Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tough Decision, Victory Or Defeat?

Well today I finally had a court date for my ticket for not wearing a seat belt. I know, me not wearing a seatbelt, that is crazy. Well, I was in fact wearing my seatbelt as everyone would assume and the cop told me that I was only getting a ten dollar ticket for not having my up to date insurance card with me. No big deal, right? Well then I get to work and I noticed he snuck in a $114 dollar no seatbelt ticket without telling me and I was fuming.

So I had two choices at the pre trial today. I could either take it to court with a not guilty plea, and risk having to pay the $114 plus court cost, or I could do a no contest where they throw out the ticket, no points, no fees, but it goes on my record as a warning for not wearing my seat belt. Well do to the fact that I'm not made of money, I did the no contest. I mean the judge would probably take the idiot lying cops word over mine and they are allowed to make all the accusations they want without providing proof. Whatever happened to innocent before proven guilty? I think if they want to make that accusation they should have to provide a picture showing you not wearing your seat belt. Actually in all reality, I don't think the government has the right to tell anyone over 18 they have to wear a seatbelt in the first place. What happened to freedom? The government thinks they have the right to force you to be safe and even to keep you living? Let the stupid people make their own choices and die if they wish, it's their life!

So I don't have to pay, even for the insurance thing, but for the next seven years I have it on my record that I was warned for not wearing my seat belt, even though I was. On top of that I got a lecture from the judge that I need to make sure everyone in my vehicle wears a seatbelt or takes a bus, something I already do, just ask my wife or anyone that rides with me about me being a seatbelt nag. Or you can ask one of my boyscouts that didn't wear his seatbelt and fell asleep. I did a brake check and made everyone scream at the top of their lungs, waking him up scared to death. I then stopped and told him "don't ever let me see you without your seatbelt on again".

So on one hand I won. I mean I don't have to pay and it's over with. Since there is no court date, the FHP officer doesn't get to show up and collect his overtime. I've heard FHP make six figure incomes because they get so much court overtime. This lead to corruption? You bet. So I didn't get to contribute to his overtime. But on the other hand I feel like it's a loss that I had to bend over and take a warning for something that I didn't do, leaving it open for the next seven years that if another cop wants to be a lying sack of poo and say I'm not wearing my seatbelt he will get the benefit of the doubt, not me.

So this raises an interesting question. Who do the corrupt police think benefit from corruption like this? I have always been a supporter of law enforcement. I have had friends that are cops that tell me there is a lot of corruption on the force and I try to not believe that and give cops the benefit of the doubt. Well those days are gone. I no longer have faith in cops. On top of this, our d-bag president wants to take away guns and make cops enforce the law. More power for corruption. First off there aren't enough cops to respond fast enough and citizens should be able to protect themselves, not make a call and wait for help while they are being raped, murdered, mugged, or all of the above. Second, taking guns away from law abiding citizens means you have to put more corrupt cops and corrupt government out there to battle with the increase of crime and empowered criminals. Just another way for Obama, our government, and police to take more control, more power, and leave citizens like helpless little babies crying for help with a drug addicted mother (government) that can care less about our cries.

One thing is for sure. FHP hasn't won anything out of this. They didn't get my money, they didn't put points on my record, all they got was a person that did support them that has turned against them. There is only so much of this crap that can go on until there is complete anarachy in this country.

Monday, May 11, 2009


So I decided that for Memorial Day weekend we are going camping. I have been really wanting to go to Highland Hammock State Park for quite some time now. So I made reservations and now I'm wondering if it's a good idea.

The wet season was forecasted to start Sunday, but it looks like the Everglades are getting an early start today. It's pouring at Shark Valley. And it's been hot here. This place is up by Sebring, an hour from Tampa, the hottest part of Florida in summer.

The good part is there is electricity at our camp spot. I got the last one with electricity. The bad news, no pool :(.

