Friday, September 26, 2008

My Frogs

These were my Blue Poison Dart Frogs (Dendrobate Azureus). Papa Smurf and Pitufina. They died :( I'll get new ones of of these days. They are really cool looking frogs. They were very expensive too. Both frogs cost me 180 dollars after shipping. I made the mistake of trying to keep them in a small cage without a filter until they get big. I should have had them with running water and a filter.

My Red Eyed Tree Frogs. These frogs come from central America. There are lots of them in Costa Rica. By far the most friendly little frogs I have ever seen. They will actually crawl up onto your hand then walk up your arm. They can jump, quite well, but prefer to walk stretching their legs out far. The walk like little monkeys even going head first with their arms outstretched reaching for branches. For some reason their eyes don't seem as red as they used to. I'm thinking maybe I need to give them more vitamins on their crickets but it's not easy because they don't hunt very fast.

My Big Eyed Tree Frogs. Biggie and Smalls. They are big frogs and they can jump quite far. They are native to Africa. They have really cool marbled eyes.

This is my pacman frog "Killa", when he was a baby. He's alot bigger now. Killa is a Cranwell's horned frog. In November I gave him 2 rat pups. He swalled them both in under two minutes. In February I gave him a mouse. Not a pinky, not a fuzzy, but a full sized mouse. He didn't touch it for a couple weeks and I couldn't figure out why because he wasn't hibernating and was moving around, even going into his water bowl daily. The mouse was taunting him, even walking on his head. The mouse was even attacking and eating his crickets that he wouldn't eat. Yes the mouse attacked crickets! Jumped a good 6 inches, nailed the cricket and took it bad to it's lair where it was torn apart. Finally I decided maybe Killa isn't eating because he is cold blooded and doesn't have a heat pad, therefore he's not digesting his food quickly. Four days after putting a heat pad on the bottom of the glass the mouse was gone.

Deputy Frog

My North American Green Tree Frog, Froggie. Her husband, Senor, is very loud sometimes at night.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Hog Hunt

So last night we went hog hunting (wild boar) for the first time. Before anyone thinks I am a mean person, we did keep the meat for eating and it wasn't just a senseless animal killing. And these hogs are not little pot belly pigs. They are mean, aggressive, wild hogs that attack people, animals, and tear up the land. They are not native to America, well they were but they mixed with the bigger and meaner Eurasian wild boars. They destroy the environment here, have very few natural predators, and must be controlled by hunting. So before calling me an animal killer, make sure you know the facts about wild boars. I saw a show on discovery called "pig bomb" about how destructive they are to this country's environment, agriculture, and how dangerous they are to people. In the 1990's the population went from 2 million to 6 million. They breed like rabbits and in order just to keep the population stable they said 7 out of 10 of them have to be killed. And we can blame all these problems on Christopher Columbus for bringing 8 wild boars to America.

So we got on these big buggies and rode around chasing them. There are about 200 hogs they think, on about 200-300 acres that are fenced in. It’s a mix of swamp, forest, and a lot of saw palmettos. The buggy was going through 1-2 foot deep water, over saw palmettos and bushes, and pretty much anywhere except through the dense areas of forest.

Anyways we got 4 hogs. The first hog got shot in the head by one of the guys and it was still kicking so I thought I needed to stop it. I just shot it twice in the head from 10-12 feet away and then looked down and noticed I got splattered with blood, neck down. One of the dogs got a bad cut on his neck and all of us but the dogs owner thought for sure he was going to die and our trip was going to be cut short. The owner ripped off his shirt though and put it around the dogs neck, truly redneck. Blood was just pouring out. Later on, for the fourth hog, he stitched the dog and used him again.

I went second. My hog went down the fastest because I hit it with a SKS and it fell instantly. I could only see half the hog when I shot it. It's head was in the bushes and only it's rear was sticking out. Somehow I still managed a head shot though which likely killed it instantly. It fell over and then I shot it in the heart then put two more rounds in it just because I don't like watching them kick and I wanted to shoot a few more rounds just for fun. The hog weighed a good 120 or 130 pounds. It was a big hog. I did not use a dog when I got mine. I didn't want to ruin my game, didn't want a dog in the way of a shot, and didn't want to see another dog get hurt or killed. I just wanted to drop my pig from far away and be done with it.

On the third attempt for a hog, the failed one, one of the dogs ate shrooms or a marine toad or something then right after wrestling a hog he wouldn’t move. They thought he broke his hip but once they got it back to the pen he started walking, puking, and foaming at the mouth. That’s when they found out the dog was fine and just on a serious trip. Anyways back to the hog. He was wrestled down and we realized he wasn’t castrated so instead of killing it they castrated it and let it go. An hour later Phil shot his, our third kill, with a .45 right in the neck and it got up and ran. The hog had been chilling in the grass and wouldn't get up and run. I think it had it's feelings hurt from the castration, keep reading, you'll get it. The dogs for some reason weren't interested or they were just scared and they wouldn't touch it. Phil got within 5-10 feet before pulling the trigger. We thought he missed it because it got up and ran like a bat out of hell, but then 80 yards away it fell over and Phil went over to finish it off. And that is when we found out he killed the one we had just castrated an hour ago.

The last, and fourth one we got was taken down by the dogs then wrestled by a couple people while one of the guys stabbed it in the heart, killing it almost instantly. He had some monster teeth but the dogs managed to go unscathed.

On the way back we hit a deer. I yelled out deer and the guy driving didn’t brake. He hesitated and then we he saw the deer was going to cross he tried to swerve off the road and break. The deer ran right at the truck and hit the side of it. It only left a small scratch even though we felt a good thump. So then we had to go looking for the deer to see if it was suffering and in need of being put down. The good news is we didn’t find the deer. It jumped over a 4 foot barbed wire fence. So hopefully the deer is ok and not out in the woods with a head injury.

A month or so later, at a scout campout, we ate my hog. It was freakin delicious. Way better than the pork you buy at the store.

The first hog that got shot. This is the one that was twitching so I hit it with my .45 and it splattered on my shorts.

The hog I shot and killed.

Phil showing that the hog has no nuts.

The redneck showing off the hog's teeth.