Monday, December 29, 2008

Giant Sequoias

OK so this isn't the first time I had been to Sequoia, but I just didn't appreciate it enough when I was a kid. Back then the most interesting thing to me was the caves. Now that I'm older it's kinda like seen one cave, seen them all. I was more fascinated by the huge trees this time. The Sierras, and especially Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and Yosemite, all make the Southern California mountains look weak.

I bought a couple digital camo bandanas. Natalie of course said they look stupid until I put one on, then she decided she wanted to wear one too. Of course she didn't know how to put it on, so I had to show her how to sport a bandana.

Driving up to the Giant Forest

"General Sherman Tree" Largest tree on earth.

 Me at the base of The General Sherman Tree. My brother in law was suppose to get the whole tree, that is why I ran far away, but he zoomed in. Guess I ran for nothing. I'm gonna have to teach him how to use a camera!

Another large one. "The Sentinel". Natalie and I are standing in front of it.

My sister, Cassandra, and her daughter Aubrey, in front of The Sentinel

The family in front of a fallen tree

Natalie and Dominic

The biggest fallen branch I have ever seen

The kids on a huge fallen tree branch

Everyone loves Uncle Joe

The family

Hotness by the roots of a fallen tree

Yes, even my dad's diesel F-250 fit through this fallen tree.

I'm trying to reach the top

Me on top of "Tunnel Log"

Natalie under "tunnel rock"

Moro Rock, from the bottom of the mountain.

This is called Manzanita. If you look at it full sized, it has really interesting red bark.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Crystal Cave

And this is Crystal Cave. It was a pretty warm hike through the forest to get there but once we got there it was nice and cool in the cave. The tour last something like 45 minutes.

The munchkins

The call this cave bacon. Not exactly what I would call it.

This reminded me of goonies.....Hey you guys!

Moro Rock

This is from Moro Rock, obviously. I don't think we did this spot when I was a kid but I sure had a lot of fun on my hike this time. There are awesome views all the way up. Once we got to the top we could see all the way past the city of Three Rivers at the bottom of the hill. We could see peaks with snow, meadows, the Giant Sequoias, and the rest of the mountains.