Friday, June 12, 2009

This Morning

So this morning, a couple blocks from work, I had a little experience.

I'm at the light and no joke, the very second it turns green the idiot behind me is honking. Then she cuts around me driving like nascar just to cut me off then drive slow. I think my anti-Obama bumper stickers may have pissed her off? So she continues to be a complete idiot until she turns into my work. Yes she works here! So I follow her in and at this time she must be feeling like a complete jerk. And guess what....I made it inside the building before her! So much for racing for the fire. I gave her some dirty looks. I hope she feels like the idiot she is.

There are two places people really need to watch themselves and their stupid driving behavior. Around their home and their work. This girl is barely evolved though and wouldn't understand that.