Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stupid Florida Law, Written By Crooked Politicans, To Help Out Criminals


Two days after my last blog about bad drivers on their cellphones in Florida and then I get to experience the chaos first hand.

Last night Natalie and I were invited to this Jamaican lady's house from church. She made a killer jerk chicken at a church party a couple months ago and got word that I thought it was awesome so she invited us over for some more. Ten minutes after we get there we hear a loud bang. Five seconds later it was followed by another loud bang.

So we go outside to see that a girl had hit a pole and it crashed down on some one's Cadillac, which by the way, just got out of the body shop yesterday.

So everyone is asking the girl if she is alright and she doesn't want to look or talk to anyone. She goes back to the car, grabs her purse, and starts calling "papi" as she walks down the street. Everyone thought she lived there so no one stopped her. A truck had stopped and the driver opened the door and talked to her so we all thought she knew him. Maybe she was trying to hitch a ride out of there and got rejected? We thought she was going home to grab something real quick and be back.

So then I walk over to my truck to find that the power lines had really messed up my paint on the top deck of my truck. Not only that but 20 other cars had damage. So firefighters start showing up to keep people away from the pole lines but no cops. One of the residents there "Carlos" was a firefighter and he decided to go chase after the girl, who was 5 blocks down at this time. She got a good head start because he was trying to secure the area and like everyone else didn't have a clue that she left or what was going on. It was kinda funny watching him though because he was in a white under shirt, shorts, and then his big firefighter boots. He tore his feet up running.

So while he chases her down I decide to call 911 and tell them to get some cops to find her. By this time everyone is pissed off. This girl could have killed people with what she did, she messed up a whole parking lot, and she takes off and doesn't care about anything. With some help from Carlos and all our calls and descriptions, they find her 20 minutes later. She had run in a U shape all around the place with no where to go. The cops were pissed off because of the mess and said she would most likely get out of jail that night, which had them even more pissed off about it because if kids would have been out, they would be dead.

I forgot to add the most important part. She was driving fast and on her cellphone. Witnesses said she took the corner too fast and was on the phone. She went flying into the parking lot, lost control, and turned into the pole. The firefighters say she must have been going at least 40 when she hit the pole. No one heard brakes screech.

Anyways this is where I really got pissed off. So they finally catch her and the car isn't insured. Shocker! It belongs to a guy that is in Haiti.

Now to top this all off Florida has a stupid law. Any vehicle that is part of an accident, the owner's insurance goes up. They call this a "no fault", but it's really "every one's fault". So 20 people are inside their homes, not anywhere near their cars, and if they want their car listed on the police report, their insurance goes up for 3 years! When I found out she wasn't insured I thought no big deal. I told the cop put me on the police report anyways, I'm going to sue her and make her pay from her pocket. After all she was being stupid and could have killed people, they give her a couple hours in jail, and then she thinks that's it. NO! I want her to have to think about what she did. So I was going to go after her to pay for the damage. But listing my truck on the police report makes my insurance go up for 3 freakin years!

How is this fair at all? This is a law to protect crooks and keep people from reporting accidents. It makes no sense at all. It's complete, absolute, stupidity. It's liberal democrat politics to split up the cost of an accident among everyone instead of the one that is the problem. They are trying to ease the burden of the person that drives wreck less instead of letting them realize their are penalties for their actions. It's just like their mentality of stealing from the working America to pay welfare, only this time we are rewarding criminal behavior. Or is it a law simply created by the insurance companies to keep people from making claims? I mean who is going to make a claim if their rates go up. It's easier to just make settlements on their own which makes insurance useless. That and it probably causes alot of these hit and runs. It's absolute stupidity is what it is.

So basically what it comes down to is someone with a newly fixed up Cadillac is pissed off and has insurance go up, FPL is going to spend a couple thousand replacing the pole, the condo owners are going to pay to fix the dumpster and the fence around it, and 20 others have to pay out of their pockets to fix up their cars because some dumbass was on her cellphone. All the cars in the parking lot in the picture below had similar damage to my truck. And in the middle of all this, she gets off the hook because none of us can go after her without shooting ourselves in the foot!

There is no accountability in this country anymore and we wonder why crime is so bad. People should be responsible for fixing anything they break. But liberal hippy politics have taken over and now the good, hard working, law abiding citizens must pay for the actions of the lazy and stupid!

I find it really sad that this girl is not going to have to realize what she did and pay in anyway for destroying a whole parking lot. All she has learned from this is that she can do what she wants, be stupid, and everyone else gets to pay to clean up her mess. She gets to go to the jailhouse for a couple hours and get finger printed, get a meal on the taxpayer's dime, then go home. She's lucky that no one got hurt or killed. Everyone there says that kids are normally out playing in that area and if they were last night they would be dead. Of course she would get a minimal sentence which is meaningless for that kind of loss. What did she lose from all of this?

UPDATE: So apparentley the cop gave me bad information and my insurance would not have gone up. Why would he do that? Too lazy to write another police report? South Florida corruption at it's finest.