Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finally Had Enough

Well I've finally had enough of my neighbor's mess. I know I have mentioned my neighbor in previous blogs but I don't know if I have really talked about what is going on with him.

My neighbors to the South seem like nice but weird people. The wife is always nice and says hi but the husband is a little on the weird side. He says hi but he always has something weird to say. We started having problems on New Years Eve. I was outside in the dark by my pool and a little dog comes over my pool. I had no idea whos dog it was so naturally I tried to scare it off. That is when my neighbor not only came in my back yard but around the corner and over to my pool looking for his dog. What a stupid mistake. Let's say I hadn't been outside. Let's say I was inside with my patio lights off watching tv and out of nowhere in the dark someone shows up on my patio. I would have pulled a gun before trying to figure out who it is. Now lucky for him I was outside with the lights turned on but he didn't get the hint that I don't want his dog in my yard. So a week later I'm in my own backyard and I stepped in his dog's poop. Needless to say I wasn't happy. Then I caught his dog running through my tomato plants. Then his dog ran inside our house one day. Natalie was fuming so she went over there and told him that I don't want dogs in my house and we are going to have a baby crawling around soon. This idiot replied with "the last guy that lived there didn't mind". What an idiot. So this rudeness, ignorance, and just flat out stupidity really got us mad. And it kept up.

Now I kept trying to just be nice. I'd talk to him when I'm in the yard and he would always have something stupid to say. I was cutting down a bush that was growing over into his yard and he asked why I'm cutting it down. Starts asking a billion questions like he's an expert and then when I turn it on him and ask a rhetorical question he says "I don't know, I'm not a landscaper". Obviously, so maybe he should just shut up (rolling eyes). Then I replaced those bushes with Gardenias and he asked me the stupid question if I'm putting in the same thing I spent a whole day tearing out. Because that would make sense right? I tell him it's a Gardenia and then he says "o so that is going to attract bees". Now something that really pisses me off is when people try to tell me what I should do with MY HOUSE. Then he brought up that my mango trees will attract rats and he has seen rats running down his downspout. Now if you look at the pictures below you can see what really attracts rats, his dirty yard. I told him if I start getting rats I'll get a dog. He said I wouldn't want my dog chasing rabie infested rats. Um isn't that why dogs are required to get rabie shots?

Anyways then about 6 weeks ago I was firing up the bbq and his dog into my yard and almost into the house again. I started yelling at the dog and at Natalie to get me the hose and finally I grabbed my watering pail for the plants and was able to splash a little water at the dog (now I keep a big bucket ready on my patio). So Natalie, again pissed off goes over and starts telling the neighbor to keep his dog in his own yard. She has allergies and doesn't want the dog in the house. Then he starts up about how it's a hypoallergenic dog and all this crap, being a real jerk and trying to tell us what we need to accept instead of apologizing like he should of. Then he mouthed off about "maybe if your husband keeps throwing water on the dog he'll stop coming over". Natalie said "maybe" and walked away. Well since then I have only had one other incident and the neighbor on the other side's gardener had to bring the dog over to the bad neighbor after I chased it down with the hose. Needless to say I've had enough of that and next time I am going to have him fined by the city. I already called and the police said to call them everytime it happens and they will fine him. So enough is enough.

So speaking of fines.... We moved to Coral Springs for a lot of reasons. The best schools, lowest crime in South Florida, and very strict codes. We could have bought a house for half the price and 1/4 the commute in Miami or Southern Broward but after living in East Miramar for 3 years I've had enough of seeing messy people that don't care about their community. Well this guy is breaking all the rules. His dog is one. His mess is another. Our neighborhood is very clean and all the houses are nearly perfect. I happen to live next to the one and only slob in the whole neighborhood. I'm sick of seeing chlorine on his driveway. He has had a ladder on his driveway for 2 months, goes to show how good the neighborhood is because it hasn't been stolen. On the side of his house is a rusty propane tank in the bushes along with a popped basketball that is growing colonies and has been there since I moved in. Other items: empty bucket of paint, fridge drawers with dirty towels on it, old screens, street sign that has probably been there since Wilma(Oct 2005), pool acid and other chemicals, trash, etc.. His hose is always on my side of the yard and I'm sick of looking at his mess.

The picture below is actually after he cleaned up a lot of his palm fronds. I didn't take pictures of the rest of his backyard because that is his private space but this is the mess I get to look at on the side of his house. His trash is usually knocked over and trash everywhere. His lawn is dead (in Coral Springs it is law that you have to fertilize and keep up your lawn). And I have to cut his bushes back because they grew 4 feet into my yard and he wouldn't cut them. Finally one day I busted out the pruner and cut them back to the property line. Three days later he cuts a hedge that is against his house, far from my property, and leaves the branches on the ground. I was just left thinking what the heck is this about? Anyways enjoy some ghetto pictures. I'm calling the city today, he's going to get fined, and hopefully soon I won't have to look at this crap anymore. He makes it too easy for me to call and pretend that I never called because the chlorine on his driveway is within street view. I pay too much to live next to a slob. It's to be expected in the ghetto, but we live far from the ghetto.

