Friday, June 25, 2010

I Don't Get It

Well this one is just mind boggling. Ok, well on one of my previous post I talked about calling the city on my neighbor, got sick of his mess. City came out and gave him 3 weeks to clean up his mess. Very generous of them, it's only an hours worth of work at best.

So he removed the chlorine jugs, the ladder, and the fridge drawers. But he keeps leaving his hose in my yard , he hasn't picked up the two flat moldy basketballs in his bushes, the stack of palm fronds and coconuts, the rusty propane tank in the bushes, or thrown away any of the garbage next to his garbage cans. Instead of throwing away the empty pool acid container he waited 2 weeks to take the ten seconds to go out there, bend over, pick it up, and put it next to (not inside) the trash. Trash pickup has come twice since then and he hasn't put the empty bottle to the curb with the trash, it just sits on the side of the house. He also has a mess by his pool pump and to top it off he just brought out a big aquarium full of algae and put it in the bushes close to my yard. My patience has run out and the deadline for him to clean up his mess was the 21st.

So I called the city today. The officer is going back out today and if everything is the way I told her it is my neighbor gets a court hearing. Can you believe that? He's so lazy, or just trying to antagonize me, that he is now going to have to go to court and pay a fine (hopefully a hefty one too)! What an idiot! And I'm not letting off. I'm going to keep on this. And if his dog comes in my yard or house again he's getting a wet dog back and the police will be coming out. He's messing with the wrong person. Once he talked back to Natalie about the dog that is when the gloves came off. I no longer care about being friends with these neighbors. I just don't understand what makes this guy tick. This all could have easily been avoided. Maybe he should move to East Miramar where people don't care if you throw your trash in the streets.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This is Way Cool

No I didn't get the new iPhone4 and have no plans to anytime soon. Even though it's really cool and does have webcam right on the phone. That would be a good upgrade whenever the rest of my family decides to jump on it, right now it's kind of a useless feature and there are so many other things I need to spend my money on (baby, house, vacations).

But I did get the new iPhone upgrade. My phone has gps photo tagging but it's never done anything with the tags. Well they changed that with the new OS. As of yesterday now if I get into my photo album I can go to a location, it brings up pins on the map wherever I have taken pictures in the past, and then I can click on the pin and see all the pictures in that location. Way cool.

So here's how it works.

Open my photo map and go to a location. This one is Mt. Rubidoux.

Click on the pin and it shows all the pictures I took on Mt. Rubidoux.

Another example at Blue Spring, Florida.

And then after bringing up all the pictures in the location, in this case there was 4, you can open the picture full screen.

Way cool.

iPhone4 looks really cool but right now my focus is on other things. Maybe in a couple years when the iPhone5 comes out I will upgrade. Also other cool features added to this phone like now I can edit my playlist from on the phone instead of having to find a computer to do it.

Monday, June 21, 2010

My Baby

Pictures are not in any particular order but here is how our last week has been. Tuesday night I got a combined 1 hour of sleep before going to work. Adriana wanted to be held while she slept and if I put her down it would only take a few minute for the screaming to start. Wednesday she let me sleep. Thursday and Friday are a blur. Saturday night she didn't sleep until 5am Sunday. So I slept from 5am-10am. Then I snuck in a nap in the afternoon.

While I'm not sleeping baby loves to be held. Her hobbies include drinking leche, pooping, sleeping, and staring us down.

Assume the fetal position

Daddy Daughter time

Adriana does not approve of Daddy go to work

This is how we play playstation

Taken from my iPhone so it's not high quality but I love this yawn face

Taking her Father's Day nap. She kept us up until 5am.

Life as a baby is hard, blanket is compliments of "Aunt Cis"

Baby's first sponge bath

Some Pictures From Our House

So I decided to post some of my favorite pictures I have taken recently. These were almost all taken before Adriana was born, all except two of the thunderstorm pictures. All the flowers in here are from my butterfly garden. I had put a lot of work into my butterfly garden recently and it's just about complete. All the plants I don't like have been torn out and destroyed or relocated. I get three types of caterpillars and butterflies in my garden. They are specialist and all prefer a certain plant. I have pictures of two of them below, the one I don't have on this post is in a previous post, that would be the Monarch Butterfly.

About 5 or 6 weeks ago I finally found one of my favorite flowers at home depot. I have been waiting for months for these. They are called wishbone or more specifically for the blue ones, "blue wings". They also had pink and one I have never seen called California Gilded Grape which has yellow and purple. I like these flowers because they are showy but they also grow like crazy. They are annuals but when they die, like I experienced when we went to New York a couple years ago, hundreds more grow in their place. If you buy one it's likely the last one you'll need to buy for several years because they will take over like weeds.

