Monday, December 13, 2010


So this weekend Natalie and I decided to go to Scruby's for dinner. It's been a while since we've been there and we didn't feel like cooking. So we go there, get our eat on, and when we get done it's raining outside. And it wasn't the normal South Florida rain. It was cold rain because a strong front is passing, it's actually suppose to drop down to freezing tonight for the first time since I've lived here.

So since we had the baby with us I decided to bring up the car. Just as I'm loading the stroller in the car I hear a crunch and I look up and some moron had backed their suv into our new car. As if I wasn't pissed off enough these idiots looked like they were going to leave. I ran up to the passenger window and had the guy get out and he started running his mouth telling me I shouldn't be parked there and it's just a little dent that could push right out. I didn't feel like dealing with his attitude and I didn't feel like letting this go so I called the police out (I've learned from my friend that being the nice guy and trying to settle without police only ends in you getting screwed over every time). This only got the guy more pissed off. He started mouthing off to Natalie about it and I told him "if you don't like it maybe you should watch where the hell you're driving". He continued to mouth off so I told him to just shut his mouth and get away from us. So this idiot goes by the entrance of the restaurant and starts yelling all ghetto about "let it out brother, you got something to say let it out." He kept going and going and I just ignored him and stood there in the cold rain in short sleeves trying to avoid him. Funny thing is Natalie got out of the car for a second and said "he's trying to antagonize you and you work for the government. We don't need problems so just ignore him." Once she said the words "You work for the government" he finally shut up.

So the cops come out and I tell them what happened. They said yeah it's not a parking spot but they understand (I never turned the car off, I was there the whole time "loading passengers"). They said he's at fault, he backed into me. If he had hit a child would he have blamed them for being there? Watch where you're backing up, duh! Well this clown wasn't getting it and he even tried to interrupt me while the cop was talking to me so I turned to him and said "he's talking to me". So the cops tell me to wait in my car for the next 45 minutes when they try to explain to this moron that he is in the wrong. On top of that this guy was lying that he was the driver when his wife was. The cops said she has a license so they don't know why he was lying (maybe she had a beer or two at dinner). I could careless though because she was quiet and he was the idiot running his mouth so if he wants to take the blame let him.

So to sum it all up, the cops estimate the damage at 200 bucks. Florida is a no fault state but the cops still put him at fault so he might even get a ticket, I can check online next week. All this means is that I now have to pay to fix my car, send my claim to my insurance, and then they have to fight his insurance to get the money back. And the best part is, he has the cheapest, worst insurance they have to offer down here. Fun stuff eh?

I'm so sick of people's mentality down here. If I backed into someone I would have been apologizing up a storm not acting like a complete ignorant, loudmouth, jerk. There is no accountability for one's actions. They drive like maniacs and they don't care about the lives or property of others. On top of that they think "the world owes the something". Well I'm glad I fought back and didn't let this one go. I work hard for my stuff and I don't need people destroying it and telling me it's not big deal. Now his insurance can pay for it, this accident can go on his record, and hopefully he'll get a ticket as well. If he doesn't like law and order, maybe he should exit America and find a place that suits him a little better.