Also I had to put my baby guard back up around my pool last night so I don't get fined. I think it's ridiculous, I'll keep this complaint short and to the point. Any smart child can open the gate, we have a canal just 100 feet away and most neighborhoods have canals or lakes. It's not my responsibility to keep other people's kids safe. I'm sick of the stupidity and lawsuits in this country. You can no longer have a nice open view around your pool because you have to take precautions for other people's kids. There goes my freedom to have a house that looks the way I want it to. Maybe they should force people to put child safety locks on all their doors, alarms, etc... People should be responsible for keeping their own kids in, I shouldn't be responsible for keeping their kids out. I could go on all day about this one, it's ridiculous. So now my baby guard is back up until I can afford a 4,000 pound rated pool cover which requires drilling in the deck to anchor it down. Someday.....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some Pictures From My Last Post

So here's some pictures of what we did to the house this weekend. We had to cancel the trunk because after the third time they received a broken one we gave up. Ridiculous.

Our living room couch. I like it because the one side has what they call a bumper seat and then I don't know what they call the other long seat but it's a good couch to lay down and watch tv. And there's plenty of room for Adri to lay next to us on the couch. It was a tough decision between this one and the leather recliner but I liked this one more in the end. Now I can finally sit in front of the tv without having my back go into spasms after three minutes. Natalie also bought an ottoman to put in the middle (not pictured).
Our new king bed. I splurged on the bed. They had one memory foam mattress for almost 1/3 the price of this one but it wasn't as firm because this one has the latex in it too. It's 1/3 of my life in this bed and I'm sick of having a sore back so if there was anything worth putting the money into this was it. Now we have to paint the walls because it doesn't really match. Not gonna happen though probably til fall.
We put the queen bed in the quest room. Guest room is looking good now.
The free plants I got from Flamingo Gardens. They are going to be butterfly garden additions since they both attract butterflies. Also forgot to mention in my last post that at Flamingo Gardens this weekend I saw a large Jesus Lizard. I've seen a little one before outside Southcom, but this one was a good foot long. Natalie was to slow to see it.
On the left is my " Tropical Lilac" and on the right is my "Sweet Almond Bush". Both produce long flower spikes.
One of my Monarch Butterfly caterpillars getting ready for his/her cocoon. I was working on the yard yesterday and saw this.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Busy Weekend

So I had quite the busy weekend. I woke up early Saturday to do yard work and I failed to get up before the heat started. I did finally get the concrete on my driveway moved. I was struggling to get it on a dolly, it weight 300-400 pounds, but my neighbor being the good guy he is saw me and came over to help. We put it on the dolly, tied it up, and moved it. So another project complete.

Then in the afternoon we went to "look" at furniture with no intention of actually buying that day. Well as luck would have it we didn't have to wait for our next paycheck to buy the furniture because they gave me 0% interest. I was going to just pay it off before summer but I decided since it's 0% interest, and the car is not, we are going to pay extra into the car and just do the furniture in payments. So anyways we got a nice big sectional couch, a king sized bed with a mattress free of springs (all memory foam and latex), and a matching trunk to put all our extra blankets in. I'm pretty happy with the stuff we got, it's comfortable and I can finally enjoy being inside the house without my back hurting from our miserable old couch, which was retired to the other side of the living room.

I also got our old queen sized bed moved to the guest room so now Hotel Alves is open for visits. It was a hot and muggy day so it was quite a workout getting everything moved.

Also on our list of activities. Flamingo Gardens had free plant day for members. We have been members now for 2 or 3 years and this is the first time I have got an ad for free plant day. I think the idea is genius. We paid 75 bucks for our dual membership and they gave us two free plants. Retail value, maybe 30 bucks. But they actually grew them there so it didn't cost them that and it lures people into renewing their membership every year in hopes that they will do this again. I got an almond bush, doesn't grow almonds but it has white flower spikes that smell like almonds. Natalie got this plant with fragrant purple flowers. I forgot what it's called but I have the card for it at home. Both of our plants attract butterflies. I'll post pictures after I figure out where I'm putting them. I'm thinking they'll make a great addition to my expanding butterfly garden which happens to be doing so good that a group of people stopped in front of my house yesterday to look at it.

I also planted a honey mango tree yesterday and a couple more papayas. I moved a couple of my pine trees because I think they were too close. After all the work in the heat I had to jump in my pool to cool off. The pool is feeling great this time of year and will be for another 7 months.

Some pictures I took Saturday morning. Pictures of the furniture and free plants on next blog.......

This is my frog pond. Nevermind the 3 pots with the weeds in them. One of the things I need to work on.

My lily pads. I thought I bought the one with the purple flowers, that is what they told me at Flamingo when I bought this in February. Turns out I got yellow. The flowers aren't as spectacular or big and they close a lot, but they're still pretty cool.

The little white flower next to it gross on my bog moss.