Anyways here are my pictures.



California Gilded Grape

I don't remember what these are called but I got two of them, orange and pink, and put them in this container by the pool.



I don't remember the exact name on these. Angelwings or something. They are in my butterfly garden though.

These flowers are on my "sweet almond bush". They are very small flowers, not really showy, but they smell really good in the evening like sweet almonds.

My plumeria is in bloom

The Oleander Caterpillar

The caterpillar of the Florida state butterfly. The Zebra Longwing.

Looking towards W Atlantic Blvd.

Thunderstorm coming in from the Everglades. This one produced a lot of thunder and lightning but to my surprise not a whole lot of rain.

After an evening thunderstorm we had double rainbows behind our house. Not only were there double rainbows but they were both complete rainbows. I have never seen that before.

Backyard after a good storm.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 13th

June 13th my life changed. Adriana finally decided to join us.

Saturday night we knew that Adri would most likely be coming out Sunday. Natalie was not feeling so great and I could tell by her breathing. Natalie's due date was actually the next Sunday, June 20th, but we knew she wouldn't make it that long a long long time ago. Well Sunday morning around 0400 I could no longer sleep. Natalie was breathing even louder than she already does being pregnant and she was moving a lot and moaning. She didn't want to get out of bed though. I had been telling her for weeks that the day it rains here is the day the baby comes. Normally it rains everyday here in June but this year has been very odd and it's been sunny all day every day. So anyways, I already knew the baby was coming that day but then at 0615 I had my confirmation. I jumped out of bed when I heard what sounded like an explosion in my back yard. I could see the sun coming in the window so I went outside. No clouds overhead but there was a nasty storm to the north and each lightning strike created thunder that sounded like artillery. So I went back inside and told Natalie today is the day.

Well, I couldn't go back to bed so I started working around the house. Natalie got up and started cleaning. At 0855, the time we are normally headed to church, we instead were going to the hospital. When we got there Natalie's mom, Suegrita, was full of questions wanting to know if the baby was "coming today". I, of course, already knew the answer to that. So it was no surprise to me when they said she's already 5cm. I was however surprised when she opted out of the epidural. I knew it was going to be a long day so I took cuñada and went to get some brunch. By the time I got back Natalie was already screaming. It just kept getting worse too.

By the time the hard pushing came, around noon, I thought the baby would be born any minute. But Natalie was having her second thoughts about the epidural and was going crazy. She was flapping her arms, yelling and screaming, and they thought she was going to jump out of the bed. She was begging for other options and an epidural even though she knew it was too late. Finally after an hour or so of this the nurse had to get her a mild painkiller because the labor wasn't progressing and Natalie needed a break. She also gave her some pitocin to make the contractions come closer together. The meds knocked Natalie out. She came back to it an hour later and that is when the doctor came in.

Now the nurse was a nice Jamaican lady. The doctor was a big black woman who could definitely pass as a former military drill sergeant. The nurse was nice but I don't think she could have got this baby out. The doctor however was all business. Natalie nearly blew out my eardrum and the doctor started yelling back telling her to stop the screaming and push. She wasn't mean about it but she was in charge. Natalie of course kept begging for a c-section even though before she said there is no way she would do that unless it was to save the baby. She was begging for any other options and kept saying she couldn't do it. Well the doctor instead of sympathizing and being soft told Natalie to get it together and finally got her to push the kid out. I think that is what Natalie needed, a strong kick in the butt from someone other than me!

Finally at 1517 our Adri came out. I of course was trying to move to a position where I could see her better. I was trying to figure out who she looks like and I was confused. Adri was all swollen and I couldn't see either one of us in her. Her head was cone shaped and her hair was a mess. Her eyes and cheeks were swollen and that is when I decided the only person I could see in this kid was Natalie's dad. The nurses said she looks like me though but I couldn't see that.

Well I left Natalie on the table with the nurses and I was standing over Adri while they did all her test and her first bath. I was afraid to touch her for the first 15 minutes or so. She was quiet and they had probes on her and I didn't know if they would say something if I touched her. She was really quiet too. No cries except for when they would move her. Finally I put my hand over her chest and stomach, yeah my hand looked huge, and I gave her the thumb from my other hand and she grabbed on and wouldn't let go. I had a feeling she knew who I am and she proved it later in the day. She was in her bed and everyone was around and she heard my voice and looked my direction with her squinty eyes and gave me the stare down. I know I was just a blur to her but she was glued in looking the direction of my voice and no where else. She's definitely a daddy's girl, Natalie was afraid that would happen.

