Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Week Off Work In South Florida

So July 6th my parents came out for a visit along with two of my nephews. We didn't do as much as we normally do when we are on vacation due to Adri but we still had a lot of fun. I thought it would be easier to do stuff since last year my twin sister brought Cody, who was one at the time, and we did a lot of stuff. But with a 4-5 week old baby it's just not the same as a one year old.

We did a lot of sitting around the house, swimming in my pool, we went to Monkey Jungle, went to the Cape Florida Lighthouse, went to the beach, made a couple trips to Home Depot, caught frogs and geckos, and spent a couple days in the Keys between Key Largo and Marathon. We didn't make it all the way down to Key West.

We also got a few projects done around the house. Yes, even on vacation my dad was there to help out. He is the most generous person I know and always helping others and I'm very lucky to have a dad like him. After getting my two bigger projects done I didn't want to waste anymore of his time but he wanted to keep helping out and fixing stuff around my house. I didn't take project pictures yet but I'll add them later, maybe tomorrow. The two biggest projects we got done were replacing my kitchen sink and adding three ceiling fans to my patio. I learned a lot watching and helping my dad who happens to know how to do just about anything related to construction.

Someone broke my faucet in the kitchen a couple weeks ago and my sink already wasn't the best and was difficult to use washing anything bigger than a plate so we did an upgrade. Instead of having a 6" deep sink with a low faucet I now have a 9" sink with a high faucet and a sprayer.

And on the patio, well it's just hot and full of bugs so I wanted to put up some fans so we can enjoy eating outside more often. Natalie thought 3 was overkill but that is what I wanted. Aim high, right? The patio took almost a full day, 6-7 hours. It was already hot outside, 97 degrees plus humidity, a record for that day. The attic was easily over 150 with some spots probably closer to 160(there is no ventilation), outside actually felt like air conditioning after being in the attic. I tried to climb up there like an idiot with sandals and slipped on a cable that shouldn't have been laying on a beam and my right foot and leg went through the ceiling. Oops. I thought it was a big deal but lucky for me my dad was easily able to fix it in just a few minutes, however my foot was hurting for a couple days after that. Also, lucky for me, my dad is short and able to get into small spaces easily. There was a section of my attic that had been closed off with a sheet of plywood, people weren't thinking ahead when they did that. Afterwards they decided they needed access to that area so they cut a hole to get over there but it wasn't very big and it was hard for me just to get to this hole and poke my head through. I didn't know I even had access to that part of the attic even though logic says I would need it because it covers two of the bedrooms and one bathroom. Well my dad was able to climb through, cut into the electric, and tap the line to the patio in about ten minutes. And those ten minutes must have been hell because I was soaked in sweat just from watching him from the spot where the hole was cut. I was up there watching my dad do the electric just because the heat was so intense I wanted to make sure he didn't pass out. Working in 130 degree unventilated locker rooms in El Centro had my dad prepared though so it didn't even phase him. The fans work great. Not a single bug annoying us during dinner since the fans have been installed and it sure does help with the heat.

Some pictures from out week.

Me and the boys at Bass Pro Shops in Dania Beach

Natalie and Adri at Monkey Jungle

The boys at Monkey Jungle

The boys with May the chimp

The monkeys pull up the dish after we put in sunflower seeds and raisins.

The Cape Florida Lighthouse. Just repainted last year.

119 spiraling steps

The boys at the top of the Cape Florida lighthouse

Mom,Dad,and Adri

Outside at the top of the lighthouse.

We ran into some nice people from Denmark that wanted to take pictures of the baby and then pictures of our family. So after they took pictures with their camera I asked them to take a couple with mine.

Sunday we went to church and Adri got her baby blessing. We took this picture afterwards.

Sunday afternoon before going to the Keys. Jeremy really wanted to take a picture holding Adri.

From our hotel in Key Largo, Dove Creek Lodge. I thought we got the wrong room when we walked in. We got a two room hotel and I only saw one room. But then the kids found a door that goes up stairs to our second room. The pool here was hot. Over 95 degrees, I think they mix it with the jacuzzi water. We caught half a dozen crabs in the pool and released them in the bushes.

The Marina. We ate breakfast outside above the Marina and saw small sharks swimming around.

Sunday night we ate at the Outback in Islamorada. Jeremy really wanted a facebook account so we set him up one during dinner, from my phone. No we aren't crazy, only my dad has the password to his account so he will be monitored at all times. Even Adri has a facebook! Below is Jeremy's first facebook picture. Afterwards we walked down to the water. The water is already warm in the Keys, averaging mid-upper 80's. But here the water wasn't moving and the water here was hot. Easily approaching 95 degrees!

Breakfast at the hotel

My dad holding Adri

Monday we drove down to Islamorada to fish. We stopped at the Tea Table Channel so we could let the boys walk from the Gulf Of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean. They even got to stand in both bodies of water at the same time. This picture is the Gulf side of Tea Table Channel.

The Atlantic side of Tea Table Channel

The boys standing right where the Gulf and Atlantic waters meet

After this we went to a bridge by Tom's Harbor to fish for a while. My mom and Natalie went shopping in Marathon while we fished. There were thunderstorms a couple miles away while we were fishing.

The Chalupa

My dad loves the Chalupa. He kept stealing her.

On the way back to the Banana Republic we stopped at the bridge at Jewfish Creek and did some fishing. I managed to pull out several small fish in just a few minutes but after that they stopped biting.

@ dinner the last night they were there enjoying my newly ventilated patio.

The last night before they left we caught a turtle in the canal behind my house. Right after I snapped this picture the turtle poked his head out, scared Jeremy, and Jeremy threw him down on the ground. It was funny but not so nice for the turtle, although I think he didn't get hurt in the production of this photo. I don't know how the kid thought the turtle was actually going to hurt him if it's stuck in the shell.