launch pad for fireworks. I took Adri out back around 9 and showed her the fireworks. She got really excited. I'm so glad that I don't have a whiney scared child. She was clapping and smiling the whole time. The next morning was funny because we walked past the launch pad with all the spent fireworks and she pointed and kept yelling "fire". After we gone done with all the fireworks except the bottle rockets I took Natalie's cousins to the canal and we shot the bottle rockets into the water. They don't go out when they hit the water and they look like little torpedoes. Once they explode you see a flash and the water splashes. We could feel the ground shake from a few feet up on shore. We had a lot of fun doing that.

Around 11 I decided to play bartender and make fuzzy navels. I bought a bunch of Bacardi fuzzy naval mixes and made fuzzy navels, minus the rum. Gave me a chance to bust out all my fancy margarita and martini glasses. I didn't know it would be such a big hit though and I should have bought more. After every glass was made and brought out the family would yell "yeah" and then they would pick who gets the next drink. Note to self, make more next time. Also next time I'm gonna through in some Bacardi strawberry dacaries, mojitos, and pina coladas. Who says virgin drinks can't be fun? All the same flavor, no car accidents on the way home.

At 12 all the fireworks in the neighborhood woke up Lil Chub Butt. She was unhappy and crying. I got her out of the room and took her outside and she got happy really quick. She kept pointing at all the fireworks around the neighborhood.

Finally a little after 1am the family left and we got to start cleaning up the mess. Another long 20 hour day. We were trying to get Natalie's uncle to stay over that night but he just got back from NYC that day and had to take his daughter to work the next morning. Maybe in the future we'll get people to stay overnight and make it a two day party. Maybe if I can get my sisters and parents to come out, hint hint, we can make a week long party out of it. Camping in the backyard with a fire pit and the whole works. Yes, I'm a redneck.

On New Years Day I dont think we did much of anything except sit around. It's all a blur to me but I dont think we left the house. Naps and sitting around lazy. The plan for Monday was to take the baby out on her bike trailer but instead I just cleaned up the garage and then we took her down to the park in Miami where she got her boo boo which she still likes to point out. Yesterday morning when she woke up she told me "boo boo, it's hiding". She had on her coverall pajamas and couldn't see it but she wanted to remind me it's still there. Such a drama queen.

You gotta love Natalie's face here.

And she's ready for bed.

At the park. Natalie put her stuff down to go to the bathroom and I was taking pictures of Adri. Adri pointed by Natalie's stuff and said Monkey. I thought this was her monkey so I grabbed it for her and took pictures. Ten minutes later a couple hundred feet away Natalie asked me where we got that monkey. Apparently it wasn't Adri's. I don't know who's it was because no one was around but I'm glad we didn't get fleas from it.

Her new thing is to throw stuff. Here she is throwing dirt in the creek.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas 2011

This year was Adriana's first Christmas at home. Last year we went to California so we didn't get a tree or anything. So this year was her first Christmas with the house all decorated, presents under the tree, and all that other stuff.

We have a couple neighbors that like to go all out for Christmas. One guy owns a landscaping business so he uses his cherry picker to light up all his palm trees and the canopy of a large hardwood tree. I've been in the diet and exercise mode now since the beginning of November so I took Adri out every chance I got to see the Christmas lights. I had a lot of fun walking around with Lil Chub Butt hearing her yell out the colors of the lights, Santa, reindeer, snoopy, etc. She had a blast as well. She would yell "airplane" and want me to hold her like she's an airplane and fly her around the neighborhood doing random spins and hitting turbulence along the way.

Ever since she found out what Santa is she kept yelling Santa every morning and night because she wanted to walk around the neighborhood and see Santa. One morning I heard her saying Santa in her sleep. Most mornings she would wake up and the first thing she would say was Grinch. Yeah, she liked watching the Grinch every morning. Then she would go out of the room and yell "tree" and run over to the tree and then yell "Diego". We put some candy canes on the tree and we got some Diego candy canes for Adri. Every morning and night she wanted me to pull the Diego candy cane off the tree so she could look at it and give it a kiss.

Adri's idea of how a candy cane should be placed on the tree. She got better at it after a couple tries.

Adri's favorite spot on the tree. This is where her Diego candy cane was.

Decorating is hard work.

You can't really see it that great in this picture but the tree on the right has blue streaks running down it like falling rain.

We were going to take Adri to Bass Pro Shops for a free Santa picture but we got a nail in the tire. So I had to take the car to Sears to get it fixed up. So while we were waiting we ended up paying to have her picture taken with Santa in the Coral Springs Mall. Adri was very excited to see Santa. She was pointing and yelling when we put her down she ran right over to him. But then when taking her picture she got really shy for some reason. I told Santa to say "ho ho ho" to make her laugh but he didn't do it right. So here is the picture we got.

Christmas Eve was a busy day. Dominicans don't do things the American way for Christmas. They all get together on Christmas Eve and stay up late. At midnight they open presents and then everyone goes home an hour later. On Christmas day no one gets together. I don't understand why they do it that way because Santa comes Christmas morning, right? So needless to say this tradition of theirs led to a busy day and a tiring weekend.