I had to go home at night to sleep. I stayed late and went home just long enough to post pictures, eat, sleep, and then come back. Natalie said the baby was different and calmer when I am there.

We took Adri home Tuesday. The very first diaper change she got at home she peed all over her brand new changing pad. Tuesday night was crazy. It gave me a whole new appreciation for my parents. And to top it off, they had to deal with it with twins! I did not sleep Tuesday night. Adriana wanted to be held all night. She's not a whiny baby at all. If I hold her she is quite and just looks at me. We put her on the bed and she was happy laying next to us. But I couldn't sleep with her on my bed, I'm ugly, not stupid. So I tried to trick her and have her fall asleep laying on me. Then I tried to move her to her crib. This worked for about ten minutes until she realized I was gone and started screaming. Combined sleep the entire night, maybe a little over an hour.

Wednesday morning Adri had her first doctor appointment. Everything turned out good. I went back to work after her appointment and was dragging the rest of the day. Natalie was telling me that Adri was sleeping all alone in her crib though but I was still afraid that Wednesday night would be a repeat of the previous night. Well hopefully I won't jinx anything here, but last night Adri slept alone all night without crying. I was tired and went to bed before Natalie. I only woke up once went my little piggy was grunting next to me getting her midnight snack. It took me a while to get back to sleep but no more interruptions after that. If that's all it's gonna be then this is one easy going baby. I could only hope......

Adriana looks like Natalie's dad her with her face all swollen. It only lasted a couple hours though.

Adriana hanging onto my thumb

Sleeping with Natalie

Cuñada (Kim). The kid who once said she doesn't like babies because they are self centered. Well she loves Adriana and won't stop looking at her.

Tio Angel very excited to see his great niece

After Natalie took this picture of me uncomfortably trying to lay down with Adriana I got smart and put her on a pillow to bring her higher up.

Ready for a roadtrip!

@ home & very sleepy

My favorite picture taken from my iPhone. I wish I would have taken it with higher resolution on my canon so I can blow it up and frame it.

Friday, June 4, 2010

It's That Time Of The Year

Well T-Storm season is back in full force. Yesterday we got a nasty one. Dropped an inch and a half in about an hour at my house. Kendall was getting 2 inches an hour. Sometimes we get storms that move by. Yesterday we had storms that just popped up out of nowhere and didn't move, they just kept ballooning.

I really like thunderstorms. I could sit on my back patio for hours sippin a virgin margarita and watching the storms, listening to the thunder. The rain here is completely different that the rain I grew up with in Southern California. It gets so dark even at noon during a storm that you would think it's midnight and all the street lights turn on. And then of course after the rain it's sunny and hot again. Had a nice sunny sunset last night.

Anyways here are a couple pictures I thought I would share from yesterday.

Different layers in the clouds. Thunderstorms in Florida can get 12 miles high which is why we get such heavy rain. It also makes the clouds look super awesome. In the far background, the dark grey is where the heaviest rain and lowest clouds are. In Florida you can see the rain coming like a wall.

And then we get little stray low clouds like below. It's funny when it's sunny outside and we get these low stray clouds 100 feet above the ground and they are sometimes nearly black.

Not much else new to report. I had a big nasty toad I had to exterminate in my yard. Not an easy task for me since everyone knows I like frogs and toads. But Cuban Frogs and Marine Toads are an invasive species here and they are destroying the environment. I have been trying to get native frogs to lay eggs in my pond by I have a huge Marine Toad, about the size of a cantelope and a half (a good couple pounds), that eats all the native frogs. Trying to kill him was a pain in the butt. I tried to impale him with a long garden stake without getting guts on me. The stake wouldn't penetrate the skin, it wasn't pointed, it just slipped off. I hit it a couple times with the machete and it cut the toad but wouldn't kill it. I found my blowgun but couldn't find any darts for it. I'll have to order more but even these wouldn't be an easy kill since the toad is so big I would have to hit vital organs or poison the darts. Finally I got sick of dealing with it so I used a small cup of pool acid. He was hiding in the bushes and I hit him with some acid. I felt pretty bad about it. I don't like killing animals for no good reason, of course this was for a good reason but I still don't like the way I had to do it. But it had to be done. Hopefully soon I'll start getting the North American Green Tree Frogs and Squirrel Tree Frogs in my yard. I just have to keep up with the horrible task of killing the Marine Toads. I wish I could just pull out the shotgun and get it done with the quick way.