Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back By Popular Demand

Well it's been a really long time since I have blogged. I have been busy at work and even busier at home. The longer I put off keeping up on my blog the harder the task becomes and the more I just want to keep putting it off. I recently changed offices so I no longer have to drive to Miami everyday. So now I have a couple more hours in my day. So what's been going on for the last 8-9 months?

I'll start with the holidays. For me holiday season starts with Halloween. Having a baby makes Halloween so much more fun as does living in a good neighborhood instead of the ghetto. Living in an apartment I never got more than 3-4 trick or treaters but in our new neighborhood the kids are everywhere and even the rain couldn't stop them. This year we took Adri to the pumpkin patch. They have a really good one at the Flamingo Road Nursery and to top it off walking around the place is kinda like walking around a botanical garden. We also dressed Adri up for Halloween and Natalie took her trick or treating with the neighbor, even though she didn't get candy, while I sat and ate some barbecue with my neighbor/friend.

I didn't realize this until we were looking at our pictures when we got to Natalie's Uncle's house. I was laughing so hard. Did someone say Obama when I snapped that picture?

On Halloween we decided to let Adri play with a little glow stick. Here she is rockin out.

She's suppose to be a bee

That bench is gone now. I sat on it a couple weeks ago and broke it. Good thing it didn't break with the baby on it.

The first week of November we got a strong cold front. It's really early in the year for a front that strong but it made for the perfect day to go to the Palm Beach Zoo. Of course we weren't the only ones with this idea and the place was packed. It's kinda funny seeing us in sweaters and jackets, a very rare thing here. The previous year it was hot all the way up until December 31st.

Of course our zoo trip ended like most of our trips around this time. With a sleeping baby! The last hour of our trip we just walked her around in her stroller.

At the end of November was our anniversary. We were thinking of going to the Bahamas for a couple days but there really aren't any good deals unless you go for a week or more. So then we were planning on Disneyworld, I have never been. Well a couple weeks before Thanksgiving Natalie decided that instead we should go to California. So we decided to give the family a surprise and stop by for a week. The only bad part of our plan is that since it was last minute we had to fly into LAX. Never again! It took us 3 hours to get back to the airport and we nearly missed our flight. Other than that our plan was nearly flawless. We were able to pull off one of the greatest sneak attacks in American history. We got to my sister's house and made it all the way into her kitchen before she turned around, saw Adri for the first time, and screamed.

As you can see, Adri was very excited to meet her aunt for the first time.
Here is Adri with Grandma, Grandpa, and Jeremiah. I think shortly after this trip she went through a stage were she was terrified of Jeremiah. Or maybe it was just the way Natalie was acting with him.....

Here is Adri playing with her favorite cousin. No doubt Aubrey is Adri's favorite cousin right now. Aubrey always makes this kid laugh and smile. I have gotten confused a couple times and called Aubrey "Adri" and Adri "Aubrey". Maybe it's time to use her full name in front of the cousins.
I had a long flight and was having a hard time adapting to the cold weather.
Adri with her cousins. She really liked being around other little people. There aren't any little people in Natalie's family, at least not any that live close by.

While we were out there, among all the other things we did, we got to go to my Aunt Sharon's 25th wedding anniversary. My Dad stole the baby most of the night.


For our anniversary Natalie and I went to Kelly's Spa at the Mission Inn. Afterwards we ate at the Mission Inn restaurant and then met up with Cassandra and her family and looked at the lights.


After Thanksgiving the next three weeks are a blur. I went back to work for a couple weeks and then again we went back to Southern California for Christmas. Somewhere in the mix we ended up at Flamingo Gardens and we found Adri trying to hitch a ride with Santa. Or maybe she was trying to steal the presents?

Three weeks after being back home we packed up and went back to California for Christmas. I did a bunch of Mexican Food and Mom's Christmas Dessert binge eating and I'm still paying for it.

