Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Desert Botanical Gardens

I picked up a new interest while living in Florida, visiting Botanical Gardens. Florida has several botanical gardens, and in my opinion probably the best in the states, at least in the Continental US.

Before moving here I found out that there is a Desert Botanical Garden and it's close by, right next to the Phoenix Zoo. A couple weeks ago we finally made it out there.

Not only was the garden awesome, but it had some really nice landscapes. Behind it are red rock hills, formations, and rock caves with dozens of people climbing all over them. Another adventure for another day.

Unfortunately we got to the gardens a little too late so we had to rush through at the end. It is a little bigger than I was expecting. The gardens have hundreds of different cacti from all over America and Mexico. I'm sure most people are surprised this many variety of cacti even exist. Some looked like snakes, others like octopus and sea cucumbers, some were hairy, other's were had long sharp spikes, other deformed, some grew like fence post, a lot of them had flowers, and they even had a petting cactus.  Adri had a fun time but after a while she kept repeating "I'm done seeing the cactus Papa".

Anyways here are some pictures from our trip to the botanical gardens. I can't wait to go back in the spring when all the flowers on the cacti are in bloom.

Adri in front of purple prickly pear

If I ever buy a house in the Arizona I am going to make something like this.

This is the hill where dozens of people park and climb up to the caves.

We got to one part on the trail where there were dozens of rabbits
Burned out Saguaro
A deformed Saguaro

Mexican Fence Post Cactus

This one is called Bunny Ears Prickly Pear
I was suppose to be a little further to the right. The Fish Hook Barrel Cactus had a big purple flower on top.

Everyone had something to say about how cute Adri is.