I had a four day weekend and Friday was mostly working at home. Yard work and housework. In the afternoon I took Adri to the park while Natalie was out doing stuff but other than that all day was work. On Saturday it was the same thing. Work all morning and cooking in the afternoon. Natalie made a bunch of deserts and my mom's Christmas candies and I had a bird to cook. I should have taken a picture. I made the most epic turkey ever. It was amazing. We all ate around 8 and hung out until 11:15 when we had to open presents early due to Adri getting sleepy. Normally Christmas Eve is at one of Natalie's Aunt's houses and it feels like forever waiting to open the presents so we can go home. But I was so busy I had no idea it was already after 11.

This was taken in front of our house on Christmas Eve

Adri in the kitchen

Our tree. We got a Fraser Fir. I've never heard of that before so I'm guessing it's an East Coast thing. They come from the southern Appalachians.

Gotta love the S. Florida Christmas weather.

Preparing for the assualt.

Trying to get a normal family picture is not easy.

And I ruined this one...

We were having a difficult time getting Adri to open presents. She was tired and fussy.

Adri got a couple baby dolls. Here she is giving the baby her own binky and the baby's milk. Adri also tried to steal the baby's tiny binky and put it in her own mouth. Funny kid.

After going to bed around 3 am and not getting much sleep we were woken up around 6:30 by Adri. We let her out and she went running to her presents. I don't think she really knew what was going on and she was still really tired so it took a couple minutes for her to get with the system.

We made a big mistake and didn't save Adri's bubbles for last. Adri loves bubbles. As you can see in the videos below she had a really funny tantrum when we tried to take the bubbles and have her open more presents.

I got a cellphone sized,water proof  hd recorder from Natalie and a gamer's seat which I finally got to try out 4-5 days later. A lot of fun feeling my body shake when I shoot people or grenades go off.
After opening presents we took Adri outside for a bit. I wanted to try out the recorder so I got some video of her naming all the plants and trees around the yard. The plan was to go to Shark Valley, Everglades that morning and pull her around in her new trailer but we forgot to get her a helmet. Luckily the neighbors had a helmet for her so we invited them to go with us. When I pulled the bike out of the garage I noticed that mine had four broken spokes. I figured no one would be there so I brought my roller blades instead of the spare bike. Well I was wrong. It was packed when we got there at 2:30.

So I had to rent a bike. Problem was the bike had to be back at 4 and Adri was not liking the trailer. We put her in the seat and she was start crying and screaming "no buckle". She did not want to be in there. The funny thing is once we started moving the crying stopped. But every time we stopped the crying started up again. I got a video of her pretending to give her baby doll a bottle of milk while we were riding. She is a really funny kid. We showed her the alligators and she kept saying "alligators, they're sleeping". She is completely fearless of alligators. She also would go back and forth from calling them alligators and crocodiles. She has a book that has a crocodile and the picture says "I learned to sleep from my friend the crocodile". I think that explains her confusion as well as her constantly saying "alligators, they're sleeping". Of course a lot of them were actually sleeping.

When we got about 1/3 of the way to the tower we decided to turn back because of Lil Chubs. I told our neighbors to go ahead and go to the tower without us. They had never been there and we've been there dozens of times so we just turned back and waited at the entrance for them. Adri needs to get used to that trailer before attempting a long ride like that. Of course I don't think the warm weather was helping either.

After a nice ride we stopped by The Pit for dinner and then headed home. I was so tired when I got home that after a shower I fell asleep on the couch trying to watch the short video clips I took at Shark Valley.

Video of Adri being let out of the room

The bubble tantrum, part 1

The bubble tantrum, part 2

The bubble tantrum, part 3

Opening her blocks

Video of Adri playing outside

 She had a rough morning.

At Shark Valley.

Adri letting us know the alligators are sleeping

The next day we decided to go to the beach. We left a little late because we were still trying to cleanup from our party two days before and we were really tired. We finally got to Hollywood Beach after 2 and I wasn't expecting to go in the water for too long. We got some pizza and it was already 3 by the time we got to the sand. Adri was crying and throwing a fit in the restuarant and kept yelling "beach". I had to take her out and calm her down (Daddy has the magic touch). I tought her how to slurp her spegetti noodles that day and she was having fun trying to copy me doing it.

Once we got to the water I noticed there were a lot of jellyfish so I was a little scared to get in. But I noticed they were all close to shore and I could avoid them further out. Plus they were normal jellyfish not the Portuguese ManOWars so I decided I could risk it. Finally I decided to go for it and take what I thought would be a short swim. But after a 3 second shock getting adjusted to the water I decided it was actually even more comfortable than it is in the summer. The water was pretty close to 80 degrees. So I went back and got Adri so she could go in with me. By this time Suegrita and Tom were there so I ditched Natalie, since she was being a wimp, and took Chubs with me.
We probably got nearly a good hour of swimming time in. Adri had a lot of fun. Small airplanes and helicopters kept flying by so she kept pointing and telling me what they are. She's still working on how she says helicopter so it's one of her funnier words. She kept demanding that I jump and throw her too. Fearless little child. Once we got out of the water you could tell she was worn out. She had too much fun and she was ready for nap time. So we took her for some ice cream on the board walk and then headed home. My back started itching like crazy once we left so it's still a mystery if I got a small jellyfish sting.

Video Natalie took of Adri and I playing in the water.

The beach was packed.

Playing in the sand before I decided to get brave and go in.

And this is what a tired baby looks like.