Natalie and I love going to the Everglades. This is actually where we met, at Shark Valley. Well kind of. So we took Adri here to show her all the birds and alligators. Anyone that has read my previous post knows the alligators come right up on the road here and do not mind taking pictures with people.

And here is the midget checking out a Little Blue Heron. It's hard to see but it's right under the reflection of the sun.

In February we decided to take the baby to some trails in the southern end of the Everglades. On the way down we stopped at "Robert Is Here" for some epic produce. This was Adri's first experience with a good mango and she loved it. She has had mango fever ever since.

Adri had just woken up when we took this picture. A couple minutes later she was standing there, with my assistance of course, smiling and squawking at the cormorant.

Our neighbor told us about this place in Palm beach called Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. It's free and there are trails, aquariums, a 60 foot tall observation tower, and exhibits so we decided to check it out.

At the nature center's gift shop I had to buy this for Adri. I named him Senor Frog. She cracks up everytime Senor Frog talks to her and for the last 5-6 she has ribbetted back at him.

I was having a bad/sick weekend in February and pretty much didn't get out of bed. Finally Sunday afternoon I decided the baby needed some outdoor time so we took her out by the canal for a bit and took some pictures. That is when Natalie busted out Grandma's pearls.

A couple weeks later we got Adri this toy with a keyboard and it also has another keyboard under her feet. It was a way to keep her occupied for 10-15 minutes so we can get things done.

This is Mid-March. Adri was turning 9 months so I decided I needed to take some pictures of her in her car. She fell a couple times and got stuck under the steering wheel. Opps.

In February or March we started taking Adri to the park more often. We found three parks that are within walking distance so we walk over to the park and let Adri have some fun on the swings. One of the parks even has a boardwalk through a cypress forest. Lately we have been busy and haven't been taking these walks as much but hopefully we'll start it up again soon.

In early March I decided that my pool wasn't warm enough and there was too much evaporation. Not only that but it was taking too much chemicals to maintian it. So I did what an true American would do and I bought myself a pool cover. My was warm enough for the baby within a week. By April my pool was at 90 degrees. As of right now, it's hovering around 95. So Adri gets to go swimming every week and she loves it. She splashes, likes to be bounced up high in the air, and is pretty much fearless in the water. I put her on the edge of the pool and she leans in towards me and falls in. Fearless!

Adri also loves the bath

Some pictures Natalie took of Adri on Easter

A week ago Adri turned 11 months. This was a few days before that, in our backyard of course.

 After all that posing Adri fell asleep on me.

In late April we had to have our house fumigated. Seperate blog on that later. I will make sure to publicly blast the company that messed up my termite inspection before we bought the house later. But no time for that right now. Anyways....

Since our house was being fumigated we had to find somewhere to go. The space shuttle Endevour was scheduled to do it's last launch and the second last shuttle launch in history on the 29th, the day we were fumigating so we thought it would be perfect to go to Titusville to watch it. After the shuttle was all fueled up and we were 35 minutes away they decided to scrub the launch. I was beyond mad as were hundreds of thousands of others who flocked to the area to see it. So we went to Ron Jon Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach to see what that was all about and I wasn't that impressed. Too big, too touristy. Blah. Then we got some smoked food and went to our hotel in Vero Beach.

The next morning we went to Sebestian Inlet. This is suppose to be the best surf in all of Florida however I think I was a week too late. I was out on my board for nearly an hour and got a 2 second ride out of one wave. It was very poor surfing conditions. If I had brought my longer board I could have managed but I didn't, so..... After my failed attempt at surfing I decided to let Adri surf, play in the sand with her, take her into the water, etc. Natalie thought it was too cold but that's crazy talk. The water was 80 degrees and once you're in for a couple seconds it's actually just perfect. Adri had no problem with it and she loved surfing and showed no fear when the waves picked up the board and moved her around or when I was holding her and a wave would smack us. She was all over that beach and for some reason she kept trying to do this wierd tripod stand. This is probably one of the funest weekends this kid has had. She loves the beach and she really wore herself out there.