So for three days and nights we'll be in a tent in summer and probably getting a good soaking from thunderstorms everyday followed by high humidity and bugs. Sounds fun, doesn't it? The weather is very unpredictable here so we'll see what happens. There is a lot of canopy cover there so maybe it won't be so bad. And if it is, well maybe I can find somewhere close by to cool off. I guess that is my project for the next two weeks. Find a water hole close to there. I'm considering making an hour drive from there to Tampa one of those days to take a canoe ride. We'll see. I hope this trip turns out to be fun.

The park itself is really nice. Spots to bike, ride roller blades, hike, etc.... I'm excited and just hoping for the best. It's suppose to be an extra wet summer.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Media Created Pandemic

This swine flu thing is getting annoying. Today I turn on the news and the had a school in Doral that was closed because of the flu. They opened it back up and this lady on the news said she is going to keep her daughter home from school because of fear of the flu. Then I come to work and there are two people working in the clerical section with mask on their face. They are so clueless as to how stupid they look..On top of that those mask are actually bad to wear because they are only made for dust, they hold in the humidity and germs, and they make you more likely to get the flu. So not only do these people look stupid, but they are stupid for wearing these mask. Then there's the brain dead security gaurds that go in the break room and want to watch the communist news network (CNN) so they can see the swine flu update.

The world is just full of ignorant people and the media is feeding off it for ratings. The common, annual flu kills 36,000 Americans each year. That's 98.6 Americans every single day, well if you average it. This swine flu has killed one American, a kid, that had just come from Mexico. In the ten days the swine flu has been around an average of 986 Americans have died, well in theory, according to the average. But does this make news? Does anyone want an update on that? Are people wearing mask over the common flu? Are schools shutting down, pigs being slaughtered, and the idiotic vice president getting on tv telling people not to travel because 98.6 Americans are dying daily?

So a weak flu that isn't killing anyone makes news just because they don't have a vaccine? I think the media are nuts and they are constantly causing choas. All they do is try to scare people. Global warming, swine flu, fires, droughts, and the bird flu that was suppose to kill millions but somehow only killed 248.

Hmmm. The media needs to stop stupifying people. They need to stop trying to predict the next pandemic, record fire season, etc, especially since they are usually wrong.... All they have done is made people paranoid over nothing taking kids out of school and looking like idiots wearing mask to work. They have destroyed Mexico's economy over the last week which is going to lead to more illegal immigration here, and let's not forget to mention the 300,000 pigs that were slaughtered in Egypt, a country that hasn't had a single swine flu outbreak! And guess who's gonna be sending them aid when it takes a toll on their economy? You know Obama will. Let them suffer the loss for being so stupid.

I have no fear of the swine flu. The only way it's going to affect me is through people's stupidity and paranoia. Last week a lady comes into work and sprays lysol everywhere. 50 people got pissed off because they were coughing and sneezing from it. She sprayed so much that 15 minutes after the fact I come in the room and I was coughing for 3 hours after that. So yeah, swine flu won't take a direct toll on me, just through people's stupidity.

This is absolutely ridiculous.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mango Madness

Well i created a new one. I learned a trick in Mexico. Mango is good with cayenne pepper. I call it Mango Madness.

So last night i cut up about 8 or 9 mangos and put them in a bowl. Then i sprinkled a bunch of cayenne pepper on top of it. Add about 1/4 cup or so of lime juice... Then my secret. Put it in the freezer until its starting to get a little crunchy, but not quite frozen. Ends up looking almost like peach pie filling when done....It's good stuff. It's cold, doesn't burn your tongue, and warms up your throat and stomach just a bit.

My friend Phil's mango tree is almost ripe. I'm going to rape his tree in a week or two and make a ton of this stuff. I figure i could probably even freeze it and then just thaw it out when I want some...The probably with having a mango tree is that is drops mangos faster than you can eat them. I'm going to get a mango tree once I have a house, I'm actually growing a baby mango tree right now. I'm going to get a deep freezer and then I could make this stuff and have mango year round. That way I can keep all my mangos and not have to give them away or let the thieves have them.